The History of China and India

In this essay I will be discussing about the history of China and India. China  In 500 AD, China already had quite a few, impressive royal dynasties; these included: Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han. But after the Han dynasty, China was divided in half. China was divided until 618, when the Tang dynasty(618-907), reunitedContinue reading “The History of China and India”

The British Taxation Acts

The British Taxation Acts or the Navigation Acts were a series of laws that restricted the ability of the colonists to trade with any other nation except for Great Britain itself.The acts began in the year 1651, and gradually over the years became more and more strict, which annoyed and angered the colonists, this wasContinue reading “The British Taxation Acts”

George Whitefield

George Whitefield was one of the most recognized pastors during a time known as the Great Awakening. Which was the revival of religion in the early colonies; this movement began since many of the colonists said they were Christians and they went to church, but their lifestyles did not reflect their “beliefs.” Early Life WhitefieldContinue reading “George Whitefield”

The Colonies of Virginia, Rhode Island, and New York

In this week’s essay I will be talking about three of the thirteen early colonies of North America, Virgina, Rhode Island, and New York. Virginia Colony  The very first of the thirteen colonies was Virginia. Virginia was named after the Virgin Queen Elizabeth by a man named Sir Walter Raliegh. The colony was established byContinue reading “The Colonies of Virginia, Rhode Island, and New York”

How the Divine Rights of Kings Influenced the Monarchy in England Under James 1st, Charles 1st, and Oliver Cromwell

The Divine Rights of Kings, is a philosophy first introduced by Henry the 8th, who was King of England during the 16th century. This philosophy taught that a king is only accountable to God, not any of his subjects or the people he rules. This pretty much means that a king could do pretty muchContinue reading “How the Divine Rights of Kings Influenced the Monarchy in England Under James 1st, Charles 1st, and Oliver Cromwell”