Does the State Have the Right to Redistribute Wealth?

Redistribution of wealth done by the state is a controversial topic, with many points on one side and many points on another. Some may say that the state has the right to redistribute wealth for the “good,” of the less fortunate, and others completely are against it. Regardless of these views and the large debate surrounding redistribution I might ask, does the state actually have the right to redistribute wealth?

First of all, what does the redistribution of wealth mean? The redistribution of wealth is a concept in which one group(aka the government in this situation), takes from one group and gives to another. This in government situations usually comes in the form of taxes. The statement, “tax the rich, and give to the poor,” pretty much defines what redistribution is, except a lot of the time in today’s society the people who are taxed in the majority are the middle class. The words, “taking from one group,” sounds very similar to the concept of stealing; stealing is taking from one group or an individual. Which is why I believe that redistribution of wealth is technically stealing if one looks at it in that light.

Does the state have the right to redistribute wealth? Like, somebody does not have the right to steal from another, the state also does not have the right to steal also. One could say that, “it’s different from stealing because the state is giving the money to a group,” but the act of obtaining the money to give is the same as the concept of stealing, though it is masked through taxes, etc. But the state technically does not have the right whatsoever to redistribute wealth; just because they are able to in some societies does not mean it is a “right,” or is right to do so.

To conclude, the state does not have the right to redistribute wealth, regardless of that “wealth,” being given to the less fortunate. A “right,” does not involve the taking or stealing from others. Regardless of this truth, redistribution of wealth is still a highly debated topic that will most likely not  be resolved any time soon.


  1. cheriewhite says:

    I agree with you here! If you work to make a good living and good life for yourself, you earned the money you made and it isn’t right to take what you worked for and gave to someone who didn’t earn it. Amd it IS stealing. It’s a firm of “You make it and they take it.” We’re all responsible for our own lives. No one group is responsible for the lifestyle of another. Thank you for posting.

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    1. Thank you for reading! Yeah it seems to be a rather difficult concept for people to grasp. Even though it is so simple.

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      1. cheriewhite says:

        Absolutely right! I believe it’s partially because their parents only wanted to spoil them and protect them from everything when they were growing up. Most of these people were given everything and got participation trophies when they were kids and now, this, unfortunately, is what we have.

        Now that they’re grown and out of their parents house, life has given them a good sucker punch and they don’t know how to handle it because the parents never prepared them for the real world nor made them work for anything. It’s sad.

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      2. Yes that is also very true!

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