What was English Life Under Oliver Cromwell?

After the execution of Charles 1st of England did not have a monarchy in place, which in turn meant there was no ruler ruling England anymore. The lack of a ruler did not last long though thanks to Oliver Cromwell stepping in.

Oliver Cromwell(1599-1658), was a member of Parliament, who was promoted to “Lord Protector,” of England. Other than being an important figure of power Cromwell was also a serious Puritan, who pushed Puritan beliefs upon the English citizens. During his reign more or less he had two main goals that he aimed for. The first of which being, restoring order, and the second which was to foster morality and piety amongst the English people.

Under Cromwell England was removed of all “earthly pleasures,” which included: taverns, theaters, lavish holiday celebrations, etc. People could experience pretty severe penalties if they engaged in any of the things that I listed above. Not surprisingly enough Cromwell pushed harsh policies upon the people of Ireland who were majority Catholic. Overall life in England under Cromwell was harsh and extreme; Cromwell was not a reasonable ruler in many ways, and was hated by the English for the most part.

In conclusion, this period of no monarchy or king in England did not last for long, eventually after Cromwell’s death, a new reign began with a new monarchy which in turn set forth a new era of English history.

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