My Granny

My Granny, wise, gentle, and sweet,

Her kindness is one to remember forever,

She loves a good laugh, and a funny story,

I’m grateful she’s my granny.

Her fingers and hands are always in use, 

Never still and silent, but always on the move,

Her Laugh carries across the room,

I’m grateful she’s my granny.

The Tapestry Maker’s Sorrow

In the middle of the night, when all of Camelot was asleep, King Arthur heard a scream, at first he thought it was just his imagination, but he thought better of it. He rolled out of bed, grabbed a torch, and walked down the cold stone halls of the castle, he did not hear screaming but he did hear some groans. The noises led him to an entranceway covered by a thick and dense tapestry. He was positive the scream was from behind this tapestry, he lifted up the tapestry, and looked about. The room was small, and lit by a single torch, the room looked like the room of the royal tapestry maker, since the room contained a large loom, and a half made tapestry. Beside the loom sat the tapestry maker Bertha. She was an elderly woman, with wispy grey hair, frail and long fingers, and a thin and gaunt figure. She sat on a stool with her face inher hands, she looked like she had a great sorrow or some trouble indeed.

“You seem to be suffering from some great sorrow or trouble, Bertha. What is thy trouble?” inquired Arthur.

Bertha rather jumped, and had a great look of surprise on her face. “Oh your highness, I didn’t know thy were here. And thee trouble, well it is. Oh dear I am being a fool. My trouble is that I have run out of materials, for this unfinished tapestry, thee greatest one of all my tapestries. For the great Wizard Merlin.”

“I see Bertha. Why don’t you go to the shepherd down yonder on the hill and get some materials from him?” asked Arthur.

“Oh thy see, the material I need is no ordinary material, I was given the threads from Merlin himself and who knows the threads were probably spun from the sea itself, they are made of magic. But thy see he had not given thy enough of thee material, and thy has run out.” she said urgently.

“Then why don’t thee ask Merlin for more material? I believe he will be generous.” asked Arthur, he was getting rather desperate with ideas to help her.

“Oh, your highness. Thy cannot ask Merlin, he shall be spell me with something horrible if I don’t finish it, because Camelot depends upon this tapestry. These were his exact words!” exclaimed Bertha.

“Bertha, I have an idea. I will ask Merlin myself for the materials.” said Arthur, deciding that this was the best idea.

Bertha thanked Arthur nearly a thousand times, her gratitude was immense. After all of this Arthur left the room and returned to his bed, and went to sleep. The next morning. Arthur woke up and remembered his rather unusual night with the elderly woman, and wondered if it was all a dream. He got ready for the day and decided to see if he had been dreaming or not, so he looked for the room with the tapestry covering the entrance, but he could not find it. This was becoming quite strange; Arthur even inquired if there was a Tapestry maker, but everyone replied with a shake of their head. This was getting too confusing for Arthur so he decided to consult Merlin.

Merlin was one of the greatest wizards of all time, so he must know what was going on, so Arthur hurriedly went to Merlin’s cottage. Merlin was home, and gladly listened to Arthur’s story of the strange old lady named Bertha, and the tapestry. 

“Arthur, that is a strange vision indeed. But I believe it is a perfectly harmless one, since Camelot did have a tapestry maker named Bertha, about one hundred years ago, thy must have had a vision from the past, since Bertha did have a problem of the sort, poor thing, but she did actually complete the tapestry. It’s quite magnificent, I will show you.” concluded Merlin.

Merlin led Arthur to a large chest, he opened it and took out a stunning tapestry, which had images of the life of Merlin and the history of Camelot.

“ It took her a very long time to finish it, a great toil, but she did it. And no Arthur it is not made out of thread from the sea.” Said Merlin with a smile, he put back the tapestry back into its chest.

The End


Macbeth is a play by Shakespear, it is a very tragic and gloomy tale of a man named Macbeth who hears a prophecy that he will become King of Scotland after the King at the moment dies. But he becomes impatient and even murders the King. After he is haunted by his guilt.

The beginning of the play, three witches discover a prophecy that Macbeth will become king of Scotland, they tell Macbeth after he returned from battle, this makes him think very highly for himself. He becomes impatient since the King of Scotland at the time is very much alive and still ruling. 

Macbeth’s impatient wins out and he murders the King while he is sleeping, he then blames the perfectly innocent jail guards who had nothing to do with it, the people believe him since he had used a jail guards knife, this is a very bad and wrong decision, first of all it’s terrible to murder someone, but it is even worst to blame someone else when you commited a crime such as murder .

He is then crowned King and holds a large banquet in his honour, he kills many people you he thinks is a threat to his throne including his friends! Quite evil.

The feast does not end so joyfully for Macbeth, one of his friend’s ghost appears, since Macbeth is the only person that can see the ghost, everyone’s reaction was very surprised when Macbeth seemed ill, the party ended early.

The longer Macbeth rules the more evil and wrong decisions he makes, this threatens the welfare of Scotland, because of this he sees the witches again, they cast a spell that tell Macbeth of his fall.

After this, Macbeth is defeated by a good man named Macduff, Macbeth is even killed which frees Scotland from his horrible reign.

This clearly shows that being evil never pays off, and that you will lose eventually if you do bad things, power can blind people, and that not everyone should become King.

Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespear, is the tale of a man with two daughters, Katherine and Bianca. The story is about a father trying to get a husband for his oldest hot tempered and not so kind daughter Katherine who has scared off many suitors, she is the shrew of the story. This is troublesome for the younger, sweet and kind daughter Bianca, since she has to wait to be married until her older sister is married, because the oldest daughter must marry first .

The story is very funny, containing many comedic details, and funny moments, especially when Katherine is dealing with a man named Petruchio, who has been set up to marry Katherine, this forces him to try to “tame” Katherine by psychologically torturing her in her own ways.

Because of this they fight a lot, and it’s pretty entertaining.

Here are some quotes from the first fight between Katherine and Petruchio when they first meet.

PETRUCHIO. Good morrow, Kate- for that’s your name, I hear.

KATHERINE. Well have you heard, but something hard of hearing: They call me Katherine that do talk of me.

PETRUCHIO. You lie, in faith, for you are call’d plain Kate, And bonny Kate, and sometimes Kate the curst; But, Kate, the prettiest Kate in Christendom, Kate of Kate Hall, my super-dainty Kate, For dainties are all Kates, and therefore, Kate, Take this of me, Kate of my consolation- Hearing thy mildness prais’d in every town, Thy virtues spoke of, and thy beauty sounded, Yet not so deeply as to thee belongs, Myself am mov’d to woo thee for my wife.

KATHERINE. Mov’d! in good time! Let him that mov’d you hither Remove you hence. I knew you at the first You were a moveable.

PETRUCHIO. Why, what’s a moveable?

KATHERINE. A join’d-stool.

PETRUCHIO. Thou hast hit it. Come, sit on me. 

KATHERINE. Asses are made to bear, and so are you. 

PETRUCHIO. Women are made to bear, and so are you.

 KATHERINE. No such jade as you, if me you mean.

 PETRUCHIO. Alas, good Kate, I will not burden thee!

This fight goes on for awhile, she strikes him physically a few times, and it’s pretty funny and stupid.

During the time while Katherine is being ‘tamed’ her little sister Bianca gets married to a man that has been her suitor for a long time, without her father’s permission, which causes a little scandal, but everything turns out to be fine in the end, for Katherine the shrew’ is now tamed.

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, has many bright and entertaining characters which share different personalities. This essay I will be comparing and contrasting the characters Tom, Huck Finn, and Aunt Polly.


The main character of this book, is a funny twelve year old boy who is very curious, mischievous, dramatic,  and superstitious; he is also very manipulative, and even gets his friends to do his chores for him. He gets into trouble throughout the book but the book would not be entertaining if he didn’t. Even with all of his faults he can be a rather sweet and nice boy, who is still learning and figuring out life.

Huck Finn

Huck is one of Tom’s good friends, he is the son of the town drunkard. Because of his background he is a very wild, rough, and fun boy to be around even though most of the parents in the town have forbidden their children to spend time with him. Huck doesn’t seem to care of his not “so good reputation” with the parents since a lot of the children want to spend time with him thanks to his reputation of being “not a great kid”. He likes getting into a fight or two.

Aunt Polly

Aunt Polly is Tom’s Aunt. She is a compassionate woman, who threatens to beat Tom whenever he gets into trouble but usually can’t bring herself to do it, when she does though she really regrets it after doing it.


Aunt Polly is much different from Tom and Huck, because she is not a young boy, who likes fighting, pretending to be a pirate, and treasure hunting all of these Tom and Huck both love doing.

But she does share one thing in common she is pretty superstitious and jumps to conclusions pretty quickly, but other then that she is much different a character then Tom and Huck who both have a lot in common.

Something I Did This Week

This week was a pretty busy, one since I went to a potluck Party for swimming on Wednesday, which was fun.

There was a lot of school for me that day, so it was a bit rushed to get ready for the party, but it was doable.

The drive to the party felt long thanks to the excitement. The party was very fun, I hung out with my friends and teammates, there were speeches from my coaches , and most of all, it was nice to see my team together and having a good time.

That was the most exciting thing I did this week, the other things I did was go to work, which is always good and I enjoy working, shopping for ski gear with my family, going to swim practice which was hard but fun, and celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.

My week overall was pretty good and normal except for the party and Thanksgiving.

My Little Sister

I am the oldest of five kids, I will be talking about my oldest sister Nancy Isabelle.

She was born on June, 7th 2007, four months before my second birthday. The first year after her birth I didn’t like being an older sister, I probably was jealous because I wasn’t getting all the attention anymore, but after a little bit I warmed up to her. Soon enough we became best friends and started doing almost everything together.

Nancy is very mature for her age, she is a good and encouraging leader when it comes to dealing with kids who are younger than her, this makes her a very good communicator with younger kids. Example say if she was talking to a three year old that has just started talking, she has no trouble understanding them, even if their speech ability is very hard to understand.

Because of her maturity I have no problem talking to her like she is the same age as me, and she is a good listener. 

We tell each other almost everything, and try not to keep secrets from each other, even when it’s hard.

Nancy is an inch taller than me; she has straight, long dark brown hair which she always puts up into a ponytail or braid. She has a lot of freckles, even more than me, and has a dimple by her mouth when she smiles. People often mix us up, and think we are twins which annoys both of us.

 She is a great athlete, and loves sports, especially skiing and swimming.

We have a lot in common, we both love chocolate, sour gummies, nail polish, and crop tops, but we have a lot not in common, she like very long hair and I don’t, I like butterfly but she likes breaststroke, and I love pink but she likes purple, so we have are differences in taste.

One of our favorite things to do together is swimming, we swim four times a week together with are team, we both support each other when we have a swim goal, and we even race each other.

My little sister Nancy is an amazing person in my life I don’t know what I would do without her.

Author’s World Views From the Books The Lion of the North and Little Men

Most books usually give an insight into the authors worldviews or beliefs, through their characters, and their characters actions and beliefs.

The Lion of the North, by G.A Henty is about the thirty years war, which is a war between the Catholics and Protestants. The main character in this book, Malcolm is on the side of the Protestants. This gives a small insight of the fact that G.A Henty himself was a Protestant and Christan, this means that he believes that God is real, that God has created the universe. This belief is known as Theism, so, this means that one of Henty’s world views is Theism. 

This book shows a little bit of the worldview Rationalism. The reason why I think this is because the characters in the book think reasonably and logically, and don’t use emotion to lead their actions. Rationalism is the belief that opinions and actions should be based on logic, reason, and knowledge, instead of religious or emotional belief. So I think G.A Henty is also somewhat of a Rational thinker.

In Conclusion I think that G.A Henty’s worldviews are Theism and Rationalism.

Little Men, by Lousia May Alcott, is the second book of the Little Women series, and is about Jo (who is one of the sisters in Little Women), and her husband, together they are running a special school, the children at this school are taught to be kind, accepting, and treat each other as equals, Jo and her husband believe that everyone has some good in them or that everyone is born naturally good. This belief is known as Transcendentalism. Alcott was most likely a Transcendentalism.

Another worldview that I saw in this book was Theism, the children in the story prayed each night to God and went to church, they were also taught not to lie or steal since it is a sin and wrong.

In Conclusion, I believe that Lousia May Alcott’s worldviews are Transcendentalism and Theism.

Lydia Smith

One cold and rainy spring day, the fog loomed over Plumfield quite thickly blocking much of the view. The children stared out of the foggy windows boredly since they are unable to go outside, and being indoors all day can become rather dull. Mrs. Bhaer noticed the misery of the children and decided to cheer them up.

“Well my dears; I have some exciting news for you all. Mr. Bhaer and I have just learned that we will be having another student.” 

The reaction of the children was quite enjoyable and sweet.

“Really! Is the new student a he or she?” inquired Daisy, who liked the idea of having another playmate who was a girl since the majority of the school were boys, except for two girls one who was a complete tomboy and the other to young.

“How old is this new student? I hope it’s a boy!” said Tommy eagerly.

After a few minutes of the children’s questions, Mrs. Bhaer spoke.

“She is a girl of fourteen, older I know; her name is Lydia Smith. Her parents have decided to send her here, so she can have a little more fun and laughter in her life. She is from England and went to a very strict and dull boarding school in London which has left her quite moody and miserable. She is staying here at Plumfield for an entire year to have a little fun, enjoyment, and to learn in peace without to much stress. Please be kind to her.” 

This left quite an uproar again.

“When is she coming?” asked Nan.

“Does she like books and learning?” softly asked Demi.

“Dears please calm down. Well, she is coming tonight Mr. Bhaer is picking her up at the station, Nan, and I think she probably might, Demi.”

Mrs. Bhaer answered.

After there was a great deal of whispering, everyone wondered who this new mysterious girl from England was like, was, she nice or nasty, Mrs. Bhaer has said she was miserable and moody. Did she like younger children, would she be kind to them?

Lydia Smith miserably sat on the bench, her shoes and jacket were wet; she felt miserable and cold. She rubbed her thin elegant fingers together to warm them up, her leather gloves were not

helping one little bit. She was a small girl, small in stature, she had wavy whitish blond hair, and pale white skin which was pink from the cold, with milky grey eyes. She wore expensive clothing which did not suit her at all, they rather sagged on her.

Finally she saw the carriage. She grabbed her trunk and walked toward the carriage. The man sitting in the carriage had a kind and caring face that seemed to warm you up even though you were freezing cold. 

“Hullo. You must be Lydia.” He said kindly which warmed Lydia a tinge bit more, she had always been suspicious of strangers.

Back home at Plumfield the atmosphere of the children was even more anxious and excited; when they saw the carriage drive up the drive, they nearly leapt up with a blast of relief from the anxiety. The anxiety in the atmosphere was so bad the Nan said she had clutched her hands so hard that her hands were blue.

The house was nice, decided Lydia, much nicer than the boarding school that she had gone to for the last five years of her life; Mr. Bhaer was also very nice much kinder than the people at her boarding school. Lydia decided that she would like this place. She nervously walked through the door. The inside was even nicer than the outside, it wasn’t fancy and lavish, it was quite plain and simple but full of kindness and love, as if the house was giving you a warm embrace.

As Lydia was taking everything in, she heard the bounds of feet and saw a bunch of joyous happy young children run toward her. It was overwhelming since she had never seen such happy children, even her noisy siblings weren’t that happy. A kind gentle woman came down the stairs, after the children, she looked like the kind of person you could trust, someone that could understand you, and talk to. Lydia decided that she liked Mrs. Bhaer also.

“My dear, you are welcome to Plumfield.” said Mrs. Bhaer as she put her arm around her skinny shoulder, and introduced her to all the children. Lydia had never felt so much kindness, she was grateful for her mother’s decision now, she would be happy here.

The year that Lydia stayed at Plumfield truly changed her. She now laughed more often, she began to have color on her cheeks, she just glowed with happiness. She began to enjoy helping the other children in school, and had a close bond to Demi who just adored her. She became close friends with Nan and Daisy who treated her like an elder sister.

But the year went by to fast and Lydia soon had to leave Plumfield. She was saddened but ready for her English boarding school. The children were very sad since they would miss her a great deal. But felt reassured when she promised to write them letters once a month or whenever she could, they promised her that they would never forget her and write her letters whenever the could.

When she left she did not shed a single tear but instead waved farewell.

The End