Luther’s Main Point in the Selection I Read From On the Freedom of a Christian

The Protestant Reformation; a time of religious change, and opposition to the Catholic church. The individual who was one of the main instigators of the Protestant Reformation was a man named Martin Luther(1483-1546). One of Luther’s important reforming treatises is, On the Freedom of a Christian. But what was Luther’s main point in the selection I read from this religious and reforming treatise?

Luther was very against many of the doctrines of the Catholic Church, including the doctrine of works-based salvation. He gets into why he was against this doctrine more in his treatise: On the Freedom of a Christian. In this treatise he states strongly that salvation can only be obtained by faith alone not by good works. 

In conclusion, the instigation of the Protestant Reformation led to the divide of Christianity, and in turn brought forth the creation of new Christian sects other than Catholicism.

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