Is it Worth My Time to Get a Part-Time Job at the Minimum Wage?

High school is usually the period of time that a person gets their first taste of an actual job. Usually, a high schooler would start with a part-time job that would fit with their schedule, but eventually in the summer when the high-schooler is off from school he/she could work more full-time because it makes more sense to do so during the summer months. As a highschool aged student would it be worth my time to get a part-time job at the minimum wage?

The answer to the question above really depends on the circumstance. As a full-time student much of the year, who does extracurricular activities such as sports, it would be worth my time to get a part-time job at the minimum wage. My reasoning is that I would not have time to have a full-time job, or to work eight hours a day during most of the week, it simply would not make sense for me. Also, though the hours are shorter than a full-time job, a part-time job would still provide a steady income and some job experience for the future. The income from the job would most likely cover my small expenses, and also would be enough to save a percentage. I must note that where I live there are quite a few laws on minors working, so I technically would not be able to work full time during the school year as a minor anyways.

In the scenario that it was summer time it would be appropriate to get a more full-time job because I would not have school(unless I decided to get ahead and do summer school), and my extracurriculars. Most likely I would not want to get a full-time minimum wage job because I would want to do other things, like going to the beach or spending time with friends, for example.

In conclusion, a part-time job at the minimum wage would be worth my time at the moment because I would be gaining some job experience, an income, and something of value to use my time with.

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