Which Promotes Greater Personal Responsibility, the Free Market or the Welfare State?

There is much debate over the free market and the welfare state; which one is better? Which one is worse? Why is one better than the other? But instead of focusing on those points in this debate I will ask the question: which promotes greater personal responsibility?

The free market promotes freedom in business, but the welfare state promotes the politics of plunder(taking from one group and giving to another). But what about individual responsibility? The welfare state takes from one group and gives to another, which does not promote personal responsibility. Instead of allowing individuals to provide for themselves, instead the state gives them the essentials: a home, food, etc, through a monthly paycheck. This is quite damaging to future generations who will grow up in these situations, since instead of seeing responsibility and hard work they see things being handed to them. An unfortunate aspect of this(though it has been pretty unfortunate already), is the fact that the state uses these individuals who are on welfare for their own good, by getting votes, etc. So truly it is a compromise; the government gives money to a group of people and thus uses them.

The free market on the other hand promotes greater personal responsibility, since it promotes people to be responsible for themselves and their well being. Instead of receiving paychecks from the state, people work hard to obtain the things they need in life; they depend on themselves, instead of the state. The free market promotes independence, which thus promotes responsibility of the individual.

To conclude, my answer to the question:which promotes greater personal responsibility, the free marker or the welfare state? Is that the free market promotes greater personal responsibility than the welfare state because the free market encourages people to be responsible for their well being instead of being dependent on someone or something, such as the state.

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