What was Kulturkampf?

Germany during the later half of the 19th century was under the control of the Prussians which was led by a man named Otto von Bismarck(1815-1898). Bismarck was heavily involved in the idea of reforming and changing Germany into a more modern country. A term that was used during this time in regards to Bismarck and his reforms to Germany is the term, Kulturkampf? What was Kulturkampf?

Kulturkampf means “culture war,” and was used to refer to the conflict between the Prussians and Catholics. This conflict began thanks to Bismarck seeing the Catholics as being backward, and needed to be reformed. This struggle between the two groups was mainly a struggle on religious and educational control, which the Catholic church had heavy influence upon.

In conclusion, Kulturkampf refers to the “culture war,” or conflict between the Catholics and Prussians in Germany during the later period of the 19th century. 

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