Shatter Me

Shatter Me: Mafi, Tahereh: Books

Well recently as you might know I began shaking things up by deciding to start posting posts on me writing about books for personal enjoyment. So today I felt like bashing a book, so here it is. lol

So recently I finished the book Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. The book is about a girl named Juliette(she narrates the story), who is 17 years old. Juliette is born with a special ability; she has a lethal touch. Whoever touches her or she touches can die or experience extreme pain. Because of her unique ability she is technically a threat so she is locked up in a prison, basically. She is also technically an orphan.

The world that Juliette lives in is falling apart, people are dying. Food is running out. The government called The Reestablishment a disaster, etc. Basically the recipe of a Dystopian novel!

But one day Juliette gets a cellmate a young man named Adam(before she had been completely alone in this prison). This changes the course of her life. Before she knows it she is removed from her prison and taken to become a weapon of the Reestablishment! I will stop there because I know I will spoil the story.

Well I had some issues with this book. It was pretty predictable, and also um, uncomfortable to read on occasions. For example the way Juliette describes Adam, just makes me cringe.

For example Adam is incredibly good looking(he is the literal definition of today’s standard of a good looking guy), and a lot of words and phrases such as: gorgeous, perfect jawline, muscular, tall, beautiful eyes. I just need to stop, I am making myself uncomfortable! Are used by Juliette to describe him.

I am now going to give a big spoiler because I really don’t care, and even if I didn’t give it, at this rate you probably know what it already is! Adam is one of the rare people that can actually touch her! *internally screams

That was predictable, I mean it would be so boring if there was a very attractive guy in the book and the heroine is unable to touch him, um yeah. So that’s the end of that……..

Just kidding I feel like complaining about this book more. Um, the romance in this book, its, its there, and I don’t know what else to say about it. So moving on to some literary points of this novel, because I am trying to keep this educational.

So the main themes in this book are: love, struggle, hope. I guess it is difficult to pinpoint the exact themes of this book other than the theme of love, of course. Because though these themes add up they don’t also.

My favorite character from the book was probably one of the supporting character,s Kenji. Probably because he isn’t the person that is describing the characters, and he is not Adam. lol

How would I rate this book? Well I would rate it a solid 5/10, it wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t great. It could of been better, but it could of been worse. What age group would I recommend this book for? Probably 14 and up, just because of the romance, and the book overall. I wouldn’t recommend it if you get uncomfortable easily, because this book does make you uncomfortable sometimes, actually a lot of the time.

But besides the point, thank you for reading my review and opinion on this book. See you all in the next post.


A Man Called Ove

During this November I have finally dove back into reading for personal enjoyment. Well ya’ll are probably think: “why did you dive back into reading, you love reading right? What are you keeping from us!” Lol. My humor is terrible.

So well I have to sadly admit that I didn’t read anything really for the last seven months. Which is mostly due to the libraries being closed, and my overall disappointment with the most recent books I had read until now. But that does not matter because I am reading now. In other words my inner bookworm is back!

Some background: so around last year I did a literary analysis course for English, and because I am feeling bored, and did not want to edit an essay, I will be using my very rusty literary analysis skills in this post. So please do not judge how bad they are. lol

Now onto the post.

A Man Called Ove: Backman, Fredrik: Books

The first book I read this month was: A Man Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman; which is the book I will be discussing about today.

The book is about a very grumpy man named Ove, who is in his late 50s. Ove is a pain to everyone he interacts with, thanks to his short temper, grumpy and bitter attitude, and staunch principles.

Ove lives alone, in solitude; he has lived this way ever since his wife has passed away. He also, sadly wakes up every morning wanting to end his life. But for some reason this never goes as planned, because something always distracting happens, which is the irony of it.

But one day everything changes for him when his new neighbors move in to the house next to him. His new neighbors are Parvaneh(who is very pregnant), her husband Patrick, and their two little girls. This small family announces their arrival by flattening Ove’s mailbox, much Ove’s annoyance.

After this rather awkward interaction, it is pretty obvious that Parvaneh is amused by Ove’s moody and not so friendly personality. She isn’t even phased when Ove is clearly being rude.

One of the things that I noticed about Ove is the fact that he has really hard time saying no, even though he isn’t happy about it, he ends up doing it. So throughout the book there are many moments where Parvaneh asks for a favor such as ride, or even teaching her how to drive, which Ove would clearly say no to, but he agrees to do it. Also Ove overtime changes, becomes more open to other people, and also begins to find reasons to live.

Before I spoil this book completely, and ruin my readers chance of enjoying this book without knowing what is going to happen. So I will now get into what I thought of this book, the characters, etc.

The book itself was pretty good in my opinion. For some reason books on people finding their life again, or finding a purpose to live, have always attracted me. Also I like a character development where the main character changes for the better. My favorite character by far is Parvaneh; I mean how can you not like a strong minded female character, I mean you can’t. Also I love the fact that she brings out the worst and best out of Ove, and is not frightened or angered by his grumpiness and bitter attitude.

The themes in this book are pretty simple, yet important: love, family, grief, and friendship.

Would I recommend this book? Yes!!! I wouldn’t recommend though if you are sensitive to topics such as grief and suicide. Which is why I would give it a 14+ rating, but overall I think most would enjoy this book, I mean I did.

Well before I end this post, very abruptly, I would say that I might do more posts like these. I don’t want my blog to become a full on book review blog, or a blog that just contains posts about books, but I also think I should shake things up a little, and post other things other than essays. Also these kinds of posts are fun! So why not. I really need to end this!

Thank you for reading:


One Year of Blogging

Yesterday I was looking at my blog stats, etc, when I noticed that I missed my one year anniversary of blogging! Which was just foolish, because I had missed it by many days. My blog was created in September 30th, and my first post was posted on October 5th.

So to make up for that foolishness of mine, I will make the post here.

First of all thank you to all the amazing bloggers who follow me, read, like, and comment on my blog! You guys mean a lot! Also thanks to you my blog has been able to grow so much over the course of a year! Thank you!

The Main Bit of the Post

This blog has gone through a lot, as so have I this year, and many people. With all the rather new crazy things going on in the world, especially Covid, which has changed the world basically, and so much of my life.

Last year I would of never imagined half of the stuff that is going on now. Which makes me miss my last year self a little; ignorance is bliss after all.

I do miss interacting with people outside of my closest friends. I do miss swimming competitively. I miss almost everything that seemed so normal and natural last year. But, last year was “than”, and this year is “now”, I need to focus on the “now,” because that’s the one I am living in right now, and the one I can change for myself.

But over with the dull stuff on world challenges, and on to the fun stuff!

During my time blogging I interacted and talked to so many amazing bloggers, who in other words became my online friends! Blogging became into something other than a place I would just post my school essays, but a place that I got to know people, read amazing posts from those people, and all of this happened when I decided on some random day that I should finally make a blog, after one of my teacher’s were emphasizing on the importance of one!

Well I am sure glad I did make a blog! Or else I wouldn’t have found this amazing platform!

So thank you everyone who stayed with me on this journey. Also thank you to my teacher for pressuring me a little in making a blog! It really changed my life.

Thank you💕


Replying Assumptions Part. 3 assumptions:

1: You have an accent? I am not sure I do or not. Probably Americans will think I have a Canadian accent, but I really don’t know.

2: You like reading books? Yes! I love, love, reading books!

3: You have been to public school before? Actually I have never been to public school, I have been homeschooled all my life.

4: Not a big movie watcher? That is sorta true. Most movies bore me, because they lack a good plot. But I do enjoy watching a good movie.

5: But you love shows? Yes I like TV shows more than movies! One of my all time favorite TV show is Stranger Things.

6: You are big on Hoodies? Yes! Hoodies are the best, especially really over sized ones!

7: You are funny, and very talented? Aw! Thank you! I am not exactly sure on the funny part, but I am talented at some things, but that probably depends on opinion.

8: You are pretty? Thank you for assuming that! That depends on opinion, but often when I look at my self in the mirror, I think I look pretty, pretty. XD

9: You Love Pandas? Yes! Pandas are probably my favorite animal!

10: You live in Idaho? Nope! But I would like to visit. I live in Canada.

Thank you Maycee for these assumptions! assumption:

1: You are a voracious reader and like to learn things all the time? Yes! I am! I love reading books of most genres! I enjoy learning new things all the time, especially facts!

Thank you Perth Girl for the assumptions! assumptions:

1: You really like making awesome posts? Yes! At least I hope my posts are awesome. XD

2: You love cats and have had one before? I do love cats, but I have never actually had one as a pet before.

3: You love eating carrots, and also like bunnies? I like eating carrots, they are way better than celery. I love bunnies! They are so cute and soft.

Thank you Sam for these assumptions!

Whew! All of these assumptions were super fun to answer! Thank you, to you all who wrote these assumptions, again!


Replying Assumptions Part. 2 assumptions:

1: You live in America? Actually I live in Canada, and have never been to America.

2: You have visited other countries? I have only visited one country, Japan. So you are mostly right on that one!

3: Your favorite color is purple? I love the color purple but I like pink a tad more, but close on that one!

4: You are seventeen? I am actually almost 15.

5: You love writing? Yes I do love writing, especially when I write stories!

6: You weren’t born in America? You are right on that one! I was born in Canada actually.

7: You don’t like politics? Yes, I don’t enjoy watching or hearing about politics, but I still study it because it is valuable to know and understand politics.

Thank you Jasmine for these assumptions! assumptions:

1: You like chocolate? Yes! I love chocolate!

2: You like the outdoors? Yes! Especially if the scenery is nice!

3: Your favorite subject is science? Yes and no. Last year science was my favorite subject but now I rather dislike it. XD

4: You love animals? Yes and no. I think animals are very beautiful and a lot of the times cute, especially if they are mammals or birds. But reptiles and insects. *shudders* I just avoid.

5: You listen to lots of music? Yes! Way to much, especially in the car or when I am writing an essay.

Thank you Miriam for these assumptions! assumptions:

1: You like reading romance? Yes! Romance is one of my favorite novel genres. Well Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. XD

2: You don’t have any pets? Yes. I am completely pet less at the moment, and I have never actually had a pet before.

3: You don’t like dark chocolate, only milk chocolate? I like both dark and milk chocolate, but I actually like dark chocolate more.

4: You like barbecued chicken? Yes! I love barbecued meat in general, especially ribs!

5: Your favorite animal is a kitten? Yes and no! A kitten is my favorite domestic animal, but my favorite wild animal are pandas.

Thank you Victoria for these assumptions!

I will finish the last assumptions in the next post!


Replying the Assumptions

I am apologize that I did not reply these sooner, I actually forgot about them! Silly of me. XD

But now that I am finished with my excuse, I will get on with it! assumptions:

1: You really like to write? Yes I do like writing! So right on that one!

2: You possibly have interesting dreams when you sleep? That depends on the night. But usually my dreams are very vivid, real, and overall wacky, so you are mostly right on that one!

Thank you SG for these assumptions! assumptions:

1: You enjoy swimming? Yes I love swimming! I actually used to do it competitively before covid happened.

Thank you Iman for this assumption! assumptions:

1: You really like dogs? Probably a lot of people are going to hate me after this. XD I think dogs are really cute, and a lot of the time super sweet, but personally I am not a huge dog lover, I used to be really scared of them when I was younger.

2: You’d love to move to a new city/country? Yes and no, I love where I live, but I would move to Japan if I had to.

3: You’re scared of the dark? Nope, I actually never was scared of the dark when I was little, but I do get slightly nervous in the woods when it’s really dark out.

Thank you Maggie for the assumptions!

I will be answering the rest of these assumptions in my next post!

Assumptions About Me

So today is a day that I usually post an essay, but frankly I don’t have any essays to post. So I decided to post something fun! A few bloggers I follow have been asking their followers to ask assumptions about them, and than they will answer those assumptions that their followers have commented.

So I decided to jump on the “trend.”

Please comment your assumptions about me, I will answer them in a later post!

Liebster Award!


  1. thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. answer the 11 questions given to you
  3. nominate 11 other bloggers
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Thank you for nominating me!!


1. if you could swap places with a celebrity for one day who would it be? Probably Millie Bobby Brown. XD
2. one positive thing about yourself? I am understanding, I guess.
3. candy or chocolate? Chocolate all the way! But candy has gummies in the category, but I will still say chocolate.
4. favorite art medium? Probably oil paintings, I don’t know?
5. favorite place in nature? I live in nature, but probably by a glacier lake.
6. what’s your favorite riddle? I don’t like riddles.
7. what’s the most ironic thing you’ve seen happen? Probably the way people are using so much disposable items such as surgical masks, paper towels, and just in general. But last year everyone was all about the environment, and everything reusable. Probably no one find that ironic.
8. cringy memory? I have way to many. One of these memories was when I wore a certain sweater every single day when I was little. *cough* Why did I mention that.
9. which two people would you like to see in a movie together? ( can be absolutely anybody ). Joana Ceddia and Emma Chamberlain.
10. have you ever pranked someone? if so – what did you do? Nope, never, I have only been pranked.
11. suggest a one word story theme. Romance. XD

I am not nominating anyone, because I have already done this award, and I think everyone who I was thinking of nominating has already done this award at least once.


Outstanding Blogging Award


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  • At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award! 

The questions:

  1. Favorite month of the year and why? Summer
  2. If you had to go without something essential in your daily life, what would it be and why? That’s tricky, but probably makeup. XD
  3. Who is your hero and why? I don’t really have a hero, I don’t really like to glorify one single person, because I know that everyone is flawed. But I would have to say that I look up to my parents.
  4. Favorite book/author? This is tough, I have so many favorites. But my old favorite author is Jane Austen but my favorite new author is Suzanne Collins, because the Hunger Games were to good!
  5. What’s your biggest achievement in life? Probably going to provincials.
  6. How did blogging make a difference in your life? Blogging motivated me to write more, and enjoy it. Also blogging introduced me to so many amazing bloggers!
  7. What is your dream vacation spot? Probably Bali, or Japan. XD

I am not nominating anyone because everyone I have thought of nominating have already been nominating at least once. Well that’s it.