The Importance of Asking Yourself Things

So today I had absolutely no essays to post which is surprising because I usually have way too many to post, lol. I decided to shake things up and write about something that I believe is pretty important to do time to time, which is asking yourself things. I know this sounds weird but, hear me out.

Every day we ask people things, like how are doing? How are you feeling? Etc. But have you ever considered asking yourself these questions, I mean a lot of people go through the day including myself without checking on how we are doing ourselves. Sure we feel fine and all, but do we really know the details on how we are feeling that day. Probably not.

Lately I have been pretty busy, with all sorts of activities, and life things to do, which has left me with not a lot of time to consider how I am doing. I guess quite a few people relate to this. Some days you are too busy doing things or checking on how other people are doing to check on how you are doing. Because of the new busyness of my life I have been realizing lately that I should really begin to check on how I am feeling, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc, by asking myself questions on those things. When I asked myself those questions above, I was surprised; I mean I hadn’t really considered how I feeling in those areas because I wasn’t thinking of them.

Well what’s the point of this post? Well maybe the point is that we all get caught up in life, and sometimes we forget to think about how we are actually doing. Who knows you may be suppressing something that is really bothering you, which I certainly was.

So how are you all doing?

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter ya’ll! I hope you guys are having an amazing day! Personally I love Easter for a few reasons, including it’s religious significance, but also for all the happy memories I have had during this holiday in the past! Also if you are wondering why I put an image of a bunny holding a basket full of colorful eggs, well that’s because it’s cute, and also because Easter today is mostly known for being the holiday where eggs and bunnies are the theme so yeah. Also on the side note Easter like Valentines is a holiday where people consume and buy way too much chocolate and candy, but who blames them, hence why chocolate eggs are a large part of this holiday. Which brings up the tragic fact that I have not had a single chocolate egg this year…….

Well with that all said and done, I hope everyone has an amazing Easter; so Happy Easter everyone!


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Well it happened! I hit 300 followers!

First of all a huge thank you to all of my amazing followers! This would not be possible without you guys!

When I first started blogging I was only thinking about the fact that I would now have to post my school essays on the internet; and would have never thought that this day of hitting a large follower milestone was to come!

A lot has happened since I first created my blog, I mean a lot has. I have changed, so has my writing, and my blog, sorta… Creating my blog was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made; sharing my writing on the internet and having other people read it other than my family and friends, has been the best thing that has happened to my writing. I cannot believe I used to put off the idea of creating a blog when I was younger; and the only reason why I created one was because one of my teacher’s strongly encouraged the idea of creating a blog, so… yeah…

Well this begins a new chapter of my blog. I have been thinking of some ideas on how I can make my blog look more aesthetically pleasing, and more organized. Also the theme needs an update but I have been too busy to look through different WordPress themes. *sighs*

So what can I improve on my blog? What theme will look good with my site? Etc?

Well I will close the post here, history essays are calling my way right now, lol!

Well thank you ya’ll again! Have an awesome day!

The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye - Kindle edition by J.D. Salinger. Literature &  Fiction Kindle eBooks @

The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D Salinger is a coming to age novel. As the title indicates the novel’s main “moral of the story,” situation is preventing teens from falling off the cliff(metaphorically of course), or in other words protecting the innocence of teens.

The novel is about a pretty angry and depressed sixteen year old boy named Holden Caulfield, who lives in an unnamed boarding school institution in California. Holden recalls and retells the previous events that occured before Christmas. These previous events begin at the prep school he used to go to in Pennsylvania, which he gets expelled from. After getting expelled he is confused, and begins searching for truth, eventually leaving the school early before Christmas break without anyone knowing. He is against the “phoniness” of the adult world. After all of this he ends up exhausted and even more depressed than before. But in the end he realizes that he needs people, especially people who he loves.

Holden has a pretty dark and gloomy perspective of the world; and cannot stand anyone at the prep school he used to go to. He is also pretty impulsive and makes last minute and rather foolish decisions. This novel uses the first person literary style, Holden is the narrator, and everything is in his perspective. Moving on to a more formal analysis.

In my opinion the book is pretty good and shows how teens especially who are going through depression, rebelliousness, etc, pretty accurately. Even though the character development is pretty up and down, it is realistic in the sense that a person in real life goes through a lot of ups and downs in life. I don’t really have a favorite character, some of the characters I even really disliked. The characters were portrayed in a way that made them seem very flawed and messed up; also Holden the main character was unlikable in many instances, just because of his questionable decisions. But than again this is what makes the book realistic.

The main themes in this book are: coming to age(Holden is transitioning from boyhood to manhood), protection of innocence(I explained this above), loneliness(Holden is often incredibly lonely and lost, but even when he try’s get out of this state he constantly sabotages himself), and mental instability(I wouldn’t really call this a theme but this is so prevalent in the novel that I had to add it).

Would I recommend this book? Yes! I wouldn’t recommend this novel to anyone who is sensitive to topics such as depression and other mature themes. I would recommend this novel for a 14+ age group, just because their are a lot of mature messages, and some inappropriate moments. Also there is a lot of profanity, I mean a lot! I was actually surprised, since this novel was published in the 40s. So be warned. But overall it’s a good book and in my opinion accurately portrays the perspective of some teens.

Thank you for reading


Oh quick thing, do any of you guys have any cool book recommendations? I am out of books to read, lol. Any recommendations are much appreciated.


David Copperfield

David Copperfield (Annotated) eBook: Dickens, Charles : Kindle  Store

I read this particular novel around a month ago, but today for some unknown reason I felt like writing about this classic today. Even though I have forgotten most of the small details of this classic it has stuck with me, and still feels very fresh to my mind. During my “journey” of reintroducing reading back into my life David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens, by far is one of my favorites I have read so far, and I dare say is probably going onto my list of my favorite books.

Well the first thing to note is the fact that this is a very long novel, I thing it’s around 800 to 900 pages long, I am not exactly sure, but it’s long. Because of the length each page fits let’s say the length of the American Constitution, and the words are in size 2 font, so it’s not the best for your eyes. But honestly who cares about that right? Moving onto my summary of the novel.

The novel is the life story of a man named David Copperfield in short, from childhood to mid-adulthood I guess(I do not remember the novel saying how old Copperfield was in the end of the novel), but I am guessing mid-adulthood, he did not seem young in the end of book for some reasons which I will not disclose because I do not want to spoil for ya’ll, trust me on this.

Getting back onto the summary, so it’s the life story of David Copperfield(he is a fictional character). Dickens’s does a beautiful job using the first person narration style. The novel is written in a way that makes it seem that Copperfield is retelling an autobiographical account of his life, though it’s fictional. Copperfield goes through many ups and downs in life, and goes through the struggles of life. Overall this novel seems very real and rather relatable from my experience of reading it. Also there are many important themes such as, love, coming of age, death or loss, etc. I am sorry that this summary is very short but I will spoil the story if I get into it more.

Now to the technical stuff, the main themes in this novel are many, just because its so long, so I would say that the main themes are like I mentioned above, which are: love, coming of age, and death or loss. The reason why I believe these are the themes?

Love: Copperfield falls in love three times during the length of this novel.

Coming of age: I mean the novel itself is about the main character from childhood to mid adulthood, and also about the main character’s self growth as a person the older he becomes.

Death: Copperfield experiences the lost of loved ones more than once; this in my opinion is a key to the character development.

Who was my favorite character? Probably Copperfield and one of the main female character’s Agnes(who is very a smart figure). But I also like some of the minor characters who play lesser roles.

I rate this book around 7.5 to 8/10, just because the novel itself is like 3 decent sized novels put into one, and there are a lot of ups in downs in the story because it is a life story, some parts interesting, and others drag on. What age(s) would I recommend this book for? I would say 12 and up, just because you have to be a pretty good reader to fully appreciate the novel, and also because there are more mature themes. But overall this book is great for teens and adults, and I highly recommend if you are looking for a good classic to read that will last you a while. Overall this is just a great novel and is one of the reasons why I love Charles Dickens’s as an author as much as I do.

Thank for reading.


My 2020 in a Nutshell

Well with 2020 over, and with a New year beginning this is the time to review the year I had just gone through. What I thought about it, what happened each month, etc. I was so excited for 2020, but as the year dragged on, my perspective changed, 2020 was not at all full of glories, accomplished goals, and at all what I had imagined. But that was last year, now a fresh year has begun, which is going to be filled with who knows what, but I have faith that whatever happens in 2021, I will be able to go through it or overcome it. Well into the details.

2020 for me and probably for many individuals was a challenging year, emotionally and mentally. Like many people my mental heath was on a low, especially during the serious lock down for March to May. As someone who loves to be with friends and to interact with people, it was very difficult to not be able to see my friends or family members. Even though I acknowledge and am grateful of the fact that I was fortunate(especially with all businesses shutting down, people losing their jobs, and people losing loved ones to the Virus), that I wasn’t horribly affected by the situation in ways like many people, I still felt a sense of loss.

Now I am just sounding gloomy and sad, moving onto some positive things that happened in 2020 for me. Having a new cousin, reaching more than 280 followers on my blog(a big thanks to my followers), learning about myself(during all the time I was stuck at home I though and contemplated on many things to do with myself, giving me a wider understanding of me), writing two chapter stories and actually finishing them! And finally, becoming closer to my friends.

Overall in a nutshell 2020 for me really tested me in many ways, including my faith. I believe that it has tested many people in many ways. Like I said whatever happens in 2021 I have faith that I will be able to go through this New year no matter what will happen.


300th Post/ Update

Yup! This is officially my 300th post! Which is actually insane because I have been blogging for a little above a year now. Well to celebrate this milestone I guess, I read some of my earliest posts. *laughs awkwardly* May I just say I have progressed and improved. My writing wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great. I will give myself the credit that I was 13/14, and in two grades lower than I am now. But seriously I really didn’t understand paragraphs to save my life. Some of my paragraphs in some of my essays had two sentences, two!! I should stop my ranting about my interesting writing skills last year. lol.

So moving on, now for the update.

Because I will be having Christmas break(which I literally dying for), I will not be blogging for a week of my break; I won’t be writing any essays during my break so what’s the point of posting if I have nothing to post, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be liking posts or commenting on other people’s posts, etc, I just won’t be posting myself. When will I start taking this break? Well I will start taking the break on Monday the 21st, so through Christmas.

I know this isn’t a major update at all but I felt like you guys needed to be updated on what my posting will be like coming forward during winter break. Well that’s all for the update, still cannot believe that I have posted 300 posts. lol

See you guys in the next one!

Goals For 2021

The New Year is coming in less than twenty days; which means New Year Resolutions are being written. I myself don’t really believe in New Year Resolutions, they have never really worked for me; but I do believe in goal setting, which is what this post is about.

I don’t have a ton of goals, well if 2020 was like last year without Covid, etc, my goals would be looking different. But that’s me thinking of how life would be like if Covid didn’t happen, great I am beginning to sound like a wishful child. lol

Well like I said I don’t have a lot of goals, but I felt like sharing them to try to follow the trend of posting New Year Resolutions. Also by the way I will be putting my goals into two sections(I like being organized with my writing).

Blog/ School/ Goals

1: reach 300 followers on my blog, by March 2021. I am only 24 followers away!

2: Finish Physical science by May 2021 and move on to biology.

3: to procrastinate less when writing essays. I have a problem when I write a paragraph at a time for an essay, instead of writing the full essay all at once, which will probably save me a lot of time!

4: try to get better at and appreciate math! I think last year I made a similar goal, but that certainly did not work out. I am struggling and loathing math more than ever. *awkward chuckle* But because I have to go through with it, and I am not ending my Math learning anytime soon, I will have to be stuck with it for awhile.

Personal goals

1: Be less stressed from school. Especially now because I am in Highschool, school has become really difficult, which is stressful, especially in the math department. Taking school way to seriously is probably the cause of me being really stressed. I am not saying that taking school seriously is a bad thing, it’s not, but for me because I do take it way, way to seriously it’s been unhealthy.

2: Ski more. I have only skied around 4 times, which is sorta ridiculous because I have a seasons pass. So I will catch up on skiing during winter break!

3: Be productive doing other things other than school in 2021. 2020 wasn’t exactly a productive year, because almost everything was shut down, somedays I was only doing school, or on the weekends I just watched movies or TV show episodes.

4: cut down on TV! This relate to number 3! 2020 was a year when I was in the house a lot more, which was boring, and I turned onto TV. I didn’t watch a lot, but TV is a waste of time, and not really a healthy pastime. So my goal is to cut down my TV watching to thirty minutes each day(on weekdays), which is reasonable.

Well that’s it for my goals. Comment below and let me know what ya’ll think! I hope ya’ll have a good rest to your weekend! See you guys in the next one!

My Christmas List

Hello everyone! With Christmas around the corner, and the holiday festivities beginning, I felt like sharing my Christmas gift list. Yes I know and understand that Christmas is not all about gifts, but because of boredom, I just felt like sharing it. lol

The List

1: Makeup

I have been using the same makeup for two years now, most of it is old and dirty, and I am running out. So this Christmas I decided to ask for some clean and vegan makeup.

2: Old skool yellow vans:

I only own one pair of shoes(yes I know), I share shoes with my family members, so this year I decided to ask for a pair of yellow vans, because the only pair of shoe’s I own are plain gray, and I need color in my life. lol Because I still don’t have a feel for the Nike Air Force trend, I decided to get vans because they are comfy and look cute.

3: Hollister sweatpants:

I love, love sweatpants! Okay, I know that sounded dramatic but it’s true. These days sweatpants are trendy and stylish so I can get away with wearing them in public, that’s off the point, but I am justifying my love for them. So because I usually buy my cloths from Aritzia, TNA, or a vintage store(I know I am basic), I felt like I needed to shake up the brands, so I decided to get some sweats from hollister.

4: chocolates:

It can’t be Christmas without some chocolate in your stocking am I right?

5: More sweet treats:

This relates to the chocolate one, but it can’t be Christmas without some candy, am I right again?

6: Chapstick:

I always ask for this one, and I think most can relate. lol But I do want again a clean, vegan, all natural chapstick.

Well this it it my list. I know that’s sounds abrupt, but oh well. Christmas again isn’t all about gifts but it is pretty fun to talk about the gifts you have asked for, especially if they are things that you need or really want. Also I am literally counting the days until Christmas(that is how excited I am), so I need to write about Christmas. lol

Well have a good day ya’ll, and see you guys in the next post!


Things That Make Me Feel Nostalgic

With winter coming around, and fall coming to a close there are many things that have been making me feel nostalgic, especially with the holidays coming around, and everything feeling so Christmasy. So here are some things that make me feel nostalgic:

1: the smell of Christmas trees.

2: Hearing Japanese people speak.

3: Walking around at night surrounded by Christmas lights.

4: Listening to Frank Sinatra Christmas music.

5: the smell of cinnamon.

6: doing a secret Santa with friends.

7: being goofy with friends.

8: watching cheesy Christmas movies with family.

9: skiing with friends.

10: decorating cookies.

As you can clearly tell I am way to excited for Christmas, because most of these are related in Christmas, oh well, I mean who isn’t excited for Christmas.

Well bye for now. *takes a sip of hot chocolate*