Which Dream in Looking Backward, Seemed More Realistic: When He Woke up in 1887 or 2000?

Early this week I finished the book: Looking Backward, by Edward Bellamy. The book itself is about a man named Julian West who lives in the year 1887. West falls asleep one day and is awoken in the year 2000, he has slept for over a hundred years. The rest of the novel is about him learning about this completely different society which happens to be a perfect socialist society. Near the end of the book West awakes back in the year 1887, which makes him realize that all of his time in the year 2000 was a dream. But then he realizes that his return to the year 1887 was a dream, and he is then awoken in the year 2000. Now the most realistic dream out of the two: West’s return to 1887, or when he was awake in the year 2000? Now as a sane person I would have to say that the dream of him returning back to the year 1887, was far more realistic than the other one, and here’s why.

Well first off, West’s new “life” in the year 2000, is like a dream. This is because everything about the way the year 2000 is depicted in the book, is a complete and utter fantasy or dream, completely unrealistic. So it would be completely understandable if West was dreaming about the year 2000, and would just wake up. But it was not a dream, and West’s return to the year 1887 was a dream. Everything about the way the year 1887 was depicted in the book made sense, even the dream, it was pretty accurate to how the year 1887 was like.

Another reason why his return to 1887, dream was more realistic is the fact that the dream itself felt really real, and West couldn’t identify it as a dream. Usually you can tell if you are dreaming or not, dream’s usually never feel that real, at least for me. But the year 2000 is very much like a dream far more so than the 1887 dream. These are the reasons why I believe that waking up in the year 1887, dream was far more realistic than the main character waking up in the year 2000.


Reading, Looking Backward, has been a pretty interesting ride. It has sincerely tested my understanding on how illogical a person’s imagination could be, or how absurd a book could be. But nevertheless this novel is a Utopian novel, which “technically” explains why the novel does not make too much sense.

What is the Least Believable Aspect of the Novel, Looking Backward, so Far?

During this past week I have been reading the Utopian novel, Looking Backward, written by Edward Bellamy. The novel is an outlandish tale about a man named Julian West who lives in the year 1887. West somehow manages to sleep for over a hundred years until he is awoken in the year 2000. There West realizes that he has awoken in a completely different society than 1887. In this essay I will write about the least believable aspect of this novel in my opinion.

Personally, there are multiple things about this novel that are not believable whatsoever, but this novel is a complete Utopian fantasy afterall. So I will be writing about two aspects that I find the least believable in this novel. The first least believable aspect of this novel that makes my brain whirl with confusion is the fact that the main character, West slept for over a hundred years.

Now as someone who has somewhat of an understanding of science: how on earth did the author decide that the main character would be able to sleep for over a hundred years without aging whatsoever or dying from old age, without thinking of how confusing that is? Now, now I do understand that this novel is utopian and a fantasy, but still, why? Personally if I was the author I would involve some sort of time machine, etc. But I am not the author, and that is off the point.

The second least believable aspect of this novel is the fact that none of the other characters were shocked or bewildered by the fact that West had slept for over a hundred years, which is really unrealistic, and unexciting. Now if this sort of situation happened in real life people would be horrified, and consider West mad or crazy. But this novel is very unrealistic so this calm response is probably expected.

In conclusion these are the two least believable aspects of the novel: Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy, in my opinion.


Writing this essay I avoided the temptation of ranting about how confusing and overall terrible this novel is. But I decided to add a little note about this novel, at the end of the page. The novel itself lacks a normal plot, there is absolutely no excitement or a rising action, and though I have not reached the climax yet, I doubt it shall not be anything special. Also the characters are dull, dry, and overall uninteresting. I shall conclude here though because I want to avoid going to hard on the criticism, but I do have to say that I dislike this novel very much, but that is my opinion, and who knows maybe if you read it you will like it very much.


Why a Blog With Lots of Content Will Help Me Get My First Full-Time Job After College?

Creating a blog or multiple blogs is a very helpful and meaningful way to spend your extra time, instead of wasting it. Also having a blog or blogs is a great way to look back on when you are older. In this essay I will be explaining why a blog with lots of content will help me get my first full-time job after College.

Blogging is a fun and enjoyable way to improve your writing. For example because you have a blog and post written content regularly you have to make sure that your writing is at top notch because anyone can now read your writing. From my experience whenever I read through all my blog posts, oldest to most recent, I notice a pretty significant change in my writing skills and style. Now if I were to get a job that is related to writing, I would just send my future employer a link to my site, so that he/she can scroll through my posts and see that I am capable of the position.

Having a blog is a way to have proof of your achievements, and if you show that “proof” to a future employer, then that future employer has a reason to hire me, after they discover I am capable of the job. 

Another way that having a blog with lots of content will help me get more first full-time jobs after college is that my blog shows my future employer that I get things done, and that I am diligent. The reason why my blog shows those two things is because my blog contains my weekly essays, which hence prove that I am diligent with my writing and that I get my writing assignments done. An employer likes a hardworking, diligent, responsible, and “getting things done” sort of employee.

In conclusion, this is how a blog with lots of content will help me get my first full-time job after college.

Should Celebrities who Break the Law Face Stricter Penalties?

Say one day you are scrolling through the news and notice a headline about a celebrity getting caught committing a crime, and going to court for it. Maybe you think that that celebrity should face a stricter penalty than an average person because that celebrity is an influence. But should a celebrity actually face a stricter penalty if they break the law? 

Towards the side that thinks that a celebrity who breaks the law should face a stricter penalty, you have a point because celebrities are an influence, people know who they are, and they are rather talked about. Who knows maybe someone you know is obsessed with a certain celebrity? So because a celebrity is an influence, maybe they should behave properly and show the best examples to their fans; and when that celebrity gets into trouble for something they are showing a bad example to a lot of people.

Now towards the people who believe that celebrities should get equal penalties just like everyone else if they commit a crime, you have a point also. Celebrities are people like you and me, they are far from perfect and rather flawed. Like people, celebrities can break the law and commit crimes, because they are people! So on that note, maybe celebrities should get equal treatment as everyone else even though they are an influence, because they are people just like you and me, and legally they are equal.

So to deal with this issue you should remember two things, celebrities are people like you and me, but they are more of an influence than you and me, because they are famous. So logically celebrities should be treated equal by law, and they should not face stricter penalties than the average person, but they should definitely not face easier penalties than anyone else. So celebrities should not face stricter penalties if they break the law.

Is Homeschooling Beneficial for Students?

Many parents wonder if homeschooling is the right or wrong educational route for their child, especially if their child is struggling in public school. Many parents will hesitate because they are uncertain of the fact that homeschooling is beneficial for their child. But I assure you homeschooling is highly beneficial for the student, and here’s why.

In public school education you have to keep up with teachers and study from a textbook, but with homeschooling you can learn at your own pace and learn from all sorts of sources, including online schooling, which means that you don’t necessarily have to buy textbooks, you can just use an online course. Also homeschooling teaches the student how to become self independent and reliable because their education is now their and their parents responsibility.

A homeschool student has far less distractions than one who goes to public school, and a lot more freedom to learn things outside of the standard public school curriculum. You can never really fall behind in school because homeschooling is about learning at your own pace, not at the pace that “everyone” is supposed to be at. 

In an average public school, school lasts for around 6-7 hours, not including homework, which leaves the student without time to do their hobbies or extracurricular activities, but with homeschooling you can compress your school to about 3-4 hours(this is how long my school usually takes), which leaves you time to do other things.

In conclusion, homeschooling is far more beneficial to a student than public school. Homeschooling teaches a student a wide variety of life skills that will be useful for the students lifetime such as responsibility and discipline, these skills public schools do not teach. So yes homeschooling is beneficial for the student.

Does True Loyalty Require Unconditional Support?

Loyalty is very important in many aspects, such as family, friendships, and relationships in general, because without it, it would be impossible to have trust in any relationship, which causes disaster and problems. An important aspect of loyalty is support. Without support it would be pretty difficult to become motivated to do what you want to do, if people don’t support you. In this essay I will be answering the question: does true loyalty require unconditional support?

Support is very important in loyalty. If you are a loyal friend for example you should support your friend as much as possible, right? Also your friend should support you too, if he/she is loyal to you, and wants the best for you, like a good friend should.

But there are lines. I personally believe that most people have a moral “line.” A moral line is basically your limit, in anything. So another aspect of being a loyal friend is by being honest and letting your friend know that what they want to do or what they have done is wrong, even though how much it may hurt them by you saying so.

So sometimes you cannot support your friend no matter how loyal you are to them, because what your friend wants to do or has done is unacceptable to you. This does not mean you are a bad friend, you just want to be honest to your friend.

 So personally I believe that true loyalty does require unconditional support, until it passes your moral “line.” Because you have to be loyal to what you believe, or your morals. This is my answer and opinion to the question: does true loyalty require unconditional support?

Are There Some Heroes That Will Be Remembered Forever? Or all Heroes Doomed to be Forgotten One Day?

Throughout history, there has been a wide variety of heroes or galient and brave people, who have left an impact on their country or the world in some positive way. But will these heroes be remembered forever? Or will they fade away and eventually be forgotten one day?

To begin with the world is a large place with many countries, and each country has had or has some sort of hero. Also because there are many countries, there are many people who have different opinions on who a hero is.

 For example during World War 2, there were many people who considered Hitler a hero, but there were also many other people who considered Hitler a villain. So who is a hero depends on the person’s opinion.

Getting back on point there are many heroes that are remembered today, such as George Washington, Joan of Arc, Jesus Christ, and Martin Luther King(these heroes are listed in a random order). But there are also many heroes that are rather forgotten, such as William Tell and David(from the bible). 

So yes I believe that some heroes can be forgotten, over time. But I am not exactly sure if some heros can be remembered forever because I cannot predict the future, but I do have a hunch that certain heroes, who have impacted the world and their country so much will be remembered for a very long time. I cannot say forever though, because the world is changing and so are people’s opinions.

So in conclusion I believe that certain heroes will be forgotten over time, especially the ones that are rather unknown to a majority of people today. But I also believe that there are certain heroes that will be remembered for many more years..

Is Having Too Many Choices a Problem?

In a person’s life they have to make choices in their life, some of these choices are very easy to make but some are very difficult. Also the older and more mature you become the more choices you have to make. But is having too many choices a problem or a negative thing? 

During my early childhood I didn’t have that many choices. My parents chose everything for me, because I was incapable and far too young to deal with choices on my own. But the older I became the more choices I had and the more I could handle them on my own. My parents now have enough trust in me that I can make the better choice.

The main reason why my parents did not let me have many choices when I was a small child was because young children should not have many choices in life, but instead gain more choices the older they become. This is for good reason because I have found that children with more choices are usually much more spoiled and troublesome.

So personally I believe that children should not have many choices because too many choices will create a spoiled child, which in turn will create a problematic adult. But I also believe that this does not go for adults. 

Because adults are older, more mature, and have more life experience they should be able to make their own choices, and know what choices are bad and what are good. Because an adult has a better understanding of the consequences of bad choices, than a child does.

 Adults also have more experience in making choices because the life of an adult is full of choices that have to be made. For example, choosing what restaurant to eat at, or deciding what car to buy, are some examples of the choices that adults make regularly.

So personally I believe that having too many choices as a young child is problematic, but as an adult having many choices is part of life, and important, because those choices shape your adult life. 

In conclusion I believe that having choices is a life experience thing: the older and more mature you become the more choices you make, and the younger you are the less choices you make. Also I believe that the choices you make are a large part of who you are, they rather define you. So do your best when it comes to making choices, there may be consequences with the choices you make.

Chapter 15

“Where here.” said Bertha softly, as we all stared at the cemetery.

“Yes we are.” said Henry, taking a deep breath.

I nodded. With all that had happened, especially the events yesterday, it was finally time to pay respects to Ralph’s grave, to finally move on. I took Henry’s and Bertha’s hands and led them on. It was easy to find Ralph’s grave, it was still quite new and shiny, having the appearance of being recently placed there, it also had a large bouquet of flowers laid in front of it, thanks to my parent’s recent visit.

We stopped and looked at the grave, and thought of how it would be if circumstances were different, but today’s visit was not about gloating the past, it was about moving on. “Well we better begin.” I suggested, because the plan was to announce our life plans above Ralph’s grave.

Everyone else nodded in agreement. “Can I please start first?” asked Bertha quietly.

“Of course.” said Henry, kindly.

“Thank you. Well I have some pretty big news, something that will affect us all. I received a letter from my deceased mother’s sister, my Aunt Gloria.” Bertha stopped taking a deep breath, Henry and I remained quiet waiting for her to continue.

 “She lives in Los Angeles, and manages a busy boarding house there. And I should get to the point, she wants me to come live with her.” exclaimed Bertha, hurriedly, she looked nervous.

“Are you both furious?” she asked worriedly.

“Of course not Bertha! I am happy for you!” I exclaimed as I hugged her. “I am also happy for you!” exclaimed Henry.

“Thank goodness but…” said Bertha, still surprised by her reaction to her news.

“There is nothing to “but” about, Bertha. California would be a lovely change for you and at one point you have to leave the Monroe household, it would be a pity if you worked for us all your life.” I reassured her.

“I agree with Shirley, it would be rather sad for you to work at the same place all your life, you deserve a break. Besides finding someone to replace you will not be difficult nor a hassle.” also reassured Henry.

“Henry and I have no hard feeling against you for resigning and leaving. We will just miss you.” I said trying to reassure her even more.

“Thank you both. I will miss you both very much. But I am not leaving anytime soon, actually in six months.” replied Bertha, after she carefully considered what we had told her.

“We figured that too, traveling across the country is not a simple task.” said Henry. “That reminds me that I have something to announce also.” announced Henry, clearing his voice.

“I also received a letter but not from an Aunt but instead from grandfather. One of my grandfather’s close friend’s wants me to take an internship from him, starting from the summer. The friend is a skilled lawyer, and wants somebody to mentor before he retires. Which means a future career option.” said Henry, slowly.

“My, that is an opportunity, which you should definitely consider.” I said excitedly, Bertha nodded in agreement.

“I have considered it and I am probably going to accept.” replied Henry with a smile.

“That is wonderful Mr. Henry! I hope for your success.” said Bertha sweetly.

“Thank you Bertha and Shirley. It is good for me to start somewhere, I was rather lost for the last two years. And this internship will most likely give me an opportunity to meet other successful people.” replied Henry, he really did seem happy with the opportunity which was wonderful.

“Yes, Henry, and plenty of social events to attend.” I teased, knowing he hated them.

“Unfortunately yes, but that’s how you meet people in our grandparent’s world.” he sighed. “Well Shirley do you have anything to share?” he asked, curiously.

“Not really. I am going to College, to become an educated young lady, but other than that I am not very sure. Most likely I will be staying at home for a little bit, I am not yet seventeen, afterall.” I replied, realizing that I had a little bit before any major life change would occur to me.

“That sounds like a good plan, besides Bertha and I will still be around for a little while.” said Henry kindly.

“Yes..” I agreed.

“We ought to go home now.” said Henry as he gestured for us to go. Bertha and I nodded as we followed him, out of the cemetery. I felt revived, and ready to see the future, I had truly moved on, and could not wait for what was next. Life was beautiful and ugly at times, but I was ready for it, and so was Bertha and Henry. Now the only thing to do was to live it.

The End

Chapter 14

May 1st 1917

“We are sorry for your loss, Shirley.” said some of my friends from school.

“Thank you.” I replied, something I had been saying all day, as I watched them walk down the church steps. Today had been Ralph’s funeral, more like a memorial, he had died on a European battlefield, afterall.

I stared sadly towards the cemetery. A place that Ralph should have been buried, but at old age, not at twenty-one. I felt a tear trip down my face so I quickly looked down at gloved hands, I didn’t want anyone to see this. I needed to be strong now that my parents seemed so weak and vulnerable.

“Shirley I found you!” exclaimed Bertha, who had just exited from the church.

“Oh, Bertha.” I said as I looked at her. She was dressed in plain black like everyone else who had attended the funeral, but for some reason she always managed to glow, even during the worst of times.

“How are you feeling?” she asked with concern as we sat together on the steps.

“I am feeling alright. Funerals are rather depressing, all the black. I most likely sound awful.” I said bitterly.

“You don’t sound awful. I rather agree. Let’s go for a walk in Central Park, before we go home.” suggested Bertha. I nodded, that would be nice I thought………… Really nice actually.


What had I done? I thought as I stared up at the ceiling. Bertha raised me almost, she watched over me when my parents couldn’t, she practically was my sister, and now I had ruined it thanks to my pride. I felt disgusted in myself, no wonder Henry was disappointed.

I wanted to make things right again, but it may be too late now, it had been a few days after our fight. But I needed to try. There it was again, my pride, I thought as I washed off thoughts telling me not to make up for what I had done went through my mind.

Quickly I jumped out of bed and got dressed, I needed to hurry before I would change my mind and think too much about what I had to do. I had to do it and that was final. Even though it may not work and Bertha and my friendship may be gone forever, at least I tried to restore it.

After an uncomfortable breakfast with Henry and my father(who had strangely decided to eat with us), I went upstairs where I found Bertha in her bedroom. I felt stuck. I didn’t know what to say, I felt so prepared earlier but now I couldn’t do it, so I turned around and headed downstairs. By then I realized how foolish I was. I now had to wait for another opportunity to speak to Bertha, privately.  Thankfully Bertha did not seem to be too busy today, so soon enough I found another opportunity to speak to Bertha. This time instead of letting my pride get the better of me, I bluntly began to speak to Bertha.

“Good morning Bertha.” I said rather quietly, it was rather uncomfortable.

“Morning to you Miss. Shirley.” she replied rather cooly. This was going rather poorly, I usually was good with words but today they were failing me.

“Well.. Um.. It’s a pleasant day.” I said awkwardly, which made me want to shake myself.

“It is.” she replied, confused.

“Alright, I have been needing to say this for a little bit.. I am sorry Bertha.” I said awkwardly, but at least I had got it out. “And I apologize for being rather harsh and cruel a few days ago, I was neither considerate nor kind. I’m sorry.” 

Bertha just looked at me, thinking a little, which made me more anticipated. Finally she spoke. “What you said to me was cruel but true. I should have told you, and so should Ralph, but I was scared, I didn’t want your parents to find out, especially your father. Ralph knew that this “secret” would destroy your family, and he also knew that I would lose my job. So we had to be cautious. But we made a mistake when we thought we couldn’t trust you. I accept your apology. But I also apologize to you for not trusting you, you have always trusted me.” she replied slowly, and sadly.

“I see. I accept.” I said kindly.

“But Shirley, I still want a little time to think over what I must do next.” said Bertha slowly. I knew this was coming, and I knew that Bertha’s dignity was still very much hurt, but I felt relieved though, Bertha and my friendship though damage was not lost, it was repairable.

“That’s fine. Please go at your own pace. Which reminds me I should speak to Henry.” I said with a smile. As I excused myself. My amends with Bertha inspired me to do something that I should have had done from the start. Now all I needed was Henry’s help.

“Henry!” I exclaimed when I found him.

“What is it Shirley?” he asked curiously, then I remembered that he was rather angry at me for the way I had treated Bertha, so this introduction was rather inappropriate for the situation.

“Well Henry, to begin with I am sorry about the way I treated Bertha, I even apologized to her in person. But what I am going to tell you is rather unrelated.

“Good, I’m impressed with you, but what are you going to tell me?” he asked, slowly.

 We need to do something about our parents. It’s been too long, with them disappearing more and more in our lives. Mother never speaks to me nor acknowledges that I exist even. Father barely speaks with me, and when he ever does it is only when I request something or he requests something from me.” I explained.

“Yes do you think I don’t know. But that is very challenging and near impossible to change. Mother is far too weak…” replied Henry, pointing out the reasons why we should not do it.

“Henry… Did you know that they did not visit Ralph’s grave once after the funeral or memorial. This has to be mended or at least tried to be.” I explained, almost begging.

“Really, it’s not surprising though.. Well I now agree this has to be changed, but how?” he asked slowly.

“I have some ideas of course.” I replied.

“That’s a relief but we ought to start planning.” suggested Henry.

“Then let us get to it.” I replied, with an eager smile.

The next morning Henry and my plan was entirely finished, and ready to be put into use. I felt excited, maybe 1919 would be a better year. After breakfast Henry headed towar’s our father’s study and I headed towards my mother’s bedroom. In her room I saw my mother sitting on her rocking chair, her room was dark, cold and lifeless. So I quickly opened the blinds, I did not need my mother’s consent; she wasn’t speaking with me afterall.

“Good morning mother. I must speak with you.” I said slowly knowing that she had to respond in some way.

I was right. “Good morning Shirley.” said my mother quietly. It was nice to hear her voice again.

“Well mother, did you know that it’s 1919 now. So I have been thinking that you and father should visit Ralph’s grave.” I said bluntly.

My mother ignored me, which annoyed me. “Mother, speak to me. It has been far too long.” I said desperately.

“Is this what this is all about. Impolitely entering my room without consent, and asking me to visit Ralph’s grave with your father.” replied my mother angrily.

“This was the only way to get you to speak to me. We haven’t had a conversation in a long time.” I explained.

“Well if you want me to speak to you I am. Was this all your idea? Or were other people involved?” she asked curtly.

“Henry is involved. We both want to see you back on your feet again. You are not too ill” I said sternly.

“I thought Henry was finally beginning to see sense.” said my mother bitterly. Which was cruel but I ignored it.

“Mother. I miss you very much, things will never be like before the war, but they can get better. So please consider getting up today and visiting Ralph’s grave with father, for Ralph’s sake. Please… He wouldn’t want to see how our family is, he would want this to be mended” I begged, my voice breaking, as I took out some clothes out of my mother’s closet, and laid them on her bed. “Please consider mother.” I asked again.

My mother just looked at me, which meant she was thinking about, indicating I should leave and let her think. I quickly left her room taking deep breaths, I was feeling emotional. I wiped away the new forming tears when I saw Henry who had finished his conversation.

“How did it go?” I asked slowly, regaining my composure.

“I believe pretty well. Father actually thought about it and he even said that he would only go if mother was feeling ready for it.” replied Henry, happily.

“That’s wonderful! Mother was difficult but she’s thinking about it at least.” I said slowly.

“I think she really thought about it.” said Henry as he gestured for me to look forward. I looked, and I saw my mother, fully clothed in an outing dress. I rather gasped, I thought she wouldn’t do it, but she did.

“Where’s your father?” she asked, kindly, I pointed towards his study, where she gracefully entered. Henry and I just watched with surprise.

“I think we accomplished it.” said Henry after a little bit. I nodded in agreement. Today in a long time things looked much brighter, and more pleasant, I thought, feeling a surge of joy.