What was the Importance of Ethics and Sanctions in the Story Noah and the Flood

God created laws, which have sanctions if one chooses to follow or not follow these laws. In the story of Noah and the Flood(which is in Genesis 6-9), the sanctions of disobeying God are clearly shown. But what was the Importance of Ethics and Sanctions in the story Noah and the Flood?

Before the flood itself man had grown to disobey God’s word; instead of following God and His word, instead they followed their heart. God saw all the sin and evil that was being done by man; this grieved Him. Because of the evils that were done by man he sent a judgement, which was the flood. The flood would destroy the whole world. God decided to spare the only righteous man in the world, Noah, and his family(which includes his wife, sons, and his sons’ wives). Noah was instructed by God to build a giant Ark(which is a giant boat). After this Ark was completed Noah was thus instructed to get a pair of each species(one female and one male), of animals on earth, and take them into his Ark. 

After the doors of the Ark were shut, the flood began. It rained for forty days and forty nights; the water reached mountainous heights. It took over a year for Noah, his family, and all the animals to be able to leave the Ark. After the flood God made a covenant to Noah that He would never again send a flood to destroy the world again. The sign of this that God gave was a rainbow.

When it comes to the importance of ethics and sanctions in the story of Noah and the Flood, I see that the ethics before the flood itself of man were quite low. Man at the time had a low standard for morality, which grieved God. As a judgement or punishment God sent a flood which would destroy the world, and kill all humans except for Noah and his family. The flood is the negative sanction which was a sanction to the sinfulness of man.

In conclusion this is my explanation of the importance of ethics and sanctions in the story Noah and the Flood.

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