What Problems from World War I Contributed to the Outbreak of World War II?

The aftermath of World War I was a bleak time for many countries. The countries who were involved paid a heavy price during the war and the toll in the aftermath was very apparent. Only twenty years after World War I another war broke out in Europe, which escalated into another world war, which today is remembered as World War II. What problems from World War I contributed to the outbreak of World War II?

The first problem had to do with the Peace Settlement. Germany had not been able to partake in the discussion of the Peace Settlement, and had experienced heavy negative sanctions after the War. This left much resentment in Germany, which left the country in much chaos. After the War Germany set up a new constitution which the German people had mixed feelings about. Hitler who today is very remembered for the horrific things he did before and during World War II used the German resentment to his own advantage. 

The second problem was the outbreak of the Great Depression which not only affected the United States but also heavily affected other countries especially in Europe. This created more economic instability, which caused further resentment in Germany. Hitler himself used the Great Depression as a way to step into power.

During World War I Italy was on the side of the Allied Powers, after the war Italy was expecting to receive some lands, those lands were instead given away to other countries. This left resentment on the Italian side which left a divide. The Italian Facsist leader Mussolini stepped into power which turned Italy into a facist state, which later joined on the side of Germany during World War II.

In conclusion, there were many problems that had contributed to the outbreak of World War II. The problems all began with the Peace Settlement which Germany had not been able to thoroughly negotiate with the other countries. Germany after the war had faced heavy sanctions from the Allied powers as part of the Peace Conference which left much German resentment. Along with the Great Depression, the rise of Hitler, and a handful of other factors World War II was inevitable. 

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