Today I decided to choose a topic for this chat. Topic: what was the hardest challenge you went through this year? Chat away! -Dreamer

200 Follower!

Yesterday while I checked my blog stats I noticed that I had just reached 200 blog followers! I feel very grateful towards all my followers for staying with me especially to my readers! Thank you all for staying with me, it truly means alot! Thanks again! -Dreamer

Happy Canada Day!!!

Today is a pretty special day for Canadians. It’s Canada Day!!! Even though 2020 has been a pretty rough year so far, with all that has been happening in the world, I feel grateful for living in Canada, especially today. So I wish you all an awesome day and July! Happy Canada Day, everyone!!!

Things For the Better

Though the awkwardness was still there, Rina and Hanna began speaking to each other. Maybe that was a start thought, Rina, after a pleasant conversation with her sister. Maybe things would just go back to normal? She thought, hoping. But at last Hanna spoke up, which might have been Rina’s wish or biggest nightmare. “Rina.. … More Things For the Better

Sentence summary

For English I will begin writing a new story. I have already finished the story I was writing for the last couple of months(I will post those last chapters soon). This is my one sentence summary of my World war 1 inspired story. The Sentence “Shirley’s brother is dead, her parents and herself are ghosts … More Sentence summary

Saving the Paper

“Alright, girls. What are we going to do?” began Anne, as she took a large gulp of milk. “Save the paper.” announced Rina and Brinn in unison. “Good! Now we have to figure, out.” added Rina, as she wiped cake crumbs off her yellow skirt. “Exactly. Horn is not easily pressured to change his mind. … More Saving the Paper