What is One Issue that Reflects the Individualist Versus the Collectivist Outlook in Your Own Times? How Does it do this?

The individualistic view and concept of individualism has been attempted to be suppressed throughout history. The Soviet Union attempted to suppress it, China suppresses it(less so now), and even in the West the concept of individualism is suppressed, and the collectivist outlook is further encouraged. An example of one issue that reflects the individualist versus the collectivist outlook in my own time is in the form of politics. How does it do this?

A theme that is becoming more and more prevalent in this period in history in the west in regards to politics is how people tend to believe whatever they either see, read, or have been told by a news network first, before actually doing their own research. People these days tend to believe things that a majority believes in just because the majority believes in it and the state promotes it. Though there are many views held by a majority that is not problematic there are definitely many instances where the views of the majority have been problematic and objectively wrong. Even when it is clearly apparent the majority continues to believe those wrong beliefs because a large number of people believe them, and the state tells them to do so. Regardless of the political side, this is prevalent. Obvious misinformation is widely believed and accepted.

An example of how many aspects of politics reflect the individualist versus the collectivist outlook today is how different sides of a political or news story are suppressed. Because most mainstream news networks are highly biased and people are biased, most of the news media that comes out is one-sided. There is a lack of different perspectives being represented in the media. The mainstream media today is very collectivist.

Many people completely ignore or forget to acknowledge that different views exist and that they may be correct on some matters. Aspects of their worldview may be incorrect. Just because a large mass of people believes in something does not mean it is necessarily right or correct. It is best to be open to new ideas and to do self-research. It is completely alright not to agree with the majority on a clearly incorrect belief.

The individual and the collective have been at odds throughout history, with many governments, groups, and even individuals themselves attempting to suppress the individual. Though there have been many times in history where the individual seemed to have been defeated it always arises again and continues to live on no matter how great it continues to be silenced.

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