In What Sense did World War II Become More “Global” During its First Two and a Half Years?

World War II(1939-1945), is considered to be the most devastating war in Western History, with millions of lives lost, and the resources of the countries involved heavily drained. The countries that were involved by the end of the war were many and included countries such as: Germany, France, Britain, United States, Italy, Russia, Japan, etc, but also included many lesser powers which had involvement in one way or another. The beginning of the war, though very much widespread, expanded more globally during its first two and a half years. In what sense did World War II become more “global,” during its first two and a half years?

World War II began originally in Germany which had become under the control of Adolf Hitler who other than wanting to “cleanse,” Germany also wanted to have influence in other countries in Europe. Germany began taking and invading some of the countries in Europe, rapidly enough  Germany occupied a wide area of territory. Japan close at this time was also involved in their own personal expanding, and were taking and occupying countries and territories of their own. When the war progressed the two sides became more established with more countries joining on each side, which further expanded the war; in turn making it more global. Ultimately the event that really influenced the war into becoming as Global as it became was when the United States entered the war which was one of the greatest turning points in the later half of the war. 

World War II became more “global,” in the sense that more and more countries joined on different sides of the war, which greatly further expanded it. An influential country that entered the war later on in the war, was the United States which changed the course of the war. 

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