What was the English Civil War all About?

There were many civil wars or revolutions throughout history, some of the most famous include: the American Revolution, French Revolution, and the American Civil War. But there are many lesser known wars of this form, one of these was the English Civil War, which occurred during mid 17th century England, which was under the rule of Charles I.

The English Civil War had a variety of causes but some of these causes included, Charles’s religious policies which were targeted towards the Scottish, and his disagreements with Parliament, which were due to him being an absolute ruler or aiming to be an absolute ruler. So with all of these factors it did not take long for chaos to occur. The civil war began at a Protestant gathering in Scotland, where a woman threw her stool at the preacher. The war was mainly about becoming free of Charles I, which did in turn happen in 1649, with his execution. In conclusion this was what the English Civil War was about.

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