Ghost Writing as a Business Opportunity

In this essay I will be writing about the business opportunity, ghostwriting. But this time I will be doing it in more depth; and will be answering some important questions, and also getting into how I would turn ghostwriting as a business.

 Who will I Serve in the Marketplace?

The people I will serve as a ghostwriter are people who want to write some form of written work, usually a memoir or autobiography, for example. But these individuals just do not have the time, skill, etc to write or fully write that written work.

How will I Help Them?

The way I will help these individuals is by writing the written work that they want to be written. Though this sounds simple there is more to it. In a more in-depth explanation; I will be helping these people write an amazing piece of work that they themselves could not do alone.

What are the Barriers to Entry in this Service?

Like every business opportunity there will always be barriers to entry. The main barriers to entry for ghostwriting are: not being a skilled writer, and being a person who wants to always be in the spotlight or be recognized. Ghostwriting after all is about ensuring that the person that hired and paid you, will get the spotlight and recognition, not the other way around.

How will I Make Money Doing this Service?

The way I will make money by doing this service is by writing, of course. But the way I will be paid is by project billings, and one-time or ongoing subscriptions. The reason why I think this form of payment is the best way, is because it isn’t really accurate to be paid by the hour(each project takes different amounts of time), or by monthly retainers(a monthly retainer is where you get paid by your client once a month whether or not you are doing work for them), which again isn’t accurate.

Why is this a Long-Term Opportunity for Me?

I have a passion for writing, I really enjoy writing. Also because I enjoy it I don’t find it a chore to get a piece of writing done. I also am a decent writer, and I am still young, so from now I will keep on improving with practice, which means when I am older and turn this business opportunity into a reality I would be a pretty good writer. Another reason why this is a longer-term opportunity for me is because there are plenty of people who want to have a written work done who just don’t have the time or skill to do so. So in my opinion because ghostwriting is a sought for service, and there is demand, it could easily become a long-term opportunity that lasts for five years or more.


In this essay I answered several questions in depth on ghostwriting as a business opportunity. These questions included: who I will serve in the marketplace, how will I help them, what are the barriers to entry, etc. To conclude I would have to say that this business opportunity highly intrigues me, and I would consider it.

The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

During this past week of business I learned about four more business opportunities. Out of these four the business opportunity that intrigued me the most was, Audio Production; and here is why.

Audio production is used in podcasts and audiobooks, usually. So I am going to be mentioning the two often in this essay. Podcasts are listened to by many today; more often now than listening to the radio. The way to become successful when creating podcasts is by finding a topic or niche you like, or that is sought for. You also need good equipment and tools to make good content. 

The way you make money in this form of audio production? Well podcasts are usually free so the way you make money is by advertising. The way you advertise when podcasting is by advertising during the podcast. The other way you can make money by podcasting is by producing and managing podcasts for other individuals, who want to have a podcast but do not have the time, skill, etc.

The other business opportunity that uses audio production is the production of audiobooks. These days there are plenty of people you prefer to listen to a book instead of reading one, also there are plenty of published authors who would like their book to be also in the form of an audiobook, who don’t have the time, skills, etc to make one themselves. To make audiobooks you need good equipment, editing software, etc, to produce one. If the author of the book is not well known you will have to advertise.

In conclusion this is why audio production is the business opportunity that intrigued me the most.

The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

During this week of business I learned about four business opportunities. The business opportunity that I learned about this week that intrigued me the most was Ghostwriting. Here is why.

Ghostwriting is where you help someone write a book, speech, article, etc. But the person that hired the ghostwriter gets the credit for the written work. Sometimes people do give credit to the ghostwriter but usually not. The reason why people hire ghostwriters is because they are too busy, not skilled enough of a writer, etc, but they want to write some form of written work. An example of a popular book that was written by a ghostwriter is Living History, by Hilary Clinton. 

To be a ghostwriter you have to be a good writer which is obvious, people won’t hire you if you are not a great writer. Like I mentioned ghostwriters usually do not get credit for the written work, but that is not the point of ghostwriting; the purpose of ghostwriting is to let the person who hired you to shine, to get the credit because it is technically there writing piece, you the ghostwriter on the other hand will make a decent to great profit.

In conclusion ghostwriting was the business opportunity out of the four I learned about during week, that intrigued me the most.

The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

During this week I learned about four business opportunities. Out of the four business opportunities the one that intrigued me the most was Selling Products online. Here is why this business opportunity intrigued me the most.

Selling products online is far more practical than having to schedule meet ups, or deal with a brick and mortar store that sells your products. This is because you sell your products online! Selling products online is more possible than ever before, with Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy, etc. Also you can sell your products from more than one distributor.

The way you sell products online is by first finding something you want to sell, such as a book that you don’t need anymore, basically it can be anything. You have to make sure that the item/items are not damaged, or worn, then you take pictures of the product. Finally you post it on one of the online selling sites, where people will either bid or buy the product. Then you send the product to the customer who ordered the product, the product will then go to that person.

The way you make money from this business opportunity is by setting up two accounts, a bank account(which most people have), and a paypal account. This is obvious because if you sell products online people will pay with online methods.

In conclusion selling products online is the business opportunity that intrigued me the most this week.

The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

During this week of business I learned about four online business opportunities. During this study of these four opportunities the business opportunity that intrigued me the most was Website Theme Development.

Website Theme Development, is where you create the look and feel of a website, by customizing a theme, usually on WordPress. This allows the business you are customizing the theme for, to be able to compete with other businesses, just over the way the website looks. Most customers buy from a business who’s Website seems most appealing to them.

Of course, because the Website is the first impression to a customer you have to know how to properly develop the website theme. To achieve this good looking Website you need to be good at deciding a good design and color, and have experience on how to do it. You also have to be able to look at the competition to see how the Website can be better than those other Websites.

The way you make money with Website Theme Development is pretty obvious: you make money by developing the theme of a website, and get it advertised. Eventually you can also train someone on specific Websites. 

In conclusion, this business opportunity can be a long term or short term business opportunity. This opportunity may be a stepping stone for a bigger career, or it may be something you realize you don’t like doing. But nevertheless this is the business opportunity that intrigued me the most.

The Business Opportunity that Intrigued Me the Most

Website development is a very interesting business opportunity, and personally in my opinion it seems to be a very helpful and wanted service. In this essay I will be writing about the business opportunity that intrigued me: website development.

The first reason why website development intrigued me is the fact that there are so many options when you create the actual website. For example there is WordPress, Weebly, and much more! There are also many types of plan options when you build a website. These options are: business, e-commerce, premium, and personal. Also there are many options for website themes, no matter what type of website plan you got, you still have many great website theme options.

Like every business opportunity you always have to ensure that you are putting your best effort, in ensuring that everything is done correctly. Especially with the business and e-commerce plans you have to prevent typos or other writing errors. Small mistakes like these cannot be brushed off, when you have a business or e-commerce website, especially when that website is for a client, that is paying you. You should also have some understanding of coding, but that is optional.

In conclusion website development is the business opportunity that intrigued me the most.

Cash vs. Accrual Accounting

There are two main methods of accounting: cash accounting and accrual accounting. Normally if you have a small business you will use cash accounting, but if you have a larger business you should use accrual. Now you are probably wondering what is cash and accrual accounting? So I will explain the two.

Cash Accounting

Cash accounting is where you record the sales when cash is received, and record when cash is spent. Pretty straightforward. To do cash accounting you should always use an online accounting system or a standard notebook, to ensure that you are organized with the money being recorded.

Accrual Accounting

Accrual accounting on the other hand is where you record the revenue when the services or goods are delivered, regardless if cash was received. Also expenses are recognized as soon as the company receives the goods or services. 

In conclusion, cash accounting is the accounting method that is primarily used for small businesses, and accrual accounting is the method that is primarily used for large businesses.

My Favorite Product-Based Company

My favorite product-based company is Aritzia. Aritzia is a pretty large clothing company that sells a wide variety of clothing. They also sell a wide variety of in house brands such as TNA, Wilfred, and Sunday Best. Also the store sells some brands outside of the company such as Levi’s. The company itself is pretty large with eight four up-scale operated stores in North America, most of which are in Canada.

Aritzia was founded in 1984, by a man named Brian Hill, in Vancouver British Columbia. The company was a private company until October 2016. Also the company has an online site. I have been shopping from Aritzia for almost a year and a half now, and it has never disappointed me, and has been a very reliable place for me to buy more expensive and higher quality clothing, without too much hassle. Though I prefer to buy clothes from local businesses, Aritzia just carries a much wider variety, compared to most local stores in my area.

The reason why it is one of my favorite product-based company’s is because, it sells pretty high quality clothing, it has a wide variety which makes it easier to find what you want, and the employees of the Aritzia stores(at least to the ones I have been too), are friendly and very helpful. In conclusion Aritzia is my favorite product-based company.

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Harry Browne’s Five-Point Sales Process

Harry Browne’s book, The Secret of Selling Anything, is a book on sales and how to be successful with sales. The book itself covers many important and helpful points on sales. In this essay I will be discussing the book’s “five-point sales process.”

The Five-Point Sales Process

Point one: discover the prospect’s motivation.

To do this you have to talk to the potential customer, and ask questions like: “what are you looking for,” “what is your problem/issue,” etc. Also if you ask questions of this sort make sure to listen to the potential customer when he/she replies. Remember you have to keep your customer talking, agree with them, and rather relate to them to find out his/her’s motivation.

Point two: summarize the motivation.

After speaking, agreeing, and understanding the potential customer you now have to think about the person’s questions, to be prepared to give an answer. Summarize what he/she has told you to find the right product or service that the potential customer wants.

Point three: present your product or service

Now present the product or service that the customer wanted to see, to see if the customer wants it or not.

Point four: answer the prospect’s questions

When you have now found the answers to your customer’s questions.

Point five: close the sale

Now that you have found the ideal price, product, or service that the customer wants, then you make the deal, and if the customer agrees, that closes the sale.

In conclusion this is Harry Browne’s five-point sales process.

The Franchise Model vs. Going Independent and “Doing Your Own Thing”

The Franchise business model is where you own the store or restaurant but do not own the business. But an independent business is where you own the store or restaurant and own the business. In this business essay I will be comparing the franchise business model to the independent business model.

Like I wrote above a franchise business is where you own the store or restaurant but do not own the business. Some examples of franchise businesses are: Mcdonalds, Subway, and Burger King. Though all these examples are restaurant franchises there are many other kinds of franchises. Even though Franchises seem quite similar to an independent business it is actually pretty different. Franchises have less risk and rewards, which makes it less stressful, but less rewarding because you do not own the business. Also Franchises are usually well known and popular nationally or globally. For example most people around the world know what Mcdonalds is.

An Independent business on the other hand like I wrote above is where you own the store or restaurant, and you own the business unlike a franchise. Some examples of independent businesses are: your local deli, boutique clothing store, etc. An independent business has quite a bit of risk when it first opens up, but if it is successful it is quite rewarding because you own the business. You also have more worry especially when a franchise or another independent business starts up in your area. An independent business is usually well known in a town, city, or state or province(but this is not common).

In conclusion this is my comparison of the franchise business model and the independent business model.