In this week’s science essay I will be writing about Malware, or Malicious code. I will be getting into: what it is, how you can get it on your computer, and how to protect your computer from it.

What is Malware?

Malware is a malicious software or code. That changes the settings, delete your software, cause problems or errors, watch your browsing habits, or open your computer to attacks.

How Does Malware Get on Your Computer?

An example of a way that Malware can get on your computer is; say if you visited some website, and you get a download that you did not request, if you accidentally run this download, that is a way to get Malware on your computer. Another way is if the Malware software notices some weaknesses in your computer web browser it may install itself, without requiring you to download anything.

How Do You Protect Your Computer?

A way to protect your computer from Malware is by running a malware-cleaner, this will help ensure your computer’s safety.


Web Browsers and How They Work

In this science essay I will be writing about web browsers, and how they work. What I will be getting into in this essay is: how web browsers work, what are the popular web browsers, and the common error messages that you can find on a web browser.

How Do Web Browsers Work?

A web browser is used to connect the world wide web. Browsers are like indexes of the web, they contain millions of web pages that they organize. When you search something on a web browser, the browser will find the closest matches to your search, which they display. A lot of browsers will post sponsored content at the almost top or top of the search results page. Those results are usually similar to the thing you are looking for, and are paid by a minor party.

What Are the Popular Web Browsers?

The popular and most used web browsers are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Apple’s Safari. I personally use Google Chrome. But there are much more web browsers, that are less known and used. 

The Common Error Messages You Can Find on a Web Browser

Sometimes you may come across an error message on your web browser. The two most common errors are: 

503 service unavailable: this error means that the browser cannot contact the website.

404 not found: this error means that a page on a website was deleted or you typed an incorrect URL.


This is my essay on web browsers.

The Programming Language That Interests Me: JavaScript

In this week’s essay I will be writing about a programming language that I am interested in, and that I want to learn more of; and why I think this programming language is unique. The language that I am interested in is JavaScript.

The reason why I am interested in JavaScript is because it is used in Website building, which I am very interested in. JavaScript requires very little setup to get started, this is because it’s already built into web browsers. Some cool things about Javascript are: you can code loosely with it, you can see immediate results from your code, and you don’t need a lot of tools, which is good for me. 


Javascript is a very important form of coding language, and is very useful if you want to build creative interactive things on your website. This is my short report on the programming language that interests me.


In this week’s essay I will be writing about Transistors: what they are, what are they used for, and how they are made

What are they and what are they used for?

A Transistor simply is a very small electronic component that can do two jobs, a Transistor can also work as an amplifier or switch. A Transistor is very small and it weighs 0.000000000000000000000000000001 kilograms! Even though they are small they are very important and powerful.

When a Transistor works as an amplifier it takes a very small amount of electric current on one end, or an input current, which produces a larger electric current. When a Transistor works as a switch it takes a small electric current in one part of the Transistor which makes a larger electric current go through a different part of the Transistor, so technically a small electric current switches on a larger electric current.

How Are They Made?

A Transistor is made out of silicon. Silicon is commonly found in sand, and it’s a semiconductor, so it’s not conductive like a mineral such as copper, but it’s also not insulating like plastic. But if you do a process known as doping(a process when you treat silicon with impurities), then the silicon gains some “free” electrons. The impurities commonly used to dope silicon are, arsenic and phosphorus, but different minerals such as boron, gallium, and aluminum can be used.


Transistors are very important for almost all electronics, without them the speed and accuracy of our electronics today would be impossible.

The Human Cell

A Cell is a very small and complex organism. There are an estimated, nearly forty trillion cells in the human body alone! But what is exactly a cell and what is its purpose in the human body? 

A Cell like I said above is a small and complex organism, but there are more details to a Cell. A  Cell is surrounded by a Plasma or Membrane, which covers the cell and separates it from the material outside the Cell. The center of a Cell is the Nucleus. The Nucleus determines how the Cell will function, inside the Nucleus it contains Chromosome, and inside the Chromosome is deoxyribonucleic, or DNA, and Ribonucleic acid, or RNA.

DNA is the molecule that contains all the information that is required to maintain and build a Cell. RNA is used to express the information that is stored in DNA. DNA and RNA are not responsible alone for the preservation and expression of the genetic material(s). 

Proteins are the second type of intracellular molecule. Protein substances are created by chains of smaller molecules, called Amino Acids(Amino Acids serve a variety of purposes, including catalytic and structural). 

The inside of a Cell is very busy and crowded. This is because a Cell contains many structures, liquid substances, and cytoplasm. A lot of action goes on in a Cell.


This is my report on the Human Cell.


Did God Create Life? Ask a Protein

In this essay I will be summarizing an article, of the same title as this essay. This article discussed many aspects of proteins, that prove that a creator, or God created “Life.” 

One of the most important facts noted about Proteins in this article is the fact that a Protein needs to “fold” itself to function properly. The Protein folds itself into an exact shape to fit in its position, similar to a puzzle piece in a puzzle. Proteins must do this many and many times in a human body. The question is how does a Protein have the ability to fold itself?

The answer to this question is: Proteins get help by special Proteins called Chaperones; this special type of Protein aids the other Proteins by helping them fold in half and lead them to the Protein’s special place. Chaperones also have Chaperones to help fold themselves. This fact causes a problem for Scientists that believe in evolution. How could the first Chaperones fold properly without a pre existing Chaperone to help them? 

The theory of evolution states that the Earth was created by a huge explosion billions of years ago, and that life evolved through millions of years to create a very specialized system, the human body. How could nothing be created into life without a creator? It really cannot.


I believe that life was not created by accident, but instead by an all powerful and knowing creator that created life on Earth. 

Source: Check it out!

The “Impossible” Asteroid

Asteroids are minor planets, they are smaller than the main planets which are Earth, Jupiter, Mars, etc; that is why they are called minor planets. These minor planets are in a region in our Solar System called the Asteroid belt, which contains many of these minor planets and other pieces of debris.

This so called “impossible asteroid” Itokawa was first visited in November 2005 by Japan’s Hayabusa spacecraft. This visit left many planetary scientists puzzled over Itokawa’s origins. 

Because this asteroid is very small in size, only five-hundred and three meters long to be exact; most planetary scientists thought it was a single chunk of rock, that was unable to hold extra pieces of rock on its surface. But unlike what they thought, the pictures from the spacecraft of Itokawa’s surface clearly showed that its surface was covered with gravel and boulders. 

Everything that the scientists had thought turned out to be all wrong, an example of this is the measurement of Itokawa’s gravity field is forty percent poros(filled with empty space). This astonished many scientists because sand has a porosity of twenty percent, and having this much porosity is very hard to accomplish. So technically the only way to accomplish this is by gently packing the materials together. 

Technically Itokawa is just loosely packed rubble, that was collected after a collision between asteroids. This causes an issue because repeated impacts with other space objects should have made this asteroid more dense.

The answer to this, is that these space debris have not been hitting Itokawa for millions of years. This is another of those things that prove that the universe was created at the same times as the Earth, which was thousands of years ago instead of billions.

The Solar System’s Origin Beliefs

In this world there are two main beliefs on how the Solar System was created, these two beliefs are known as the Genesis Record and the Nebular Hypothesis.

The Genesis Record says that a creator, God created the universe. The Nebular Hypothesis is the exact opposite, instead it says that the universe was a big mistake, that it was created over trillions of years from a cloud of elements such as helium, hydrogen, and etc, and these elements had condensed enough by rotating around and around into the core of the sun; after another few billion years the sun was created. This theory technically states that out of nothing at all, all was created.

The first belief makes much more sense in my opinion, a creator, God created are universe and within that universe a planet, Earth that could sustain life. Or a whirlwind or a gas cloud in space, which rotated and spun around enough to create the Sun’s core and then over the next trillion years creates the Earth that has humans and other forms of life such as animals and plants. How does that make any sense?

People will say that the Nebular Hypothesis was founded off of scientific facts, proof, and plenty of research; and that the Genesis record was founded off of faith, religion, and the Bible, but this is false, both of these beliefs depend on faith.

The people who created the Nebular Hypothesis Pierre-Simon de Laplace who was a mathematician  and Immanuel Kant a philosopher were both Atheists, so of course they would want to come up with some theory that is different then the Genesis theory that didn’t have to do with some creator because they were Atheists. So they created a theory without proof but instead faith, faith that God does not exist or is real.

Now would you believe that a giant tornado built your house? No of course not someone built it, nothing does not build anything without a creator.


The Universe and Earth is an example of are Creator or God’s greatness. A lot of people these days don’t really understand this or want to, instead they believe the Nebular Hypothesis which was created by Scientists who turn their backs from what is already so very obvious and clear. And even when they say it is a logical theory it is really just based on faith.

Why Is The Sun Important And Special

The Sun is the largest thing in are Solar system, it is also the most important. Most people usually take the Sun for granted or do not know much about it.

The Sun is much, much bigger than the Earth; it’s diameter is about one-hundred times of the Earth.

 The Sun is flaming hot, it’s surface temperature alone is ten-thousand degrees Fahrenheit. The heat from the Sun is very important; without the Sun, life on Earth would be impossible, since humans need light and warmth to survive.

The Sun is a star. It is the closest star from Earth even though it is very far away; an exact ninety-three million miles away from Earth, it’s far distance is perfect for a good amount of heat, if it was farther life would be impossible on Earth it would be too cold, but to close it would be boiling hot and again life would be impossible. 

The Sun is a unique star because of its intense brightness and heat, most stars are cooler in temperature and a lot less bright in appearance. another reason why it is unique is because most Solar Systems have two or more stars, but the Sun is the only star of are Solar System..


This is my essay on why the Sun is so important, and why it is a very special star.

Hubble Space Telescope Technology Fact


“Several spacecraft support systems are required to keep the Hubble functioning smoothly in space. These systems are located around the body of the spacecraft and encompassed by the outer hull. Solar Arrays(2). 25 ft (7 meter) panels that convert 5680 watts of electricity in order to power the telescope. Communications Antennae (2). Transmit Hubble’s information to communication satellites called the Tracking & Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) System for relay to White Sands, the Space Telescope Operations Control Center (STOCC) in Greenbelt, Maryland, and the Space Telescope Science Institute (STSci) in Baltimore, Maryland. Computer Support System Modules. Contains devices and systems needed to operate the Hubble Telescope. Serves as the master control system for communications, navigation, power management, etc. Electronic Boxes. Houses much of the electronics including computer equipment and rechargeable batteries. Aperture Door. Protects Hubble’s optics in the same way the camera lens cap shields the lens. It closes during service missions and in response to certain kinds of  “safe mode.” Light Shield. Light passes through this before entering the optics system. It blocks unwanted external light from entering the Hubble. Pointing Control System. This system aligns the spacecraft to point and remain locked on any target.