The Programming Language That Interests Me: JavaScript

In this week’s essay I will be writing about a programming language that I am interested in, and that I want to learn more of; and why I think this programming language is unique. The language that I am interested in is JavaScript. The reason why I am interested in JavaScript is because it isContinue reading “The Programming Language That Interests Me: JavaScript”

Did God Create Life? Ask a Protein

In this essay I will be summarizing an article, of the same title as this essay. This article discussed many aspects of proteins, that prove that a creator, or God created “Life.”  One of the most important facts noted about Proteins in this article is the fact that a Protein needs to “fold” itself toContinue reading “Did God Create Life? Ask a Protein”

The “Impossible” Asteroid

Asteroids are minor planets, they are smaller than the main planets which are Earth, Jupiter, Mars, etc; that is why they are called minor planets. These minor planets are in a region in our Solar System called the Asteroid belt, which contains many of these minor planets and other pieces of debris. This so calledContinue reading “The “Impossible” Asteroid”

The Solar System’s Origin Beliefs

In this world there are two main beliefs on how the Solar System was created, these two beliefs are known as the Genesis Record and the Nebular Hypothesis. The Genesis Record says that a creator, God created the universe. The Nebular Hypothesis is the exact opposite, instead it says that the universe was a bigContinue reading “The Solar System’s Origin Beliefs”

Why Is The Sun Important And Special

The Sun is the largest thing in are Solar system, it is also the most important. Most people usually take the Sun for granted or do not know much about it. The Sun is much, much bigger than the Earth; it’s diameter is about one-hundred times of the Earth.  The Sun is flaming hot, it’sContinue reading “Why Is The Sun Important And Special”

Hubble Space Telescope Technology Fact

From. “Several spacecraft support systems are required to keep the Hubble functioning smoothly in space. These systems are located around the body of the spacecraft and encompassed by the outer hull. Solar Arrays(2). 25 ft (7 meter) panels that convert 5680 watts of electricity in order to power the telescope. Communications Antennae (2). TransmitContinue reading “Hubble Space Telescope Technology Fact”

Week One of Astronomy

The first week of this astronomy section I learned about the history of astronomy and telescopes. The History of Telescopes The first telescope ever made was made in 1609, by a man named Galileo Galilei; this telescope was named “far seeing” when it’s name is translated into English. The telescope was a refractive telescope; whichContinue reading “Week One of Astronomy”