TV: A Time Waster?

Watching TV is a popular pastime, but it is also a huge time waster especially when you watch a ridiculous amount of hours per week.

The average amount of TV watched by a child per week is twenty-two hours, the average adult watches twelve hours more or thirty four hours of TV a week! 

Humans need downtime; a time where they don’t need to use their brain and focus but instead relax, TV is a good thing for downtime but it should be limited, even a small percent of your time watching TV is too much.

This week I recorded what my average time watching TV is, this week was pretty average I watched roughly six hours of TV. This is much less than the average, so I do not think it’s too much, I will probably discipline myself and cut down my TV time by an hour to challenge myself.

With that said, even though I don’t watch a huge amount of TV I still will lose a lot of money from wasting this time.

I learned in this course that if I multiply the number of hours I watch TV by twenty dollars, that sum will be how much money I will make when I am twenty if I start a business at fifteen. I then estimated that I watch about 25 hours a month of TV the sum came out as six hundred dollars. I inputted this amount with a ten percent interest rate over fifty six years. The amount I got was $15,067,856.13; this is how much money I will lose if I continue watching TV at six hours a week until I am seventy. Fifteen million and a little bit seems like a huge sum of money and it is; but if you actually think of it, it’s not a lot in comparison to the average amount of time other people watch TV; so I do not think I will cut off too much of my time spent watching TV.


TV can be a time waster and you can lose money because the time you spent watching TV can be used to make money. A little bit of TV is fine but an excess amount is not.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was a very famous English playwright and poet during the Elizabethan era.

Early Life

Not much is known of Shakespeare’s early life. His birth date is also unknown but he was baptized on April 26, 1564, and grew up in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon . He married young at the age eighteen to a woman named Anne Hathaway, they had three children.


Evidence shows that Shakespeare may have started his career in theater, in 1592 as an actor and playwright. More evidence shows that in the early 1590s he was a managing partner in The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, which was an acting company. Records show that this acting company became very popular.  Shakespeare published thirty seven plays in total, and fifteen of these plays by 1597. He began his own theater known as the Globe in 1599.

His Works

Shakespeare’s plays were mostly written in these genres, comedies, histories, romance, tragedies, and tragicomedies.

Examples of his plays.

 His comedic plays are The Taming of the Shrew, A Midnight’s Summer Dream, and etc; his historic plays are Richard the 2nd, Henry the 6th and etc; his romantic plays are the Twelfth Night, The Tempest, and etc; and his tragic and tragicomedies plays, Macbeth, Cymblein, etc.


Tradition says that he died on April 23, 1616, but this may not be true.


This is my essay on the life and works of William Shakespeare.

What I Learned When I Filled My Budget Sheet And How I Felt

I learned that I actually make a pretty decent income from both my job and other things; I also learned that keeping track of your spending is very helpful and useful, and saves you time and money. I felt happy to see that I do make a decent income and that I make more than I thought did. I also felt glad that I figured out how to budget correctly and efficiently.

This is probably the shortest assignment I have ever been given.


I stand on the block.

I hear the whistle.

My head goes down,

My arms, and legs ready.

When I hear the go nothing stops me.

I glide through the water.

My head surfaces.

Then it clicks.

My arms and legs move together,

Helping me move faster, faster.

I see the wall.

I flip over.

Kick off and glide.

I take a breath.

I see the finish.

I sprint, nothing holds back.

I reach, reach.

And touch the wall.

I gasp for air, 

But smile.

My second interesting attempt of poetry.

Why Is The Sun Important And Special

The Sun is the largest thing in are Solar system, it is also the most important. Most people usually take the Sun for granted or do not know much about it.

The Sun is much, much bigger than the Earth; it’s diameter is about one-hundred times of the Earth.

 The Sun is flaming hot, it’s surface temperature alone is ten-thousand degrees Fahrenheit. The heat from the Sun is very important; without the Sun, life on Earth would be impossible, since humans need light and warmth to survive.

The Sun is a star. It is the closest star from Earth even though it is very far away; an exact ninety-three million miles away from Earth, it’s far distance is perfect for a good amount of heat, if it was farther life would be impossible on Earth it would be too cold, but to close it would be boiling hot and again life would be impossible. 

The Sun is a unique star because of its intense brightness and heat, most stars are cooler in temperature and a lot less bright in appearance. another reason why it is unique is because most Solar Systems have two or more stars, but the Sun is the only star of are Solar System..


This is my essay on why the Sun is so important, and why it is a very special star.

The Odyssey Summary Summary Books 9-12

The Odyssey by Homer is an epic poem about the adventures of Ulysses, during the Trojan war and his long journey back home, which ends up taking ten years. I am summarizing books nine through twelve.

Book 9

After the Trojian war, Ulysses and his crew journey back home. They reach Cicons, but are horrified by the locals and leave. A storm hits; the storm pushes them off course and they reach the land of the cyclops, which causes the crew a great deal of trouble since a cyclop captures them. The cyclop is brutal and cruel, and is only defeated by a flaming hot pointy stick in the eye. The surviving men including Ulysses barely escape.

Book 10 

Ulysses arrives on the Island of Aeolus. The Island gives him strong winds; Ulysses opens the bag that contains the winds, and they are driven back again. They sail on to Laestrygones; unfortunately they lose eleven of their twelve ships. With the only remaining ship the crew sets to the Island of Circe. When they land on the Island the Enchantress Circe turns some of Ulysses men who ventured to look around the Island, into pigs. Ulysses is given a special herb Moly from the God Mercury that will protect him from Circe’s spells. He defeats the Enchantress and restores his crew back into humans, but this is after a year of staying on the Island. Circe influences Ulysses descent into Hell.

Book 11

Ulysses lands on the land of the Cimmerians. He has to perform strange ceremonies that call on the dead. He enters the underworld, in the underworld he meets his family members who have died and some ancient heros. After he stops exploring because he is disgusted by the whole place, especially the tormented cries of the wicked, and etc.

Book 12

Ulysses returns from his very gloomy journey of the underworld. He and his crew begin their journey again. They escape many dangerous situations during the journey. They land on the Island of Trinacria. On this Island all of his men are destroyed and killed by the Oxen of the Sun (I really have no idea what it is). Ulysses is the only survivor, he escapes this Island by swimming on a board of wood for nine whole days. He lands on the Island of Calypso, and lives there for seven years.

End of summary.

Hubble Space Telescope Technology Fact


“Several spacecraft support systems are required to keep the Hubble functioning smoothly in space. These systems are located around the body of the spacecraft and encompassed by the outer hull. Solar Arrays(2). 25 ft (7 meter) panels that convert 5680 watts of electricity in order to power the telescope. Communications Antennae (2). Transmit Hubble’s information to communication satellites called the Tracking & Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) System for relay to White Sands, the Space Telescope Operations Control Center (STOCC) in Greenbelt, Maryland, and the Space Telescope Science Institute (STSci) in Baltimore, Maryland. Computer Support System Modules. Contains devices and systems needed to operate the Hubble Telescope. Serves as the master control system for communications, navigation, power management, etc. Electronic Boxes. Houses much of the electronics including computer equipment and rechargeable batteries. Aperture Door. Protects Hubble’s optics in the same way the camera lens cap shields the lens. It closes during service missions and in response to certain kinds of  “safe mode.” Light Shield. Light passes through this before entering the optics system. It blocks unwanted external light from entering the Hubble. Pointing Control System. This system aligns the spacecraft to point and remain locked on any target.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Kaili for nominating me here is a link to her blog please check it out!


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I nominate:

Finally 7 interesting facts about me.

1: I am a competitive swimmer

2: like makeup, especially eye makeup.

3: I ski forty times a year.

4: I can’t stand Riverdale and HighSchool Musical 2.

5: I have hyper flexible shoulders when I swim butterfly.

6: I’ve done musical theater, and I was horrible at it.

7: Finally I love Jane Austen.

Thanks again Kaili for nominating me!