Hobbes Main Arguments

Thomas Hobbes(1588-1679), was an English political philosopher during the 17th century, who greatly promoted the idea of absolutism. He had many arguments and views which he explained in his written works; but what were these main arguments in his his written works? At least what were the ones I noticed from the small section I read from a piece of his writing?

Something that is very clear about Hobbes is the fact that he believes that humans are utterly selfish and that everyone is a potential murderer to another. He also argued that humans only go after their passions and their own power. Because as humans we are selfish horrible beings we need an absolute government to control us. Thus these were Hobbes main arguments.


  1. gershomid says:

    Hobbes’s reasoning for an absolute government is that it will restrict or stop murders and selfish acts, but the people running the government are also utterly selfish and potential murderers. funny

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    1. Yup, that is so true!

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