What is a Chordate? How are Vertebrates Different From Chordates?

A Chordate is an animal that has a notochord, dorsal nerve cord, pharyngeal clefts, and a muscular tail, for a period of their life cycle. Vertebrates on the other hand have an extensive skull, a backbone made of vertebrae, and they also have special hox genes for the formation of brain, backbone, etc. But how are Chordates and Vertebrates different?

Chordates belong to the Phylum Chordata, and also they belong to the Kingdom Animalia. Vertebrates belong to the subphylum of Chordates, and they are also craniates. Which thus in turn means that all Vertebrates are craniates, all craniates are Chordates, and which in turn means that Chordates and Vertebrates are all a part of the animal kingdom.

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