Historian Richard Pipes Wrote, “Soviet Russia was the First Society in History to Outlaw Law,” what did He Mean by this?

Soviet Russia is remembered and considered to be one of the primary examples of a communistic inspired government. Soviet Russia during its existence put in place many absurd and insane policies, which were damaging to the economy and the overall society. A well-known historian named Richard Pipes wrote, “Soviet Russia was the First Society in History to Outlaw Law.” What did he mean precisely by this?

The communist government in Russia came up with the policy that to become a judge in a court of law one did not need proper higher education, that a judge merely had to rely on their own personal morals. This was a disastrous decision because people who were definitely unfit for the job of a judge became judges. This policy more or less outlawed the law, which is a policy that only Soviet Russia could have come up with.

In turn, this is what the historian Richard Pipes meant when he wrote, “Soviet Russia was the first society in the history of outlaw law,” which just comes to show another example of the insanity and corruption of Soviet Russia.

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