The Scope From Rachel and Some Bad News

It was the first day of school since Thanksgiving; Thanksgiving had now become a distant memory, like most aftermaths from holidays. Victoria High students had begun to remove the Thanksgiving decorations, soon enough, all remnants of the holiday would be gone. Also, Principal Horn was at the verge of completely canceling the school paper, if … More The Scope From Rachel and Some Bad News

Immigration to America

Later in the 19th century immigration in the US became very large and prominent, with millions of new immigrants from Europe. In this history essay I will discuss immigration in American, during the 19th century. Ellis Island Before 1890, individual US states were responsible with their immigration, but in 1890 the US government took control … More Immigration to America

Starting Fresh

It had been over a week since Rachel had left Victoria, with Hanna(Rina was not supposed to know that though). She and Anne since Rachel had left had been putting the pieces together, when it came to replacing Rachel for the school paper. But that was a small part, the big part for Rina was … More Starting Fresh

Is a Perfect Society Possible or Even Desirable

In this short essay I will be answering the question: is a perfect society possible or even desirable. Society has never been known to be perfect throughout history. There have been constant phases of peace and conflict in society since its existence. This will probably go on for a very long time. This is because … More Is a Perfect Society Possible or Even Desirable