If I Pay for 100% of My College Education, Would I be Better off if My Parents will Give Me a College Graduation Present: Half of the Money They Presently Plan to Pay for My College Costs?

College can be very important, depending on the career path you choose, but College is also another thing: expensive. In this essay I will be answering if I would be better off if I pay for all of my college education, or if my parents gave me a graduation present of money to pay for half of my college costs?

Well to begin with  when I do go to College I will have a job and a decent stash of saved up money(I have a job at the moment, and I save 10% of the money I earn), so I hope to have enough money to help pay for my education and other bills involved with that.

But if my parents do choose to give me a graduation present of money to pay for half of my college costs, that would be helpful and I would be very grateful towards my parents, and I would be better off financially because I was just able to save half of my money.

But I would be lesser off in mentally, because whenever I pay for something on my own, I feel more committed to the thing I just spent money on. So if I pay for my entire college education I would feel more motivated than I would if my parents paid for half of my education, even if the money was a gift.

 In conclusion, by no means will I not feel committed to both scenarios because I plan on succeeding in College not the other way around. But I would feel a little less committed to my studies than say if I paid for my College education.

What is My Most Important Skill That I Can Use in Starting My Business This Year

Over the months that I have been taking the RPC business course, I have been realizing what skills I have and what weaknesses I have, which are important to realize when starting a business. My most important skill that I can use when starting my business is my writing ability.

I believe that my writing ability is by no means perfect, but it still is pretty good compared to many people. I believe this is due to all the essays I have written in my life(which are many), and my reading of many classical novels and stories(which are also many). Another thing that impacted my writing positively was when I began blogging, which forced me to never become lazy with my writing, because a lot of different people could now read my essays.

The reason why I believe that writing is my most important skill I have in starting my business is because, if I do start a business I would like a writing based business such as a newsletter. Another reason is because I feel comfortable and confident in my writing. If you have a skill then you should be confident in it right?

 The reason why I feel confident in writing is because you can always edit your writing, unlike speaking to other people, where you only have one shot into making it right. Which makes writing more foolproof, or with less room for error.

In conclusion, writing is my important skill when I start a business because I am pretty good at it, I want to start a writing based business if I do start a business, I enjoy it, and I feel confident in my writing, which is the most important thing. 

Google Adwords For Business Owners

Dear Business owner, do your Ads seem like they don’t work, or get enough traffic? Well I have a solution for you..

This solution is rather overlooked, and most business owners ignore it completely, but I assure you that this solution will improve your Ads and give them more traffic. Now let me introduce you to something called Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a digital tool that spreads the word of your business, particularly it spreads the word of your product, service, or whatever you are selling. 

The Benefits of Google Adwords?

There are many benefits when you use Google Adwords. Here are ten of the main benefits and reasons to get Google Adwords.

1: You only pay for the results.

2: It makes it easy to cancel Ads that are not working.

3: Easily finding your target audience. They search for you instead of you searching for them.

4: You can track your competitors’ progress, easily.

5: It saves money!

6: It enables your Ads to be seen by millions of people in a very short time, even seconds.

7: You can test your Ads accurately before posting them.

8: Because of the Ad testing you have a lower chance of failing.

9: You get better placement without added costs.

10: finally. Google Adwords enables you to have your Ads in a thriving market instead of a dying one.

 If you want these benefits, start now!!


If you are not yet convinced here are some other benefits.

11: You can easily set a budget that works for your business.

12: With this tool you can show the special and most unique aspects of your business.

13: You have access to Ad specialists, who can design your Ads effectively.

If you want these extra benefits along with the ones above, start now!!


If you still feel uncertain, and think that Google Adwords will be too complex for you, do not fret Google Adwords offers a free guide to teach and explain, how to get started, how to get the most of the tool, etc. 

So please do not wait or hesitate. If you start using this tool immediately you will make up for the money you have lost thanks to ineffective Ads. This is an opportunity that will help your business grow, and to help you have more success and money than ever before.

So start now!!


Note: this Ad is for a school business assignment, so by no means I am an expert Ad writer or salesman. So please comment below and tell me how I did, and how I could improve. Thank you

What Marketing Advantages do I Now Have That I Did Not Have When the Week Began?

This week I began reading the book: The Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing by Perry Marshall and Taylor Zamir. This book covered many important topics including “Google Adwords.” In this week’s business essay I will be writing about what marketing advantages I now have that I did not have a week ago.

Google Adwords

Before this week of business lessons I knew what Google Adwords was but I really did not understand it too well. Google Adwords or Google Ads is an online tool for businesses. After reading the book titled above I realized how much of an advantage using Google Adwords was. For example a lot of small business owners still to this day do not use Google Adwords, even if they know it exists they still don’t use it, which is a pretty big disadvantage.

The reason why businesses who don’t use Google Adwords have such a disadvantage compared to business owners who use the tool is because Google Adwords is a tool that is great at spreading the word of the business, which is very important because the more people that find your business the bigger the profit and the success of it.

Focusing on Landing Pages

The second marketing advantage I now have is focusing on landing pages. Focusing on having a good landing page is important because a good landing page must have an explanation for the service or product you are selling. This is important because the customer must know what the product and service is all about before buying it. Another important thing that should be on the landing page is a way for the customer to call to action, such as a link, phone number, or an order now button.

Throughout my study of business and the world of it, I have learned many crucial and valuable things, which have left me with an advantage if I do start a business. In conclusion these are the two marketing advantages I now have that I didn’t have last week.

Procrastination Kills

Like most people in this world I have experienced procrastination, many times. Usually I experience it when I have a large school assignment to get done, but there are other reasons also. But with my experience with procrastination, I have noticed for sure that it kills, and wastes time. In this essay I will be discussing why procrastination kills, with my personal experience, with it.

There are many reasons why procrastination kills, the three main reasons are: procrastination wastes your time, with procrastination you have a harder time getting things done, it causes you to be less effective in a task, and the final reason is that it wastes your life.

It wastes your time: with my experience with procrastinating. I have always noticed that procrastination wastes my time. Instead of getting things done right away procrastination causes you to stall for a little bit or longer, which wastes your time.

Harder time getting things done: another way that procrastination kills is by making you have a more difficult time getting things done. Whenever I procrastinate, the more I do it the more difficult for me to get the task done, which in turn wastes my time.

You become less effective in a task: when you procrastinate when doing something you pay attention less to that task, which makes you less effective. An example of me becoming less effective in something when experiencing procrastination is in my writing. The more I procrastinate when writing something the less effective I am at writing.

It wastes your life: like the first point “it wastes your time” long term procrastination wastes your life. This is because the more you procrastinate the longer it takes for you to finish something, which in turn wastes your life because if you procrastinate and don’t finish the task right away, which limits you from doing other things, that is a waste of your life.

In conclusion procrastination affects your life pretty negatively, it wastes your time, your life, and it makes it more difficult for you to get things done. Also procrastination affects your chances in making a successful business, so if you want to get things done and become successful in life try your best to beat procrastination.

RPC Landing Page

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an online homeschool curriculum. The grade range of the RPC is kindergarten to grade twelve. The RPC is a mostly self taught course, above third grade, actually 98% self taught, also the RPC is a course free of textbooks, because it is almost one hundred percent video lecture based, with after lecture assignments.

 Older students like myself do these video lectures mainly on their own. For me, if I have trouble in math, my parents will help me but other than that I do everything on my own. Which helps the student become more independent. Younger students will probably need more parent involvement(I know from personal experience), but will be pretty self taught overall.

Many of the instructors of the RPC have Phds(which is rare in an elementary through highschool curriculum). Here is a list of some of the benefits of the RPC.

  1. the RPC is almost one hundred percent self taught above third grade.

2. There is a specific course on Personal Finance

3. There are two business courses

4.You can do each course at your own pace.

5. You can always review a video lesson.

6. Students learn the valuable skills of “self reliability” and “self responsibility.”

If you want all of these benefits for your child, then order now!

Identify Two Possible USPs for the Ron Paul Curriculum, and Defend Each Choice

For selling any product or service you should have at least one USP, or a “unique selling proposition.” In this business essay I identified two possible USPs for the Ron Paul Curriculum or RPC(the school curriculum I am currently using), then I will defend each choice I made for the USP.

My first choice for a possible USP is the RPC’s approach on College or University: the reason why I consider this a USP is the fact that the RPC has an approach to College that is much different from the public, private, and even other online educations. Also the RPC’s approach on College is a one that benefits both the student and the parents, so it’s a win on both sides. The RPC’s approach to College, is to instead of going to College as a freshman or undergraduate, instead you take CLEP exams, to collect enough credit to get a Bachelor’s degree, or get enough credit to enter College as a junior instead of a freshman. This approach saves a lot of money and time, and as well as most people know, College can be quite expensive, and time consuming.

My second choice for a possible USP is the RPC’s video lectures: the reason why I think this is a USP is because, one: you can pause the video anytime you want to take notes, unlike a brick and mortar school, where you have to keep up with the teacher, which is more difficult . Two: you can do the lectures anytime you want because they are video based and not live. Three: the final reason is the fact that you don’t need to buy or use a textbook for the RPC, because everything is provided with the video lectures, which saves you from spending extra money. Also because the videos aren’t live(this relates to the second point), you can do other things after school, because you are able to finish school anytime you want at your own pace.


In this business essay I identified two possible USPs for the Ron Paul Curriculum, and defended them

My Ad to Persuade My Friend to Persuade His/Her Parents to Sign Up For the Ron Paul Curriculum

In this week’s business assignment, I was assigned to write an ad, to persuade my friend to persuade their parents into signing up for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

My Ad

Hello, my dear bestie. Do you wish that you could have time to do things such as ski in the weekdays, finish school at any time, wake up at any time, and still get done with your school? Well if you do, I have the exact thing for you: the Ron Paul Curriculum. This online curriculum enables you to do all those things above and more, and I will show you why.

The RPC or Ron Paul Curriculum is an online course for homeschoolers. The RPC uses video lessons instead of textbooks. Usually these online videos are shorter in length, usually less than thirty minutes, which leaves you plenty of time to get done with your school and do something else. The RPC doesn’t require a regular hours long school schedule, instead it allows you to create your own schedule that works for you and your family, which means no early mornings(unless you are a morning person),  no morning rush, and stress for both you and your parents.

The reason why the RPC is better than other homeschool courses is because. If you struggle in a particular subject you can always go back and retake a lesson or course with the RPC(I have done this many times). Also your parents don’t need to be involved in your education, unless they want to be, because the RPC is a self taught course, which teaches you to become independent and self reliable(my parents thanks to the RPC course are almost never involved with my education). If you struggle with your writing, no worries, one of the main focuses in the RPC is good writing! Which means that you will see a drastic improvement in your writing. If you have read one of my first essays on my blog, and the most recent you most likely noticed a pretty big difference in my writing ability and style.

I have been taking the RPC for almost five years now, and I and both my parents have seen a drastic improvement in our life and my education. So, if you really want these benefits, and the time to do things that you really want to do but cannot at the moment because of your hours long school days; and am willing to adjust to a new life of homeschooling, the RPC is the right course for you.

Note: this was probably one of the most fun writing assignments I have done so far, especially because all my friends are now homeschooled(the schools are shut), thanks to current situation of the world.

Fifteen Benefits of the RPC

The Ron Paul Curriculum or the RPC is an online education course for homeschoolers. In this essay I will be listing fifteen benefits of the RPC; what I will be including in each benefit is my personal experience with the benefit.

1: There are no text books for the parents to buy. This benefit helped keep my education at a lower cost, and also eased the burden of buying textbooks from my parents.

2: You can always redo a lesson or course, if you struggle with the material. This benefit helped me many times, mostly in Math(a course I struggle in). Instead of having to keep going with the course and not understanding anything I was able to retake a lesson or the entire course, which kept the learning process less stressful, for myself.

3: There is a course on Personal Finance. The Personal Finance course(I am taking that course at the moment), is a pretty large benefit for the student. Instead of the student once he/her is an adult, having to figure out home finance, and other things that have to do with finance on their own, they can instead learn Personal Finance before or during highschool. Which saves them time and money. Without the Personal Finance course, most likely when I am an adult I would be struggling with my finances, but now because I am taking it, I will be able to do my finances with less struggle.

4: There are two Business courses. The RPC business courses teach a variety of topics, such as writing ads, sales, etc. I am only taking the first business at the moment, so I don’t know exactly what topics are taught in the second one, but I do know that so far that the first business course has benefited me greatly, in the fact that I have a pretty good understanding about business.

5: For each course there are five free tryout lessons. Instead of having to buy the entire course before knowing what you are getting into. The RPC has five free tryout lessons on each course. If the student doesn’t like the course after finishing the tryout lessons, the parent doesn’t need to pay for the course. This benefit helped me have an insight on what I was getting into, in the course.

6: It is a self taught course above third grade; so almost no parent involvement. This benefit mostly benefited my parents. Instead of them having to sit down with me, to help me with my school, the RPC enables them to do other things, instead of just teaching me. Also this benefit has taught me to be more responsible.

7: It teaches responsibility through self learning. This benefit relates to the benefit above. Because the RPC is a self taught course, the student is the one that is responsible for their education, this benefit helped me become more responsible and independent when it comes to my school work.

8: The RPC, has a lot of tips on how to get into College or University without spending a ton of money and time. In the highschool RPC courses, College or University is mentioned many times, also there are courses that prepare you when you take CLEP exams, for College credit; which in turn saves you money and time, when it comes to College.

9: The curriculum has a freedom philosophy. This benefit has both benefited my parents and myself. It has benefited my parents because they believe in freedom, and this curriculum has a philosophy based on freedom, so their belief when it comes to freedom is then passed down to me. This benefited me because I now share a similar worldview as my parents.

10: Almost all courses except for math, requires a weekly essay. The RPC is very serious about good writing, it is one of the main skills that the curriculum really focuses on, so almost all of the courses require the student to write an essay, every week. This has benefited me and helped me become a better writer, and a writer that is able to get a lot of writing done in a day. 

11: The RPC teaches good writing, not only in the English course, but almost all courses but Math. Like I mentioned above this benefit has helped me become a better and faster writer.

12: The RPC, enables parents to do other things instead of teaching their children. My parents used to have to spend hours teaching me, but ever since I started using the RPC, my parents have been able to do other things, such as helping my younger siblings do their school, or doing things that they enjoy.

13: There is a course on Public Speaking. Public speaking is pretty important, especially if you want to have a career that requires a lot of speaking in front of a group. This benefit hasn’t exactly benefited me because I have not taken the course but, I have noticed that the people who have taken the course have benefited greatly when it comes to their confidence and speech ability, in front of a crowd.

14: There is a free course that teaches study skills. This free study skill course is called the ABC course, it is only available for members of the RPC. This course teaches students how to study effectively for College level exams. I have not yet taken the course, but probably soon I will be.

15: the final benefit is the fact that the lessons in each course are not very long, which leaves you time to do other things. If it wasn’t for this benefit, I probably wouldn’t be able to do swimming or skiing(both I enjoy doing). This benefit has also helped me spend time with my family instead of spending time on the computer all day.


This is my short report on fifteen benefits of the RPC.

Five Benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum That Were Not Mentioned on the 26 Reasons Why Landing Page

In this week’s essay I will be writing about five benefits of the RPC(the curriculum that I use), that were not mentioned on the twenty six reasons why page(I will be linking this page down below).

The Five Benefits

  1. There are a lot of options: the RPC is almost limitless when it comes to options on what courses you want to take during highschool, how fast or slow you want to finish your course, what time you can start and end your school in a day, you can always retake a course if you had a hard time with it, and etc. A personal example of how the “limitless” options of the RPC benefited me was when I struggled with a certain section of English. My Mom who noticed my struggle made me retake that section of the course. Instead of having to go on with the course without understanding any of the topics, the options of the RPC enabled me to retake that section, which intern helped me understand the subject
  1. There is no set time in the day that you have to do your school: during the winter months I ski quite a bit, a lot of the time I ski on a weekday to avoid the long lines. I usually do half of my school during the ski months early in the morning, and the other half in the evening when I return home. Without the RPC I most likely would not be able to do this.
  1. You can finish a course at your own pace: two years ago I was behind and needed to catch up. To do so I did two lessons per day for each course. If I didn’t understand the material I alway redid the lesson, which helped me understand the topic.
  1. You learn personal responsibility: the RPC is mostly a self taught curriculum above 3rd grade. This helps you learn to become a responsible student, it also leaves you responsible for everything that you will learn, which means if you didn’t pay attention to your lessons it is your fault not the course, instructors, or your parents.
  1. You can grade your own tests: the RPC is all about self learning, it is a self taught curriculum after all But another responsibility that this course offers to this student is self grading. Instead of your parents grading the test, you do it on your own. If your parents want to grade your tests that’s completely fine. Self grading helped me gain my parents’ trust, and gave me a responsibility, which has benefited me.


These are the five benefits that were not mentioned on the twenty six reasons why page on the RPC.

The page: https://www.ronpaulcurriculum.com/public/3346.cfm