One or More Possible Roles Plants Could Play in the Future of Humanity? How are These Roles Different Than What Occurred in the Past?

Plants are very, and I mean very, important to humanity. As humans we consume plants, and we also use plants for things other than consumption. Since plants are so very important, what are one or more roles plants could play in the future of humanity? How are these roles different from what occurred in the past?

There are thousands of plant species, and most of these plants have not yet been explored when it comes to use. Who knows, maybe in the future we will discover new species of plants which are nutritious, sustainable to grow, etc, which can be used for food, or other various reasons. Also who knows maybe in the future we will find plants which can be replacements for other plants which are not very sustainable to grow. 

How are these roles of plants different from what occurred in the past? Plants especially the ones that us humans consume are quite a bit different than how they were before. Now with the rise of chemicals being used on plants, and the scientific modification of plants. Also plants today have a far wider range of uses than before, which is due to the technological advancement today.

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