What Happened (Involving the Third Estate) During the Meeting of the Estates General that Set the French Revolution in Motion?

France during the later period of the 18th century was in complete disarray, with financial struggles, and a number of other problems, which ultimately led to the French Revolution. Before the Revolution itself a meeting was held of the Estates General; what happened at this meeting that set the French Revolution in motion?

The Third Estate(the commoners), of the three Estates in the Estates General, wanted equal voting rights, since they had no representation. At the beginning of the French Revolution the people involved wanted to be rid of heavy debt and taxes, while also abolishing the privilege of the aristocrats. The Third Estate also wanted a new constitution of France, which was one of their ultimate goals, which was eventually carried out in 1791.  

The French Revolution was probably one of the most impactful events in European history or at least the history of France. It completely altered the course of the French government, or how France was to be governed; changing it from a monarchy. 

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