What Happened in France During the Revolution of 1830?

During the 1830s it was a time in which Revolutions were happening across Europe. A country in Europe that fell into Revolution again was France. Unlike the first main Revolution in France this Revolution was of smaller scale, which is thus why it is often overlooked in history textbooks today. What happened in France during the Revolution of 1830?

Charles X became king in 1824, he was an Ultra(which was a French political faction). During this time politics was mostly made up of Moderates and Liberals, but instead Charles chose his own officials from his own political faction, the Ultras. This was not exactly something that pleased the majority at the time. To make the tension worse Charles dissolved the chamber of deputies(which was a lower house of the French Parliament), and decreased the number of eligible votes to a number below twenty three thousand. 

This ended in Charles being deposed, and protests in the streets. He was replaced by a man named Louis Philippe. This did not end the issues though because the Artisans were now displeased about free market economics.

Thus, this is what happened in France during the Revolution in 1830.

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