What was the Russian Government Under Lenin Like? What Kind of Tasks Did it Attempt to Achieve?

Russia became a communist country under Lenin, who was the first of a series of leaders under the new Russian communistic government. What was the Russian like under Lenin? What kind of tasks did it attempt to achieve?

The government under Lenin was ruthless, harsh, and disastrous(the original revolutionaries had never run anything before). Lenin was a cruel and ruthless leader who exploited the people he was leading. He for example ordered the confiscation of many churches, saying that he would use the wealth of the churches toward the people. Not surprisingly enough that was very much not true and that money was used to buy weapons from Germany. During the end of his life, he ordered the exiling of many opposing scholars, which is one example of how easy it was to be deported or thrown into a prison camp in Russia at the time. The worst thing that Lenin and his government did during his leadership was being responsible for a famine that could have been prevented. This famine ended up killing over five million.

In conclusion, this was what the Russian Government under Lenin looked like, and these were some of the tasks that it attempted to achieve.

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