Apple Pie: Is It Truly The Most American Dessert?

Apple Pie is a very well known and popular dessert in the United States. In this essay I will be writing about, Is Apple Pie Truly The Most American Dessert?

 Apple Pie, like most pies, has a flaky crust that is filled with a filling, in this case apples; sometimes people cook the apples before putting it in the crust, but most of the time the apples are put in the pie raw. Apple pie is sometimes served with ice cream or whipped cream. 

Why Do I Think This Is?

The reasons why I think Apple Pie is a very American dessert are: Apple pie is almost always served and eaten on American holidays such as Thanksgiving, and sometimes even during Christmas.

Another reason is the fact that it’s very popular in America. You can find Apple Pie, in grocery stores, bakeries, and even restaurants, so the dessert is pretty easy to come across in American.

Is This Accurate?

The answer to this question is yes and no. I think “yes” for the fact that Apple pie is very popular in America, and it is often served during holidays, and you can find the dessert almost everywhere.

 But I do think “no” also; the reason for this is because there are other American desserts that are more or just as popular and well known in the US, such as Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie.

Another reason why I think “no” is the fact that even though America has popularized the dessert, it’s exact origin is not from American. Apple pie was brought to America in the 17th and 18th centuries by European colonists.

 Apple pie was first created in the late 14th century in England. Most of the desserts in America today, originated from England or other European countries, but there are still some desserts that have American origin.

What Would I Choose As The Most American Dessert?

Even though Apple Pie is a very American dessert I still would not choose it as the most American. The two desserts that I think are the most American are, Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie.

Pumpkin pie probably is one of the most American desserts probably because of its origin, maybe even more so than Apple Pie. Pumpkin pie was created by the early American colonists in 1621. 

The first Pumpkin pie was made out of stewed pumpkin that was seasoned with spices, milk and honey, that was filled into a hollow pie crust(different than a pie crust today), and was baked in hot ashes. The first Pumpkin pie is pretty similar to Pumpkin pies today.

A dessert that may be even more American is Pecan pie. Pecan pie was created in the South of America, in 1898.

These two deserts are probably the most American by origin, but culturally speaking Apple pie, is probably the most American, because Apple pie has somewhat become a symbol of good fortune in America. Apple pie is more important culturally than historically.


In this essay I wrote about, Is Apple Pie Truly the Most American Dessert? I summarized the origin of the desert, how popular exactly it is in America, what desert(s) do I think is the most American, and finally what Apple pie means to America.

My Favorite Genres of Music

Almost everyone has some type of Genre that they like or prefer when it comes to music, this could either be Country, Rap, Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop, etc.

 In this essay I will be describing my favorite genres of music, R&B, Classical, and EDM; and my least favorite genres of music, Rap, Rock, and Heavy Metal.


R&B or Rhythm and Blues, is a pretty popular genre, it combines pop, soul, dunk, hip hop, and electronic music. There are quite a few sub genres in R&B, the sub genre I like specifically is contemporary R&B.

The reason why I like this genre is because a lot of the songs in this genre combine electrical music and lyrical singing together. The thing I dislike about this genre though is the fact that most of the popular songs in this genre are overplayed and popularized, which makes them get easily stuck in your head; this is why I never over play a single R&B song.


Classical music is a genre of music that is rooted in Western culture, it’s quite beautiful and can be pretty relaxing. Usually classical music is played by an Orchestra, sometimes an Opera singer, sings, but usually classical music is purely instrumental.

The reason why I like this genre is because it’s just beautiful, the instruments that are playing in a Classical piece are creating this peaceful and beautiful melody. If I am stressed I listen to Classical music.

 I do not dislike anything about this genre, except maybe when a Classical piece gets me relaxed to the point I fall asleep(it’s happened), that’s when Classical music gets annoying, to me.


EDM or electrical dance music, is a musical genre that uses electrical devices instead of instruments to play the music; EDM music is usually used as the back sound of a pop song, but there are still EDM songs that do not have a singer, singing.

I used to hate EDM, but over the years I began liking it, the reason why I like it now is because I like a good beat, something that’s catchy but not too catchy. EDM music is great if you have a party, it gets everyone at the party excited, and in the party mood. 

But I do still have things I dislike about the genre, the things I dislike about EDM are, EDM songs can sound the same, I have been noticing that newer EDM songs sound exactly or very similar in sound, which is annoying since songs should not sound exactly the same.

My Least Favorite Genres of Music

Most people have a favorite musical genre(s), but they also most likely dislike a few musical genres too. Like most people I have a few musical genres that I hate, cannot stand, or ever listen to unless forced to.

My least favorite genres of music are; Rap, Rock, and Heavy Metal ,all three of which I despise with a passion and avoid listening to as much as possible.

Rap: Rap music is a type of music that does not use lyrical lyrics, instead Rap uses rhyme or rhythmic speech; when a rapper raps it sounds a little like chanting. The whole concept of Rap is not bad at all, but the lyrics usually rapped, in a rap song most likely describe bad behaviour such as drug abuse and gang life.

 Rap is better than lyrical singing to spread messages because rapping is more clear and understandable than singing. And since a lot of Rap songs have bad themes and are easy to understand they can influence teens into thinking bad behaviour is “alright,” not all Rap music uses bad themes though.

The reason why I dislike Rap music is the fact that I don’t like the sound of Rapping; I also think most Rap songs are bad and “inappropriate.” Rap music has been getting worse and worse over the years thanks to this new thing called “Mumble Rap,” which is probably the worst form of Rap music ever created.

Rock: Rock is a very broad term of music, there are many different types of Rock music. Rock music uses instruments such as drums, electric guitars, and bass guitars, but different instruments can be used. Lyrical singing is common in Rock songs, but sometimes a Rock song has no singing at all. 

Rock music has been a genre of music I have disliked for almost my entire life. I can’t stand the way Rock singers sing, the way the instruments sound, and the loud noises that Rock music can cause. I personally hate almost all types of Rock, especially Heavy Metal and Punk Rock, except maybe some songs from Elvis or the Beatles.

Heavy Metal: Heavy Metal is a form of Rock music, it uses hard and noisy guitar sounds, and intense vocals. Heavy Metal can also be incredibly loud, even to the point of busting your ear drums. 

The reason why I had to include Heavy Metal in this list of musical genres even though I have included Rock music is because my hatred for this genre should be made into a separate category itself.

There are many reasons why I dislike Heavy Metal so much, but here are a few reasons why. The vocals in Heavy Metal do not sound good, the vocals sound like screaming or screeching, the way the instruments sound in Heavy Metal are too intense, and finally, Heavy Metal sounds like full on sound pollution, to me. As you can probably tell I hate Heavy Metal a lot. This opinion may change in the future, but I doubt it.


I started listening to Classical when I was very young, thanks to my parents; I grew up with it. The other genres I began listening to when I was twelve when I began discovering what music I liked.

My favorite genre out of these three, is Classical, no matter what day I am never tired of Classical music, even the same Classical piece sounds different each time I listen to it.

 My least favorite musical genre out of my favorites, probably is EDM, just because some of the new songs don’t sound very good.

My musical taste may change when I get older, but for now these three musical genres are my favorite, and these three musical genres are my least favorite.

A Bad Day And How I Handled It

In this essay I will be describing a bad day that I had about five months ago.

The Bad Day

The day started just badly, I woke up and accidently bumped into my sister, Nancy, when I was walking down the hall. Both of us were not in the best of moods, and she snapped at me(verbally), I of course defended myself, and then it took off. After our argument we didn’t speak to each other all morning, which made everything awkward and tense. To make matters worse when I was clearing the dishwasher I dropped a plate, and it broke, this angered my sister even more, and she snapped at me again about something to do with me being careless, which left me angry and hurt.

Later in the day my sister and I made up, and got along just fine, but another disaster struck. I  lost an earring. It was a stressful thirty minutes of searching all over my house(losing something is not a great feeling at all). Thankfully I found my earring, but the damage was still done to my mood, which affected my day. For the rest of the day I just felt super down and moody.

How I Handled It

Even though I felt awful about the whole situation, I still tried to handle it. I took plenty of deep breaths, especially when I was about to blow my fuse, I even made myself a mug of calming Lemon balm tea to ease my stress when things got stressful when I lost my earring. Even though I seemed to be not calm I tried my best to be, it was really difficult though; and at the end of the day I spoke to my Mom about it, talking to somebody about it really helped, and made me feel a lot better.


I learned a very important lesson from that day; I learned that even a bad situation is not the end of the world, and that there is most likely a solution to fix the situation or at least make it better, don’t give up.

My Homeschool

I am homeschooled. I have been homeschooled since kindergarten. In this essay I will be describing my homeschool life, how it looks, works, and why I like it the way it is.

Most of my schoolwork, I do on my computer, this includes essays and projects. The computer I use is a Lenovo Chromebook; and so far it works excellently. I usually wake up at seven thirty in the morning, when I wake up I drink a glass of water and start school. I do Math first, I usually finish math in an hour if I get the concept but if the concept is hard it may take me almost two hours to get finished. Secondly I do Science, it usually takes me forty five minutes to finish, but lately I have been watching lectures that have been up to one hour and thirty minutes long, right after Science I do History, the History lesson is often short in length, so I may finish history in fifteen minutes or less. English for me often has a reading and writing assignment after the lesson, usually it takes me an hour and thirty minutes to finish English. And finally Personal Finance and Business, both of these courses have reading assignments before or after the lecture, so combined it takes me about two hours to finish both lessons.

The reason why I like the way my homeschool works is because the lessons or lectures are not too long or stressful, also I can do each lesson at my own pace. Some days I may finish an hour to two hours early, if the lessons are short, which leaves me time to spend time with friends or ski, so really the length of my school is unpredictable, which can be great if I finish early, the opposite is a little devastating though. Overall I enjoy being homeschooled, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be.

My Three Favorite Parts From 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, written by Jules Verne(Jules Verne was one of the first authors to write in the genre of science fiction), and published in 1870.

The novel is about three men, Professor Aronnax, Counsiel, and Ned Land. These three men are on a journey to kill a “sea monster,” that has damaged and destroyed several ships.

 To find this “monster” the three men ride a ship called the Abraham Lincoln; When they do find this “monster” they discover that the monster is not really alive it actually is a type of ship called a submarine, this submarine is called the Nautilus.

The three men get captured by the submarine’s captain, Captain Nemo. The rest of the story is a tale about the adventures that these three men experience during their imprisonment.

In this essay I will be writing about my three favorite parts from this book: my favorite parts from this book are, the intro to the book(the first few chapters), the part when they journey to the South Pole, and the escape.

The Intro

The intro of the book introduced the main themes of the book, and got into the situation with the “monster” and the damage it was causing. Also this part of the book got into why Professor Aronnax received a letter from the Secretary of Maine, and why he decided to go and help them.

Professor Aronnax boarded a ship called the Abraham Lincoln, to hunt the “monster” with his two compainions. But the hunt comes to an end when they get captured.

The reason why I liked this part of the book was because it gave me a grasp on the story(even though I have read the book before).

The Journey to The South Pole

This part of the book was probably the most interesting and exciting part of the book in my opinion.

Captain Nemo decides to journey to the South Pole, which at the time has never been done; the journey is pretty long and dangerous.

 The most exciting part in this part of the book was when the Nautilus gets stuck in ice, to make matters worse, the ship slowly loses oxygen, which makes it nearly impossible to breath, before all was lost the Nautilus bores a hole through the ice so that the ship could collect some oxygen, this saves the characters but does not free them from the ice, they escape the ice by ramming the ship into the ice, breaking the ice into pieces.

The Escape

Ned Land had wanted to escape from the very start, but Professor Aronnax had not always wanted to, this was because he was somewhat a friend of Captain Nemo, but he wanted his freedom back too, so he was back and forth on the matter.

But, finally in the last few chapters of the book Aronnax consents to the idea of escape. Their plan of escape is to steal a small boat on the Nautilus.

Writing about the aftermath of the escape would spoil the story, so I will leave it a mystery that you will discover.


20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, was a pretty decent book in my opinion, even though some parts were pretty dull and boring(this may be because I have read the book more than once); even though I thought some parts were boring I still recommend reading the novel, it’s a classic Jules Verne novel, that’s well written, and has some pretty interesting parts.

This is my essay on my three favorite parts of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.


Swimming is my favorite sport, I also go to swimming competitions, so I take it pretty seriously. In this essay I will be writing about the competitive sport of swimming.

The Strokes

In swimming there are four strokes, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke. Freestyle is the fastest stroke out of all four, freestyle requires strong arms and a good steady kick. I am a long distance freestyler, I am pretty bad at short distance freestyle.

Backstroke is somewhat similar to freestyle except you swim backstroke on your back; good backstroke requires the same things as freestyle, but it is a slower stroke. I dislike backstroke for the most part, and when I do swim it I usually overthink it.

 Butterfly is probably the most difficult stroke to swim. Butterfly uses a completely different kick then freestyle and backstroke, the kick that is used in butterfly is dolphin kick; butterfly is the second fastest stroke. I am a butterflyer, its painful but I’m good at it.

Breaststroke is a pretty unique stroke, you look like a frog when you swim it, breastroke is probably the hardest stroke to master out of the four strokes, it’s also the slowest stroke. I used to be pretty good at breaststroke and even made it to provincials, but now I have become lazy with it since I focus on other strokes like freestyle and butterfly.

Equipment Used For Swimming

There are many different types of equipment used in swimming; these things are either things that are used in swim practices to improve the swimmer’s stroke or kick or used daily by swimmers.

These types of equipment are, swimsuits, race suits or tech suits, goggles, swim caps, kick boards, pull buoys, snorkels, flippers, and nose plugs.

Swimsuits for girls are like bathing suits except tighter and one piece, bikinis or two piece swimsuits are a big no in competitive swimming. For boys the suits are also tight, not like those baggy swim shorts that boys would wear at the beach.

Race suits or tech suits for girls are similar to swimsuits except for the fact that that they cover more of your body, the bottom half of the suit goes down to your knees, they are usually much more expensive than regular training swimsuits, and are much tighter, because more material is used and they are used for racing. Race suits for boys look the exact same as their training swimsuits, except they are tighter and more expensive.

Goggles are used to protect and cover the swimmers eyes, they look exactly the same as regular swim goggles except more round in shape.

Swim caps are usually provided by the swim team and are used to keep your keep your hair covered and protected.

Kick boards are not used at swim meets but instead at swim practices to help improve the swimmer’s kick, which is important for becoming faster and better at swimming.

Pull buoys are used for pulling. Pulling is a swim drill; you swim freestyle(usually), without using your legs, a pull buoy is what you put between your legs to prevent you from kicking during a pull set.

Snorkels are normally used when you go snorkeling at a beach, but they can be used for swim drills during a swim practice. Snorkels are used for arm strength usually since you can do more swim strokes with a snorkel. I can’t stand snorkels, I always end up choking on water, and I feel like I never get enough air.

Flippers are used to improve your kick like kickboards, flippers make your kick faster and more precise.

Nose plugs are optional for swimmers, some swimmers wear them in backstroke if they get water clogged in their nose, nose plugs are also used during a set that requires a snorkel.

 Competitive Swimming Terms

Competitive swimming has quite a few terms when it comes to racing or swim competitions, these terms are very important to understand if you are a competitive swimmer. These terms are DQ, PQT, IM, Relays, and Personal Bests.

A DQ is the disqualification in a swim race, a DQ is used when a swimmer makes an error such as false starting or a mistake in technique; if you get a DQ in a race it means that your time is automatically deleted off of the results because you made an error in the race. I have gotten three DQs in my life.

A PQT is the provincial qualifying time, getting a PQT in a race means that you can go to provincials for that race. I have made it to provincials once.

IM means individual medley, which is a type of race that requires all four strokes in this order, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. An IM race can be as short as 100 meters to as long as 400 meters. To be good at IM means you have to be decent in all four strokes.

Relays in swimming is like relays in running. In swim relays there are four people in each relay, usually relays are separated by gender, usually there is a boys relay and a girls relay, but sometimes there is a mixed relay where boys and girls can be in the same relay.

 There are two types of relays, medley relays and freestyle relays; in the medley relay each person in the relay swim one stroke that’s part of the medley. The order of the medley in a relay is different than the individual medley, instead of butterfly being the first stroke swam backstroke is, so the order is different.

 Freestyle relays are just like they sound, a relay where everyone just swims freestyle. Usually each person in the relay swims 50 meters, which adds up to 200 meters total after four people swim but sometimes relays can be up to 400 meters long, so each person in the relay swims 100 meters each.

If you get a personal best, that means that you just got a best time.


This is my essay on my favorite sport swimming.

My Best Friend And What We Enjoy Doing Together

I have many friends, which makes it difficult to label one of my friend’s as my “best friend” I like all of my friends pretty much equally, and it depends on the day. In this essay I will be talking about one of my closest friends’, Jamie.

Jamie and I met two years ago in the summer of 2018; when we first met we barely talked to each other, but over the next few weeks we soon became inseparable. We both realized that we liked the same things like, fashion, art, anime, and swimming.

And since then we have been having sleepovers and hangouts, even when I moved again to a different town.

There are many things we like doing together, but are favorites are, shopping, sleepovers, talking, and just having fun in general.

Usually when we shop together we go to the local vintage store in her area or some other local boutique, we usually don’t buy much, but we like observing what these stores have for clothing, another place we go to when we shop is the local plant shop in her area, we both have this obsession for cactuses, air plants, and succulents.

When we have sleepovers it’s usually at her house: we get sleeping bags, eat popcorn, and watch good movies.

Jamie and I both love serious and deep conversations like the bible and christianity and other more important topic, we usually avoid gossip, except maybe if somebody is annoying us, and we decide to talk about that, and sometimes we talk about school, usually we talk about school if we are struggling with a topic or get a good grade.

My friendship with Jamie is something that I am very grateful for, and I hope it lasts a lifetime.

The Furthest I Have Been From Home

Throughout my life I have moved, either to a different town or a different province completely; every time I moved it was a life gaining experience, I met new and different people and I got to see many amazing things when I moved.

 The furthest I have been from home was Japan.

I have been to Japan a total of three times. The first time I visited Japan was in 2009, I was only three years old, but I still remember a lot from the trip, which is surprising because I was only four.

 I went to Japan with my Mom and sister, who was only about one at the time. My Dad didn’t come since he was busy with work.

 The reason why we went to Japan was because my Mom wanted my sister and I to meet her relatives, most of which my sister and I had not met.

 The things I remember the most was wearing my very first kimono, which was a very uncomfortable experience, going to hot springs, and eating really good food.

 We visited Japan for a total of two months, which seems like a really long time, but staying in Japan for months at a time is the best way to experience the country.

The second time I visited Japan and was in 2010, this time we went because it was going to be second cousin’s wedding.

 I was four almost five and my sisters were three and one(yes I had another sister after the first trip to Japan).

 At the wedding I was a flower girl which was pretty scary for me, since there were a lot of people, watching me, but I managed to do it!

My favorite thing about the second trip was when one of my cousin’s from my Dad’s side came to visit us in Japan, the reason why I enjoyed it the most was because we took my cousin to a huge japanese castle, which we got to explore.

The third time, I went to Japan in early 2011, this time for my Uncle’s wedding.

My sister and I were ring bearers at the wedding, which was nerve racking but less so then the first time I got involved in a wedding, my sister was much more brave than I was, she walked down the wedding aisle like a queen.

My sisters and I got to wear these beautiful pink and white dresses(I still have that dress), we even got to wear gloves; my Mom wore a beautiful grey and white kimono.

 I enjoyed this wedding more than the first one I had been to, because it was an indoor wedding and I got to wear a custom made dress.

But are trip ended unexpectedly when Fukushima happened(Fukushima was a nuclear disaster caused by an earthquake and tsunami), it was a really scary situation.

 I still remember the ground shaking because of the many minor earthquakes that happened in my area of Japan, also the radiation was really bad! 

I still remember the exact moment the disaster happened; it was a really cold March day and I was watching Television, and all of a sudden the news came on, I didn’t really understand what was going on but I do remember noticing that my Mom’s and grandmother’s faces going pale.

My Mom acted right away and got us out of Japan only a few days after the disaster, which I am very grateful for. 

During the wait for our plane at the airport, another minor earthquake happened, everyone in the airport was super scared, but thankfully it was minor. We finally felt safe when are plane took off.

Since than my family and I have not been back to Japan, hopefully in 2021 we will visit Japan, since the radiation has died down.

My Favorite and Least Favorite School Subjects

My favorite and least favorite school subjects vary throughout the school year; some months I like a subject and the next I do not, so it really varies for me.

At the moment my favorite school subject is science. The reason why I like science over every other subject is because I like learning about new scientific facts, I always learn something new and interesting in science.

 Science isn’t my best subject though, and I could be better when it comes to it, but that hasn’t stopped me from not enjoying it.

The most recent and interesting thing I learned in science was astronomy: it was fascinating to learn about the universe and how it worked.

My least favorite subject at the moment is math. Math has been a school subject that I have disliked for some time now.

 I’m not horrible at it, I actually get a good grade in math, but it’s not very fun, especially geometry. 

The reason or reasons why I dislike math is because it deals with a lot of memorization and it gets harder and harder every year(I’ve accepted that fact). I also get really stressed out before math exams, which is never fun.

I hope I will improve on liking math more, since it is a very important and valuable subject.

My Favorite Hobby

I have many hobbies that I do, but my favorite out of these is baking. I first began baking on my own when I was ten years old, and it soon became something that I really loved and enjoyed.

When I first started baking I made mistakes, I used to over bake cakes, mix things improperly, and just did things wrong in general, but I got better over time, and I soon was baking many things without making mistakes.

 Before I knew it, my family and friends began asking me to bake birthday cakes or desserts for holidays or celebrations!

The worst mistake I made while baking was when I was making cream puffs. I misread the amount of water needed for the recipe, and I added too much water, which made the cream puff dough into a watery mess, which I had to throw out. It was pretty disappointing since I love cream puffs, but it taught me a valuable lesson: read the recipe properly, and reread it if needed.

My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies. The reason why I like baking these cookies the most is because they are not hard to bake or take too long, and they are just delicious! I like my chocolate chip cookies to be chewy but crispy on the edges.

 My least favorite thing to bake is, bread, bread making is a long and tiresome process which I don’t really enjoy.

Unfortunately, I became busy with other things once I got older, and I began baking less often; now I have restricted my baking till birthdays and holidays, since I have become very busy with school and sports.

  Hopefully I will become less busy and bake more often soon.