What Did I Learn About St. Francis Xavier’s Missionary Work in the Letter I Read

St. Francis Xavier(1506-1552), was a Jesuit(The Society of Jesus)missionary, who was one of the key figures in founding the Jesuits. He traveled all across the East, and even wanted to spread the faith in China; unfortunately, he passed away before he could do so. For a school assignment, I had to read a letter by him to the Jesuits, which discussed his missionary work. What did I learn about his missionary work from reading this letter?

In the letter, we first learn that he was preaching to the Comorin’s, and residing amongst them. He stated that he had difficulties at first preaching to these people, thanks to the language barrier. But he also stated that the people he was working with were quite open to the faith, and many became Christians. He especially taught the children, which in turn would teach other individuals. After he had finished his work in one village he would move on to the next. Also in the letter, he said he worked with some Hindu Brahman, who was not at all open to the faith. 

To conclude, St. Francis Xavier’s letter to the Jesuits consisted mostly of how he preached to the people of Comorin; his struggles at first with the language barrier, and his struggle to convert the Hindu Brahman.

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