My Best Friend And What We Enjoy Doing Together

I have many friends, which makes it difficult to label one of my friend’s as my “best friend” I like all of my friends pretty much equally, and it depends on the day. In this essay I will be talking about one of my closest friends’, Jamie. Jamie and I met two years ago inContinue reading “My Best Friend And What We Enjoy Doing Together”

My Favorite and Least Favorite School Subjects

My favorite and least favorite school subjects vary throughout the school year; some months I like a subject and the next I do not, so it really varies for me. At the moment my favorite school subject is science. The reason why I like science over every other subject is because I like learning aboutContinue reading “My Favorite and Least Favorite School Subjects”

The Odyssey Summary Summary Books 9-12

The Odyssey by Homer is an epic poem about the adventures of Ulysses, during the Trojan war and his long journey back home, which ends up taking ten years. I am summarizing books nine through twelve. Book 9 After the Trojian war, Ulysses and his crew journey back home. They reach Cicons, but are horrifiedContinue reading “The Odyssey Summary Summary Books 9-12”