What were the Key Steps in the Process of German Unification?

Germany before 1871 was not a unified country, instead Germany consisted of smaller states that had very little in common culturally. This is rather similar to how things were in Italy. This was all to change though when a German man named Otto von Bismarck, who held Prussia’s interest in high regard wanted the situation in Germany to change.

The key steps in the process of German unification were three wars, which were carried out by Bismarck. The first war out of the three was between Denmark and Prussia/Austria, Austria ended up gaining some new territories from Denmark. Bismarck had much contempt towards Austria, which was especially seen when Prussia turned against Austria in the second war out of the three. Prussia defeated Austria, which made them an even stronger European power. France was not exactly thrilled by Prussia’s sudden advancement, which led to the third and final war which was between France and Prussia. Prussia was victorious, and ended up gaining more territory. This in turn was how Bismarck was able to succeed in the unifying of Germany. Thus, these were the key steps in the process of German unification.

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