Would You Pay 20% More to Shop at a Store that Sells Only American-Made Goods?

Today, there are many options for where you can get your shopping done. Amazon, Walmart, and a variety of very large corporations have risen up to the top of the shopping market, thanks to these corporations selling items more inexpensively than the average small business that would sell the same items. Regardless of the convenience of shopping at large corporations, many people choose to shop in local small businesses, which are usually more expensive. These small businesses usually sell goods that are local to the area, state, and country. Personally, would I pay 20% more to shop at a store that sells only American-made goods?

When I shop I personally like to go for quality but at a good price. Shopping at Walmart for example is great for buying inexpensive necessities, but it is not necessarily the best for buying certain items that I personally prefer of higher quality. Higher quality items are usually found at local businesses that usually sell only American or locally made goods. The only catch to buying more locally is that the items in these local small businesses are usually more expensive. The compromise is service and quality, over price. 

In answering the question above, personally, I would pay 20% more to shop at a store that sells only American-made goods. Of course, this answer would depend on the item I am looking to buy; I do usually prefer to buy from local stores and to support local businesses because the service and quality of the products in these stores are usually higher.

The rise of large chain stores has led to smaller businesses turning to emphasize quality and service over inexpensive prices, which are usually local to the country, area, etc. Whilst the large chain stores focus on convenience and more affordable goods. 

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