An Ending and a New Beginning

After being told by her sister Hanna that Mya knew that she was in Victoria this entire time; Rina decided not to tell Mya anything of what she was doing. This was probably for all the better. 

As for unusual behaviour by her parents and sister, those were unlimitless. The issue was the fact that her parents met up with Hanna on Sunday, the day that she worked. Perfect! For her parents, but not so much for her. 

Maybe she should have just asked her parents? But then it would be more ideal for her parents to tell her. As for Rachel’s insight, her parents didn’t know anything about what was going on in my family, so they behaved like an open book.

She just needed her parents to open up and tell her about it. But how? Was the question. She knew from Rachel’s insight that Hanna was only staying in Victoria for another week. So she was crunched for time. Maybe she could confront them, but that would be rash.

Bingo! She realized that she just found a solution. She could just ask them about Hanna, how she was doing, etc. With a low profile, and calm attitude, just curious about her sister, which she was, just not in the way that her parents would think.

She quickly sat up and hurriedly headed down stairs. Her Mom was not in the kitchen, most likely in her art studio. She quietly made herself some instant coffee(coffee kept her relaxed). She was now ready to ask questions to her Mom, and stay calm at the same time.

Quietly stepping into her mother’s small, tidy, and art filled studio. “What are you painting today Mom?” asked Rina; art was a good topic to start with.

“I am not painting, I am actually folding origami.” replied Mrs. Yack gently, turning around from her work.

“Nice! Could I see one, please?” asked Rina.

“Of course, Rina-chan.” said Mrs. Yack, handing her a delicately folded crane.

“It’s beautiful.” said Rina, which was true.

“Thank you. I felt that the house needed some decoration.” 

“Yes. Origami is always needed for decoration.” replied Rina.

After a moment of silence, Rina decided to take action and go straight to the topic. “Mom, how is Hanna. This may seem a little random but I have not asked about her in awhile.” asked Rina, she knew she was edging it a little.

Her mother lit up like a candle with that single sentence. “I thought you would never ask! She’s quite well. Happy. She and Derrell finally moved out of the motel that they were staying in, they finally moved to a proper apartment, close to where Derrell goes to school. Hanna’s working as a nanny, and Derrell is working at one of his distant relative’s businesses.” 

“That’s wonderful! Do you know if Hanna is coming to Victoria anytime soon, with Derrell of course?” asked Rina, she was really pushing, but her curiosity was getting the better of her. 

“Hopefully soon. But I have a question, why all the sudden are you wondering about Hanna. You both did have a big fight in the summer after all.” asked her Mother curiously.

Shoot! She had created another mess! “Well, I am wondering because she is my sister after all, and I haven’t heard from her in awhile. Which makes me slightly curious.” she replied, hoping that would swerve her mother away from suspicion.

“Alright. Well to answer your question Rina; hopefully soon Derrell is busy with school of course but, I believe it will be soon.” Mrs. Yack replied calmly.

She was lying; Hanna was in Victoria at this very moment, but again, Rina needed to behave calmly.

“Yes of course, hopefully.” she replied, as innocent as possible.

“Rina, your Obachan baked some cookies today. I would like you to drop some off at Mrs. Lorimer’s, because there is far too much for us, please?.” asked Mrs. Yack, changing the subject very much.

Rina knew her mother well, this was a way to distract her from asking too many questions about Hanna. But she decided to do what she was asked, and act like giving cookies to someone was the most normal thing to do, which it was, right?

“Of course Mom. I would gladly.” she replied, hoping she sounded convincing.

“Thank you, dear!”

Rina left her mother. She got ready to endure the walk to Mrs. Lorimer’s house, with a cookie can in her arms, which was slightly embarrassing.

The air outside was crisp and cool, like it usually was in the fall in Victoria, counting out all the rainy days. The tree leaves were turning into a beautiful slightly orange, red, or yellow shade, soon there would be raking leaves season, but the beauty of fall was worth it.

Rina felt calm, though she was annoyed with her family, and disappointed that things had turned this way, she was a little more ready to do what it could take to mend her relationship with Hanna, than she had been for the last few months. 

But then again, that would be hard if she hadn’t really gotten the chance to speak with Hanna and probably won’t be speaking with her anytime soon, if she was leaving in less than a week. Maybe she could consider these baby steps for her family, they had been hurt too, when Hanna had left, of course.

Maybe they were doing this for a reason, to mend their relationship with Hanna, so that they could help her mend it with Hanna. Maybe that was why? Her parents did things for her and her sisters best interest, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they were doing it like that. 

Before she could analyze her theory further she had reached Mrs. Lorimer’s house. Taking a deep breath she knocked on the heavy door, to wait for a response. Like always Mrs. Lorimer replied with a flash.

“Oh, hello Rina.” Mrs. Lorimer said, with a look of surprise.

“ Hello, Mrs. Lorimer. I just came to stop by and drop some cookies off, that’s all.” replied Rina, handing her the can of cookies.

“Why thank you dear! These look amazing!” she exclaimed, gently taking the cookie can.

“Your welcome. I ought to go now.” said Rina.

“Oh no rush my dear, do you want to have tea?” Mrs Lorimer as with the sincerity of an elderly grandmother.

“Oh no thank, I better head home. But thank you for asking.” replied Rina, she really needed to go.

“Alright, see you on Sunday.” she replied, giving a slight wave.

“Good bye and see you soon, Mrs. Lorimer.” said Rina. Grateful it was over.

She hurriedly left Mrs. Lorimer’s house, and hurried down the street. She hoped that she might be able to catch her parents, at Rachel’s house, but she doubted she would catch them.

After running for sometime she reached Rachel’s home, she was right. She was too late to catch them. She watched sadly as the distant shape of her parent’s car faded away. She decided to give up. It was seriously no use! She thought, as she sadly turned around and started heading her way, home.

Suddenly! Rina saw Rachel running towards her.

“Thank goodness! I found you! I was looking for you everywhere, at the library, your house, and even Mrs. Lorimer’s house!” exclaimed Rachel.

“What is it, Rachel!? Did something bad happen?” asked Rina, curiously.

“Somewhat. I’m getting sent away.” replied Rachel sadly.

“What do you mean, sent away?” asked Rina, realizing that the worse was going to be said.

“My parents want me to…” she didn’t finish.

“Your parents want you to do what!? Rachel please, tell me!” begged Rina, she was getting more concerned.

“My parents are worried about me. They think I’m out of line, and am causing trouble for myself.” she replied sadly.

“Oh no! What kind of trouble?” asked Rina, who was rather frightened and concerned for Rachel now.

“It’s mainly my sudden change of appearance, personality, and friends. Also Hal and Trinity are getting sent away too. Trinity to Montreal to her Aunt’s place, Hal to his grandparents farm off the Island. So my parents want me to take a break from Victoria, meet some new people, and hopefully change for the better” Rachel replied, nervously.

“Wow. I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. But where are you leaving to? And for how long will you be gone?” Rina asked, she sincerely did not want Rachel to leave but, there was no choice.

“That’s fine. I don’t know what to say either.. I’m going to be staying at my Dad’s third cousin’s place in Toronto, sounds complicated I know. I will be gone until Christmad break, but will after return back to Toronto until the Summer.” replied Rachel, painfully.

“Oh my! That’s so long, and Toronto is so far!” exclaimed Rina, with a tint of shock in her voice.

“I know. It’s a bummer, but I will work with it.” sighed sadly Rachel.

“Of course you will, you are Rachel Blanche after all.” grinned Rina slightly, trying to light up the situation.

“True! But the main thing is, I will be able to tell you how your sister is doing, because I will be seeing her quite often now.” said Rachel, bringing the conversation into a more positive light.

Rina slowly taking in the news realized that she still had a chance of making amends with Hanna, as long as she contacted her through Rachel, and got her parents to invite Hanna and Derrell over for Christmas, which was a little over time months away.

“Oh my goodness Rachel! Rina didn’t have anything else that she could say.

“Rina I know you are probably shocked. But I could use my going away as a way to help mend both of our families, especially yours.” replied Rachel kindly, as she hugged her friend.

“Rachel, thank you so much, for being so considerate even though you are moving across the country. I will miss you.” said Rina with a slight sadness and happiness in her voice, her eyes getting a little wet.

“Your welcome. I will miss you too, and Anne, and Mya.” replied, Rachel, gently.

“By the way Rachel. Did you tell Anne yet?” asked Rina, regaining her emotions.

“Not yet, maybe we could tell her together at school, tomorrow. Anne would probably be really upset, especially because I will be leaving the school paper.” sighed Rachel sadly.

“Of course I would! Don’t worry Rachel, Anne would understand and get over it. Besides finding someone to replace you for the paper, though challenging is not impossible. She will miss you more than be angry at you” replied Rina, encouragingly.

“Thanks, that is good to know. Well I better get going now. My Mom is probably throwing a fit and calling the police right now.” said Rachel, with a slight laugh.

“Same here. Well good bye Rachel, and see you tomorrow!” replied Rina, hugging her friend, trying to remain calm and not too emotional.

“Bye, Rina! See you!” she said giving Rina a small hug, and waving a sad goodbye.

As Rina headed her way home, she pondered on all the things that had happened in her life, and all the craziness that was going on.This had been a strange day for her after all. A day of an end and a new beginning, for Rachel and her friendship. 

The Truth: Somewhat

“What!.. What do you mean.” asked Rachel, not believing her ears.

“Your cousin’s wife is my sister.” Rina at this point did not care what anyone thought.

“How. That’s impossible?!” 

“I know it sounds absolutely insane, so please let me explain. Please, Rachel.” begged Rina.


“Well for two years my sister Hanna was dating a guy named Derrell Alester; it didn’t seem serious at first, but she got a lot of jobs over those two years, and she focused on graduating early from high school; which she did. Before I even knew it I saw her packing her bags, and telling me that she had got married. Without telling me, my sister, or my parents. My sister Mya, and my parents got over it pretty quickly, because they approved of Derrell, they thought he was a good guy, and I agree with that. But the thing is she left my family, she got married without telling “us.” explained Rina, slowly.

Rachel, quietly took this all in. “It makes sense now, why my aunt and uncle were so mad. Why Derrell and his wife are staying at my home, not his parents.” exclaimed Rachel.

“Shh… We can’t be too loud, my sister is here. But could you please promise not to tell anything to anyone.” asked Rina, feeling guilty already of what she was doing.

“I will not. Also, I see your sister, Mya and your parents picking up Hanna and Derrell, from my house every Sunday. I just want to let you know.” said Rachel.

“Thanks, Rachel for letting me know. Also, I don’t want to be nosy or anything but I would like to speak with you about your smoking. To get things clear I don’t hold anything against you for doing so.” said Rina.

“I want to speak about that too. To begin with, I don’t smoke everyday, I really cannot afford it which is a good thing. But sometimes my friends Hal and Trinity have it on hand, and I do smoke, which isn’t good. I know I should tell my parents, but I am planning on quitting, I have already called Hal and Trinity that I have quit.” said Rachel.

“Alright, but please promise me that if you ever do it again, could you please consider that smoking is not in the best interest of your health.” said Rina, she knew that bashing Rachel with how awful smoking was for you, was a bad idea. It wouldn’t work.

“Thank you Rina for being understanding.” said Rachel.

“No problem. Friends are meant to help one another.” replied Rina, squeezing her friend’s hand.

“Thanks, again Rina.” replied Rachel softly.

More Secrets

On Monday, like expected there was no letter from Hanna. Mya and Rina concluded that they were either going crazy or that person that they saw looked very similar to their sister. With the worries of seeing her sister off her back, Rina’s life had returned back to, basically normal. 

The school paper was busier than ever, thanks to the constant stream of news, both from the school and global. Which left Rina, Anne, and Rachel extra busy, for the next week. This new surge of writing to do, caused Rina to completely forget about everything that had happened last week, for the better. 

It was the busiest day for writing that week, and Rachel was an hour. Anne and Rina, annoyed and piled high with writing to get done, kept on. Rina, wondered what was taking Rachel so long, after all she was usually the most punctual out of the three. But today, something was different, something was up.

“Anne, do you want me to call Brinn to replace Rachel?” asked Rina. Brinn who was not fully committed to the school paper whatsoever occasionally if one of the writer’s were sick would replace them.

“Let’s wait for another five minutes. I don’t really want to bug Brinn.” replied Anne, with annoyance.

Suddenly, Mya entered the room. “Sorry to interrupt your non existence conversation, Rachel is in trouble.”

“Um… What!” exclaimed Rina with shock and confusion.

“What’s going on?” asked Anne.

“It’s a long story, but can you come with me, Rina.” said Mya, gesturing for them to follow her.

“What happened?” asked Rina, as they hurriedly walked through the empty school hall(it was after school).

“I caught her and her other friends smoking, Marijuana.” rushed on Mya.

Rina couldn’t say anything, she never thought that Rachel was like that, maybe a hippie but not a marijuana smoking hippie.

“I know. But this isn’t her first time. She’s been smoking it on and off apparently, from what I heard, from my friends, for the last six months.” gasped on Mya.

“Where is she?” asked Rina, who got her voice back

“She’s at her house, but I wanted to tell you, without Anne in the same room.” said Mya.

“So what are you saying?” asked Rina.

“I’m just saying that, Rachel isn’t the person that she seems to be. I’ve known her since she first entered high school; and she used be a real nerd and quiet person. Then she met Trinity and Hal, the school hippies; she changed completely after that, she even planned to drop out of high school until she was told that she could probably graduate early, because of her academic abilities.” explained Mya.

Rina realized she actually barely knew Rachel. Rachel was almost a complete stranger, she didn’t even know her birthday. This revaluation made her realize that she actually “didn’t know anyone” including her family; everyone seemed to be piled high with secrets, lies, and things that they don’t want to be exposed.

“I better see her than.” said Rina, after her deep thoughts.

“What! Um, I don’t think this is a good time. I, your sister caught her doing something illegal, so I don’t think that she wants to see you at the moment.” 

“Mya. Though this may seem like a bad time, I am over with not knowing anyone, and also Rachel needs support.” explained Rina.

“Alright. But it’s not my fault if a door gets slammed in your face.” snorted Mya, as she walked off.

Oh well, she sure didn’t look forward to going home tonight. She returned back to the school library, and explained to Anne what was going on without exposing too many details, but she did include the marijunia. Anne, after soberly taking in this information, urged Rina to visit Rachel.

The walk to Rachel’s house was much faster than Rina remembered, and before she knew it she was standing at the front door. After reconsidering a million times, she finally knocked on the door. 

The door cracked open, with a very obvious face behind it. Hanna!

“Oh my goodness! Rina!” exclaimed Hanna.

Rina just started, in shock. She was right, Hanna was in Victoria, after all. Wait till she saw Mya’s face.

“What are you doing here!?” questioned Rina.

“What are you doing here, Rina!?” also questioned Hanna.

“Alright. Let’s start with you. Why are you at my friend’s house?” asked Rina, she was starting to get mad.

“Well, your “friend’s” cousin happens to be my husband.” explained Hanna.

“Alright! I figured that out somewhat. Why didn’t you tell Mom or Dad?’ accused Rina.

“You didn’t answer my question Rina.” replied Hanna, sweetly with a touch of annoyance.

“I’m here to visit my friend.” rushed Rina.

“If you are wondering if I told Mom or Dad, I did. I even went to lunch with them, Derrell, and Mya. You didn’t know?” 

Rina was in shock, Mya knew this the whole time, and so did her parents!? How many secrets was Mya hiding from her?

“I didn’t know. Mom and Dad never told me anything.” replied, Rina after gaining back her control.

“That does not sound like something that Mom or Dad would do, are you sure they didn’t tell you?” asked Hanna, with surprise.

“Exactly. Well sorry to cut off this conversation early with you. I would like to see my friend.” said Rina, she couldn’t bear to speak with Hanna anymore.

“Alright, come in.” sighed Hanna, as she let her in.

“By the way, Rachel is in the garden.” said Hanna.

“Thank you.” replied Rina a little coldly. Why did she have to be nice to anyone at this point? Especially to Hanna.

Rina found Rachel quickly, alone in her garden. “Hi, Rachel.” said Rina awkwardly.

“Are you going to give me a lecture on my smoking.” asked Rachel sadly.

“No. I am not, I just wanted to see how you are doing.” said Rina, as she sat down beside her friend.

“I’m alright. Have you met my cousin’s wife?” asked Rachel, perking up.

“I actually know her?” replied Rina, softly.

“What do you mean?” she asked curiously.

“She’s my sister.”

Note: There will be more chapters to come, I have already written four more chapters after this one, so expect more in the coming days or weeks.

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The Difficulties of a Secret

Acting like nothing happened was easier said than done. Rina on multiple occasions that week nearly told her mother of encountering someone that looked identical to her elder sister. Mya was not exactly having an easy time either, especially with her friends.

Rina anxiously would look in the mailbox for a single letter from Hanna, telling her parents that she was in Victoria, but none came. Her parents wondered why their two daughters were constantly tense and awkward, but they never took action and asked what was going on, thankfully. Being around Rachel in school had become tense and awkward.

Finally came the day of Rina’s file sorting with Mrs. Lorimer. It actually was a relief to be with Mrs. Lorimer, she was not suspicious nor did she know Rina well, which was all for the better. Mrs Lorimer’s kind and spunky attitude eased Rina’s tenseness that she had been feeling for the entire week; and made her feel more relaxed when it came to chit chat.

“Rina, I forgot to ask you how your week has been? How has it been?” asked Mrs. Lorimer kindly.

“Pretty good, busy. How about yours?” 

“Wonderful! My week has also been good, pleasantly quiet.” she replied, sipping from her China cup.

“Mrs. Lorimer, I have a quick question.” asked Rina, maybe the advice of an elder woman that knew nothing about what was going on in her life, would be helpful.

“Anything my dear.” replied Mrs. Lorimer.

“Have you ever been in a situation where you encounter someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while; and that encounter with that person leads to a lot of unanswered questions?” asked Rina, quietly.

“Yes I have plenty of times. For example my sister and I got into a bad fight about twenty years ago over my parents’ will. My sister wanted something that I received, which led to a ridiculous fight. After that fight we didn’t speak to each other for ten years. At the end of those ten years I encountered her son, and he told me that my sister, his mother had passed away that week. Since then I have a limitless number of questions that have been unanswered.” said Mrs. Lorimer sadly.

Rina was surprised, and a little startled, she never would have thought that Mrs. Lorimer, a cheery and generally happy person had gone through something like that. Maybe everyone had some regret or questions that they wish were answered.

“I’m sorry. I never knew.” finally replied Rina, this was the only thing that she could say.

“It’s alright. It was the past.” said Mrs. Lorimer, gently patting Rina’s hand.

“Well. I encountered my older sister, or at least I think so. I haven’t spoken to her in a few months now.” said Rina, finally letting it out. Oh dear, Mya would kill her now.

“That kind of encounter sounds very awkward. Not knowing if that person is your sister or a complete stranger, that looks like your sister.” sympathized Mrs. Lorimer. She did not even press, why Rina had not seen her sister in a while, or why it was awkward to encounter her.

The rest of her evening with Mrs Lorimer was rather quiet, and lacked conversation, but at least Rina felt calm and at ease. Finally when it came to go home, Rina had almost forgotten about all that had happened during that week, until Mya began mentioning it.

“Alright, if we don’t get a letter by tomorrow, we will conclude that that person who we saw was not our sister.” blurted out Mya, out of the blue.

“Um, alright. But what if we do receive a letter?” asked Rina.

“Don’t be stupied. That will mean the exact opposite of what I said.” said Mya.

“Do you think we should tell Mom, I think she should know.” said Rina edging to the realm of fire in the conversation.

“Sure, and embarrass and cause trouble for our parents.” retorted Mya.

She was right like usual. They just didn’t have all the answers; they didn’t go up to their “sister” and speak with her, after all, thought Rina ruefully.

“How was work?” asked Mya, changing the subject completely.

“Alright. Mrs. Lorimer’s nice, and she can carry a good conversation.” replied Rina, immediately regretting the conversation that she had with Mrs. Lorimer.

“That’s good.” said Mya, absentmindedly. 

“Mya, do you miss Hanna?” asked Rina, breaking the silence.

“Yes I do, very much. It sucks that she had to move to Toronto, so far from Victoria.” sighed Mya ruefully. “But then, that was her choice and Derrell’s; and we both cannot change that.” added Mya.

“I wish that all of those things didn’t happen this summer. Hanna getting engaged, marrying without telling us, and packing up to leave, with Derrell, so that he can go to law school in Toronto.” stated Rina, sadly.

“You can’t change the past, Rina, neither can I. Maybe you should just forgive Hanna, for what she did, no matter how much it hurt you.” said Mya.

“It’s easier said than done. But I will try my best.” replied Rina.

“Thank you, Rina.” said Mya, as the two headed up the walkway of their house; not knowing what would happen next.

A Strange Turn of Events

“Rina. Could I speak with you please?” asked Rachel softly as she tapped Rina’s shoulder gently, as Rina was walking to her French class.

“Rachel could this please wait until, after my French class, I am a little crunched for time.” replied Rina.

“That’s fine; well speak with you soon.” said Rachel, as she turned around and headed towards her locker, with her long flowing hair behind her.

Rina, thinking nothing of it, went on to her French class. After French she decided to meet up with Rachel to see what she wanted to talk about; it was easy to find Rachel, she was usually in the school library or with her hippie friends.

This time Rina found Rachel alone in the school library, reading a Charles Dickens novel. “Hi, Rachel; about the thing that you wanted to speak with me about.” asked Rina, as she sat down beside her friend.

“Oh yes. Well I need your help, with something, unrelated to the paper. Um, well tomorrow my family is having a family reunion. My cousin got married a few months ago, which caused a lot of issues with his mother and father. My parents decided to hold this family reunion to mend the family, in a way.” stammered Rachel.

“So technically you are asking me to help you with something that has to do with that.” asked Rina.

“Yes, exactly. I just need some help with what to wear, etc. My parents are fine with the way I dress, but my other relatives, not so much. So could you come over to my house, a few hours before the reunion, to help me with fashion. Please?” pleaded Rachel.

“Of course Rachel, but I am not expert when it comes to fashion, but I do know someone that does.” she replied, this was something that Mya would do everyday.

“Alright, Rachel, I will introduce you to someone that has fashion expertise.” said Rina.

“Gee! Thank you! Quick question: who is the person with the fashion expertise?” asked Rachel.

“My sister, Mya. You probably have seen her around. Tall, slim, resembles twiggy, with a short bob,” 

“Oh her. I actually did a project with her once. Thanks again!” answered Rachel, as she gave Rina a big hug.

“Mya!” exclaimed Rina, as she caught sight of her sister in the school hall.

“What is it? As you can see I am a little busy.” she hissed. That was when Rina noticed that Mya was getting asked on a date. Shoot! Mya would certainly fly a rage tonight.

“Well, Mya. My good friend Rachel needs some help with fashion and clothing, and I was wondering…. If you could help her?” hissed back Rina, with a slight plea.

“Alright. I accept. But now go, before my chances of a date this weekend is gone.” hissed Mya again, but she had a smile on her face which meant that she was going to do this without a question.

“Thanks. See you at home” she whispered, leaving her sister to her dating business.

The next day after the hassles of school, Rina, Rachel, and Mya, walked together to Rachel’s house. Mya, who liked chit chat, made sure that the walk was not silent at a single moment. When the three reached Rachel’s yellow modern bungalow, they had gone through five different topics for conversation. The inside of Rachel’s house was just as modern, clean, very white in color, and full of light, as the outside.

“Welcome to my den.” exclaimed Rachel, as she led them through the house, towards her bedroom.

 Rachel’s bedroom was quite different from the rest of the house; her room was colorful, really colorful, with dried flowers, unlit candles, and other hippie decor. It was also full of books, it seemed that Rachel was quite a bookworm.

“You have a nice place. Could I please now go through your closet Racel, to find you an outfit?” asked Mya.

“Of course, look through everything.” she replied with a big smile.

Rachel showed Rina her collection of books and sashes, which she had collected over the years. Mya on the other hand rummaged through Rachel’s small wardrobe, unsatisfied until she found the perfect outfit.

“Voila! I found something perfect!” announced Mya, as she handed Rachel a yellow skirt, with a cream colored sweater.

“Mya, are you sure this is suitable?” asked Rachel, a little unsure.

“Well, if your relatives don’t like the fact that you dress like a hippie, then they won’t like shorter skirts; so I chose an outfit that is a little modest than what I usually wear.” went on Mya.

“That’s true. Thanks Mya. Well I will go change.” Rachel left, leaving Mya and Rina alone together.

“Woah! Rachel’s house is classy, when I am a woman I would like a modern house just like this.” exclaimed Mya.

“Mya, I think Rachel might have heard you, that was a little loud; but I agree.” whispered Rina.

“Come on stop being so good.” Laughed Mya, her tone a little more quiet this time.

“Rina, and Mya. My parents are back from work and my relatives are with them so, I think you guys should leave, before you go through an awkward interaction with my family. You guys can leave from my window.” said Rachel out of the blue, she had just returned from the washroom.

“Wait so.. Your parents don’t know that we are here?” asked Rina.

“Exactly.” whispered Rachel, as she began opening her window.

“We better go Rina. Rachel is right, if we stay an awkward interaction will occur.” hissed Mya, as she grabbed her sister’s wrist.

“Thank you both!” whispered Rachel, as she helped Rina out of the window.

Rina and Mya, hurriedly walked through Rachel’s small yard, trying not to be noticed by the increasing number of cars and people in the driveway. 

“Uh, this will be difficult. I mean not getting noticed by a group of adults.” groaned Mya.

“I think I see a pathway through that hedge, on the left.” said Rina.

“Good eye.” the two girls quietly headed in that direction trying not to be noticed.

Suddenly, Rina caught sight of a very recognizable face; Hanna! Rina who was incredibly shocked and flustered stood still for ten seconds. Mya, had also noticed, got into action and dragged Rina, through the hedge and onto the street.

“You, idiot! We were almost caught! What were you thinking!” exclaimed Mya angrily.

“But… Han.” mustered Rina, before her sister covered her mouth.

“Stop right there. I know, I saw her too. So no need of jabbering off about seeing your older sister; that person might be someone else that looks like Hanna.” hissed Mya.

“Mya, but that has to be Hanna, I don’t know anyone else that has that face, Mom’s face!” she sputtered, yacking her sister’s hand off of her mouth.

“Rina, stop being dramatic. That was probably Hanna, but you have to answer this question; why didn’t Hanna, if that lady was Hanna, didn’t send Mom or Dad a letter.” pointed out Mya.

Mya did have a good point, but so did Rina. Hanna looked very similar to Mrs. Yack, almost identical; Hanna was small, with sleek black hair, and in general looked very Japanese, with greenish eyes.

“Mya, if that lady was Hanna, then that must mean that her husband, Derrell, is Rachel’s cousin. This is so weird.” moaned Rina, realizing the actuality. If Derrell was Rachel’s cousin, and Hanna was married to him, that would mean that Rachel was somewhat related to them, not by blood but through Hanna.

“Yes, I know it’s weird, Rina. But please keep your cool, we don’t want to cause trouble at home.” insisted Mya.

“You’re right. Mom, Dad, and Obachan don’t need more trouble nor drama in their lives.” gave in Rina.

“Good! But please promise me when we get home that nothing happened. Please Rina.” begged Mya.

“I promise. I promise that I won’t cause a fuss.” said Rina, it was not worth it to continue arguing with Mya, over this.

“Thank you.” replied Mya, hugging her sister.

The two girls began heading their way home, with a million questions whirling in their thoughts, the most prevalent of which was, was that young lady their recently married barely an adult sister? Or was she a complete stranger?

Files and More Files

Beep! Beep! Went off Rina’s alarm, she groaned and punched it with her fist. It was Sunday the first day of her job with Mrs. Lorimer, great!

 Her week had gone by in a blur; first she and Anne had met a new friend and partner for the school paper, Rachel, next she and Mya got into a studpid fight on Thursday over something, and finally, she and Brinn had done a school fundraiser to update the school desks, in the grade 12 classes(the desks were falling apart, because they were probably fifty years old).

Now it was time for her most dreaded day, sorting files for Mrs. Lorimer. Oh and today was Church which was not so bad, but she and her Mom volunteered to set up church events after church which usually took forever, because none of the other Church ladies seemed to agree on what dates the events should be on. 

Finally, after her rush of morning thoughts, she sat up and stretched. Quietly got out of bed, and began brushing her tangled black hair; she then changed into a skirt and striped sweater, and touched her lips and cheeks with a little lipstick. She felt a little more prepared, and ready to take on those Church ladies, maybe not a million files though. 

Church went by like a blur, similar to how everything else went in Rina’s week. There was a fair bit of arguing and decision making issues when it came to the Church ladies, but at least something was decided in the end.

 At last it was the most dreaded part of the day, going to Mrs. Lorimer’s to sort out a million files. To make things worse her family had decided to walk to church to save on gas money, so she now had to walk to Mrs. Lormer’s house, which happened to be twenty minutes away from her church, and it was raining.

Rina walked through the sopping wet streets; her shoes were getting filthy, which would make her mother happy. Her umbrella was not really helping to keep her skirt dry in any way. Rina came to terms with the fact that she would look like a complete hobo, when she reached Mrs. Lorimer’s house. Things couldn’t get worse when she got splashed by an oncoming car, which left her already damp coat, soaking wet any muddy.

Drat!!! She screamed in her mind, as she picked up her pace and began nearly running. It really would not matter if she got anymore dirty, because she was already at the limit of dirtiness. At last she reached Mrs. Lorimer’s fine house.

Before knocking on the door, she retrieved her tiny pocket mirror, and fixed up her hair a little, trying to look a little bit more presentable. Taking a deep breath she began to knock; almost immediately the door was answered.

“Hello Rina, please come in!” said Mrs Lorimer in a very cheery tone.

“Hello, Mrs. Lorimer. Thank you.” replied Rina as politely as could. Thankfully Mrs Lorimer had not noticed her messy appearance.

“Your welcome dear. We ought to get down to work, there are loads to do.” announced Mrs. Lorimer, as she led Rina to her office.

“Yes of course, Mrs Lorimer.”

“Good, good! Let’s get to work!” exclaimed Mrs. Lorimer, as she hauled a huge box of files and bunched up papers.

Here it goes, thought Rina as she grabbed a different huge box. Mrs. Lorimer was patient, which was a relief, because some of the files were a little confusing. After thirty minutes she realized that organizing files wasn’t so bad, it actually was interesting to read through files that were thirty years old. Also Mrs. Lorimer was lively and carried a good conversation.

“Rina, I heard that you like writing and reporting?” she asked.

“Yes, I do.” replied Rina.

“That’s wonderful, I was a reporter once, actually a few times. I started reporting around your age, there wasn’t a school paper in those days, but I used to write these short articles for my family and friends. When I was in my early twenties, I got a part time job at a real newspaper company in Toronto, which was really fun. I stopped reporting when I got married, but I never lost touch with the newspaper world especially when my husband and I bought the newspaper company. What I am saying is that it is a good path.” 

Rina was interested, she never thought that Mrs Lorimer had been a reporter, just a wealthy woman who had owned a newspaper company. She wanted to ask more, but that would be nosy, so she thought against it.

“That’s interesting! I am glad to know.” replied Rina, a little awkwardly.

“Well, that was the past. Oh my I never knew that I kept those files.” she exclaimed, as she looked through three files.

Rina, a little surprised, asked quietly. “What files?”

“Oh, just my children’s weight and height till they were eighteen. I can’t believe that I was so obsessed with that.” laughed Mrs Lorimer, with a shake of her head. She gently handed the files to Rina, to organize.

“Mrs. Lorimer, I found some old newspaper files. Just wanted to tell you, if you want to keep them in a special spot.” 

“This is a treat. These were from the forties, when I just bought the paper. I remember overseeing these being written.Thank you Rina, I definitely want to keep these safe.” she said softly.

As Rina was handing the files, she noticed newspaper clips, from the great war, and all the other terrible things that had happened during that time. The great war was not so wonderful; time for her mother’s family, actually no one’s family. She wondered if Mrs. Lorimer had played an active role on the news during that time, or if she had been a small part of the news spectrum.

“Well. Let us take a break.” announced Mrs. Lorimer, as she stood up and left for the kitchen. She came back with a plate of cookies.

“Rina could you please help me, and get the teacups and saucers?” she asked, gently.

“Yes of course, Mrs. Lorimer.” replied Rina, as she stood up and walked into the kitchen. “Do you want me to bring these flower patterned cups and saucers?” she asked.

“Yes, those will do.” 

Alright, she thought as she carried the cups and saucers very cautiously, and rested them on the less “crowded” desk. Mrs. Lorimer poured tea into two cups, and handed one of them to Rina. After the short “tea party” the two returned back to the work of sorting files.

 There wasn’t much conversation. Rina had been tempted to ask about her sister Hanna working for Mrs. Lorimer, but she decided against it; she needed to know Mrs. Lorimer to ask about her sister.

“Well, I think we will finish here, it is getting a little late.” announced Mrs. Lorimer.

“Alright. Thank you Mrs. Lorimer for having me sort your files.”

“Your welcome, and absolutely no problem, I should be the one thanking you. Doing these files alone would take me years.” she laughed. “Do you have anyone to pick you up? It’s not exactly safe to walk alone at this hour.” she asked, a little concerned.

“Yes, my sister Mya is coming; I think she is knocking on the door right now.” answered Rina, as she listened to a very obvious knocking.

“I hear it too. Well you better run along, you don’t want to keep her waiting.” 

Rina hurriedly answered the door, and came face to to face with the soaking wet and moody Mya.

“Finally, I was knocking for five minutes. Brrrrr! I am wet!” she announced, moodily, as she clutched her purple hands.

“Well you ought to come in and warm up. I am Mrs. Lorimer by the way.” said Mrs Lorimer, who had just reached the door. 

Hopefully. She had not heard Mya’s moody speech, thought Rina, as she watched Mya shake hands and say hello to Mrs. Lorimer.

“We better be going Rina, Obachan needs us to help her cook tonight. Mother and Dad are at a friends house for supper.” said Mya, after drying a tad bit.

“Alright. Well bye Mrs. Lorimer. Have a good evening.” said Rina, as she headed towards the door.

“Bye, Rina, and thank you!”

After the two girls had walked at least five meters away from the house, Mya began jabbering on.

“Woah! I never thought Mrs. Lorimer would be so friendly. I always pictured her as this snobby rich lady.” joked Mya.

“Seriously, look who’s talking. The girl that makes fun of her sister, about her fashion style.” snorted Rina.

“Well, maybe I do have a point. You do dress like an old woman/nerd, after all.” shot back, Mya.

“At least I don’t date boys over the weekend, and wear mini skirts.” added Rina, arguing with Mya was rather enjoyable, especially when it came to stupid things such as dating, boys, and fashion.

“Grrrr. You win.” groaned Mya.

Rina smiled and squeezed her sister’s hand. “Let’s hurry home, Obachan is probably losing her mind, and calling the police, because we are late.”

“Yep! For sure. Let’s race.” grinned Mya.

“Sure.” joked Rina, as she began to run.

 “Hey! You are cheating!” groaned Mya, as she caught up to Rina, and began sprinting as fast as she could.

Rina, burst into laughter, and stopped running. Mya, stopped and made a face of annoyance.

“What?!” she asked, confused.

“It’s just that you run strangely.” laughed Rina.

“I am pretty sure that I run like a normal person, normally.” laughed Mya, as she noticed the fact that she was wearing pumps for shoes, or ankle breakers if you ran in them.

“Well, not today. Maybe we should walk, unless you want to wear a cast for a month.” gasped Rina, as she eased her laughing.

“Good idea. Let’s hurry home, not sprinting.” said Mya, with a sassy smile.

Rachel Blanche

“Ohhhhh…..” groaned Rina, as she slouched on the desk; this meeting on the school paper wasn’t going so well. She and Anne still hadn’t found someone to replace Lois(the most important writer on the school paper).

“This is going terribly, if we don’t find someone by Wednesday, Principle Horn will be closing down the paper, for good. We just can’t let that happen.” sighed, Anne, desperately.

“Exactly. Maybe if we ask Horn, for an extra two days?” Rina suggested.

“I already have, don’t worry; and his answer was a “no”.”

“Shoot. Who in this school has the skill and time to get involved in the school paper that you know?” 

“No one. I don’t know everyone but still.” answered Anne, irritably.

Suddenly the two girls heard a knock, on the door. Surprised, Rina stood up and opened the door. The person who was knocking, was probably the most unusual person Rina had ever seen.

 It was a girl about the same age as her, which was not the surprising thing; the surprising thing was the fact that this girl was dressed like a complete hippy. Literally! She wore a long skirt and colorful skirt, with a white blouse, and peace necklace.

 Other than her rather colorful outfit she looked like an average teenager. She was of average height(which meant she towered over Rina), she had light brown hair that looked heavily brushed, and she had a touch of blush on her cheeks.

“Um, Hello.” said Rina after finding her voice.

“Hi. My name is Rachel Blanche; I just read your advertisement on the need for a writer on the school paper, so I came here to submit for the position.” answered the girl, cheerily.

“Alright, I am not exactly in charge when it comes to submitting positions. But my friend over here  is. Anne, I think we found someone.” announced Rina.

Rachel was quickly introduced to Anne. Then Anne got down to business, after checking Rachel’s writing ability, concluded that Rachel was a perfect fit. Though she was a little unusual and constantly said peace, she seemed like a really sweet and wonderful person, thought Rina. Someone you could be friends with.

“Oh goodie. I am so excited to begin writing with you two.” said Rachel, as she twirled her long hair, that was kept out of her face with a colorful headband.

“We are also.” said Rina and Anne in unison.

After two more minutes of chit chat, Rina had collected enough info about Rachel. She was fifteen, in grade ten. Her parents were musicians/sales people, and she had a younger brother named, she forgot that part; and her favorite subject was English. So far, Rachel seemed to be a pretty average nice girl, with a hippy side.

After the meeting was finished, and Rachel had left for one of her classes, Anne and Rina walked quietly down the school hall, to get to their last classes.

“Rachel, seems nice.” said Anne, breaking the silence.

“She does. She has a fun and goofy personality.” she answered, quietly.

“Yep! I think writing for the school paper has just gotten ten times more fun, now that Rachel has come along.” announced Anne.

“Agreed. We better tell Principal Horn that we found someone.” Rina replied.

“Oh yes, classes start in five minutes, so we have time.”

The two girls quickly walked toward the Principal office. Now Horn could not cancel the school paper, something that he always wanted to do, because he believed that Rina and Anne were too political when it came to their articles. 

Which probably was true, because there was a section on the paper called, “the outside world” which was a section on a lot of the global news that was going on, such as Martin Luther King, and the Vietnam war. That section had to be political somewhat because it was on the global news.

Rina quietly knocked onto the door. A grumpy face answered the door; Principal Horn.

“What is it, Yack and Harold?” he said, moodily.

“We won’t be long, but we found someone to replace Lois, for the school paper.” Rina answered.

“Good. Who is he/her?” he asked.

“Her name is Rachel Blanche. You might know her, she’s in grade ten.” she replied.

“I know her. Personally I believe that she is unsuitable for this role.” answered Horn.

“Mr. Horn. We checked her writing ability, and it is very good. Why do you think she is unsuitable?”

“Well, she has been having a reputation of someone who has gone through a lot of personality phases in life. Last year, she was a quiet and intelligent girl, but this year she has grown rebellious, and more of an activist, you can clearly see that in the way she dresses, I do not want her to be tainting the paper with her beliefs. Rebellious youth never end well, you probably know that well, Yack.” he said coldly.

Uggggg! Putting her sister into it! Seriously, adults could be less judgy. Rina thought, but she decided to keep her cool, he was the Principal not Mr. Herris, he had more power over the school. Besides he would gladly get her into trouble.

“If she writes anything too political, we will speak with her. But personally Rina and I would like to test her for a week, for proof, also I highly doubt that she would be any problem.” cut in Anne.

“Alright, I will let this go on, but if she does write something too political, she will be removed immediately. Deal?” he said as if this was the biggest nuisance in his already boring life. 

“Deal!” the two girls said in unison.

“Now get out of my office, I have work to do, and both have classes to catch.” he said moodily, and flicked his hand towards the door.

Rina and Anne, quickly left the office, it was no use staying any longer especially when your principal was not in a good mood. But why the stigma against Rachel? She seemed like a perfectly decent and sweet person, maybe a little weird, but still nice.

 Hippies had proven to be a more rebellious bunch, maybe that was why Horn disapproved of Rachel so much… But just because someone thinks a certain way doesn’t mean they will always use their beliefs in everything they do. But that again had proven not to be true, by Rina’s sister.

Mrs Lorimer

A large ruckas went on in Rina’s room as she searched for something to wear, today was the day she was going to meet Mrs. Lorimer, so she had to look proper and tidy, not like a flour sack like she normally did. 

Well! Rina concluded, she absolutely had nothing suitable to wear(she basically only wore slacks, boring grandma skirts, sweaters, and blouses). She actually wished that she had gone shopping with Mya, more, which was a first. 

As she finally gave up, and decided to wear the same yellow skirt that she wore on Monday, with a white blouse, Mya entered the room carrying one of her dresses.

“Rina I see you need a little fashion help, well I decided to lend you one of my dresses.”

“Thank you, Mya! Quick question: is the dress a mini dress?” she asked, Mya mainly wore borderline short dresses and skirts.

“Yes, but I am a lot taller than you so it will look like a gown on you.” Mya retorted.

Rina blushed, it was true that Mya was a giantess compared to her small five foot one frame.

“Alright, I accept gladly!” said Rina, trying to sound eager, though she was skeptical.

“Rina, could I do your makeup and hair, that pony tail of yours isn’t exactly stylish.” begged Mya. 

“Sure. I do need some help with my hair, but could you please ease down on the makeup, I don’t want to look like twiggy, when I meet a respectable older lady.” 

“Alright, your eyelashes could use some help but I will ease off.” replied Mya as she hurried to her room and came out with her hair styling things and makeup.

The next thirty minutes was a whirlwind. Rina’s hair was tugged and brushed, her face was powdered, and she felt the cold wand of mascara on her lashes. When Mya was almost finished she handed her a tube of soft pink colored lipstick.

“That color will suit you, besides you will get compliments from all the ladies at church and hopefully Mrs. Lorimer.” 

Rina accepted the lipstick, and lightly coated her lips. When she tried to hand it back to Mya, Mya retorted that she should keep it, and that she looked better in peach anyways. Rina looked at herself in the mirror, she looked fresh, and well older and more mature. The mascara made her hooded eyes wider, and the lipstick was perfect.

“Woah, Mya! Thank you!” exclaimed Rina, now she was ready to take on anything.

Your welcome, my dear sister; now I must get ready for church.” she said softly as she left Rina’s room.

Church went by in a blur, before she knew it she and her family were leaving the church aisle, and speaking to some of the church ladies. Mya was right. She did receive compliments; who knew that some makeup and a change of style would be impressive, she thought as she thanked one of the main church ladie’s, Mrs. O’Brian.

As the clock ticked, Rina’s butterflies got worse. She was seriously nervous about meeting Mrs Lorimer, which was ridiculous, she would just be sorting files. At last her mother announced that it was time for her and Rina to go, and get on with their appointment.

The drive to Mrs Lorimer’s house was quiet, except for when Mrs Yack turned on the car radio to listen to the news. Usually Rina would be eager to listen to the news, to hear how professional reporters did their job, but today was different, she had to be focused on her own things, giving a good impression.

“We are here!” announced her mother, as she began parking the car.

Mrs Lorimer’s house was well, posh and quite large, with stone walls, a lot of windows, and an overall look of something out of the Victorian era. Her house was in a nice and old neighbourhood after all, one of the nicest one’s in Victoria, so it made sense that it would be classy.

As Rina stepped out of the car, she noticed flower vases in each window, and very thin lacy curtains. Probably Mrs. Lorimer liked flowers and lace, thought Rina; this gave her the feeling that Mrs. Lorimer would be a high class lady, which made sense, she used to own a newspaper company after all, but who knows, she thought.

Mrs. Yack knocked the large wooden door, and the patter of feet was heard. A tall, gray haired woman answered the door.

“Hello, Mrs. Yack. This must be Rina, hello. I am Mrs Lorimer.” said the woman.

Rina and her mother both said hello, and shook hands with Mrs. Lorimer.

“Well come on in. Let us get down to business.” announced Mrs. Lorimer, she had a sorta spunky personality, which Rina decided to like. She seemed to be one of those middle aged women who had a great deal of fun in life.

Mrs Lorimer led them through a beautiful and old fashioned living room, and modern kitchen, to her rather cluttered and file filled office.

“Take a seat ladies and get comfortable.” said Mrs. Lorimer with a sweet smile, as she pointed at two chairs. 

Rina and Mrs. Yack gladly sat down. 

“As you might notice, Rina, my office is in quite a disarray, thanks to my abundance of files.” she said, as she gestured towards the piles of files.

“Yes, I did notice. Mrs. Lorimer.” Rina said, trying to speak confidently.

“Good! So I would like you to come over to my house, once a week, to help me organize these files, alphabetically, or by date. But the files that are useless to me we will organize and throw out.” Mrs. Lorimer spoke energetically, and used a lot of hand gestures, noted Rina.

After a few more back and forths, it was decided Rina would work for Mrs. Lorimer, to help organize her files, both in her office and her attic. The meeting was now finished, so Rina and Mrs. Yack said goodbye, and left.

On the drive back, Mrs. Yack, spoke excitedly on Rina’s new schedule. She tried to keep up with her mother’s chatter, but her mind was full of one thought; her sister had worked for Mrs. Lorimer before she had left for Toronto. That was why she had some memory of Mrs. Lorimer. She wondered if Mrs. Lorimer knew about her sister’s affair and marriage, before it had happened.

“Mom, could I please stop by at Anne’s house real quick, it is around here. I just need to drop off my section of the school paper so she can edit it. Please??” 

“Sure, but please don’t be long, I need to help Obachan with supper.” answered Mrs. Yack.

“Thank you Mom, I will be fast, around five minutes.” she assured her mother.

Mrs. Yack pulled up in front of Anne’s house, Rina quickly hopped out of the car and hurriedly knocked on the door. A familiar face opened the door, Anne.

“What is it, Rina?” asked Anne.

“I just stopped by to hand it my section of the school paper, I won’t be long, only five minutes.” 

“Alright, but I am pretty sure that is not the exact reason why you stopped by? Is it something to do with your sister?” asked Anne.

“You are right, but it has nothing to do with Hanna. So today I just got a job with a lady named Mrs. Lorimer.”

“What’s unusual about that? That’s great!”

“Thank you! Well, it really isn’t but, my Mom told me about it yesterday before breakfast. It just feels weird, because my Mom isn’t exactly the type of person that proposes a job offer. Also, Hanna worked for Mrs. Lorimer for some reason, I think it was because Mrs. Lorimer got injured or something.”

So you are saying that Mrs. Lorimer might know why Hanna moved and got married so soon?” asked Anne.

“Exactly! I just feel that I don’t have enough answers at the moment, my parents told me a lot and so did Mya, but I feel that they haven’t told me all of it or that they don’t even know all the details. It happened so quick after all.” Rina clutched Anne’s hand a little.

“I am not sure exactly how to answer this, Mrs. Lorimer or whatever her name is, probably doesn’t even know about it, why don’t you ask Hanna, if you want the full picture.” explained Anne logically.

“I know, I know. But you know I got into a bad fight with Hanna in the summer. I just don’t feel ready to speak with her yet. But enough about this idiocy.” said Rina, in reality she really did sound like an idiot, trying to get information out of Mrs. Lorimer.

“I don’t think it is idiocy, so I will support you. But to change the subject Lois has to quit, writing the paper, because of her load of school work to get done.” replied Anne, kindly.

“Thank you, Anne, you are best. Oh no! Who is going to replace her?” she exclaimed, Lois was the best writer on the team.

“I am not sure yet, but we are good for a week because she just sent in her section of the paper. On Monday, I am planning to schedule a meeting, if that works for you; I am also creating an advertisement, which I will be putting around the school for the position.” Anne said all of this in her extra rushed and businessy tone.

“That will work great for me, I have a lot of time lately because I am doing the easiest subjects this semester, minusing the math. That’s a smart idea, but I am not sure who will be able to fill her position because most of our grades have no interest in the school paper whatsoever, and the older grades are pretty busy.” 

“Perfect! That’s true, probably we will have to look for someone. Oh and your Mom is gesturing that you have to go.” Anne said as her gaze switched to Mrs. Yack’s intense hand gestures.

“Shoot! I better go than. Bye Anne! Exclaimed Rina as she quickly hugged her friend and rushed toward her car, Anne laughed, and shook her head. Rina, though she was more serious these days, still she was the same forgetful, careless, and wonderful person, that she always was.

Mrs Yack’s Proposal

It was finally Saturday! The real fun could begin! Thought Rina as she rolled out of bed, and hurriedly sat at her typewriter, she had to at least finish half of her section of the article for the school paper before Monday. 

Rina had been part of a school newspaper for five years, because she had skill when it came to collecting and writing the news of the school, the school paper was able to give out many copies to her fellow classmates. Writing for the school paper was actually the one of the few things that Rina enjoyed about school. 

As she hurriedly wrote, trying to keep her grammar and spelling good at the same time. After thirty minutes she had finished three paragraphs, which was satisfactory, she could finish the rest later. 

After her daily morning rituals, she walked downstairs, to encounter her mother, stirring her instant coffee, very slowly.

“Good morning. Before you go Rina-chan, I would like to speak with you.” said Mrs. Yack softly.

“Yes, of course Mom. What is it?” 

“What were you doing upstairs? I heard quite a thud, did you fall?” asked Mrs. Yack, her face looking slightly concerned.

Did I fall? Thought Rina, she did roll out of bed, but she was positive that she had not hit the floor, but who knows, she was distracted.

“I am not really sure, actually. I rolled out of bed and began working on my section for the school paper.” she said sheepishly.

“Oh well. At least you are fine. What are you working on for the school paper this week?” replied an exasperated Mrs. Yack. Rina was, well, forgetful sometimes, actually most of the time.

“I am working on the section on studying tips to help students study effectively, and get better grades. Last week Anne was working on that section, but this week she is going to be the editor.” talking about the school paper always made Rina excited, she was passionate about it after all.

“Intriguing. Changing the subject a little bit, I have something to tell you.” Mrs. Yack’s cheery tone changed to one a little serious.

“Yes… Mom what is it?” 

“Do you remember, Mrs. Lorimer?” 

“Um somewhat, not really. Did she used to own the newspaper company that Dad works at?” 

“Yes, she did. Well Mrs. Lorimer sent me a letter yesterday requesting if Mya or you could help her out with, in her words, a massive task to be done, of organizing her old files and documents.”

“So, you are technically proposing to me to work for Mrs. Lorimer?” asked Rina. She really did not want to work for some woman who she barely knew, and had probably only met once. Also the organizing files and documents part sounded tedious and brutal.

“Yes, exactly. I know Rina that you have a lot on your plate, but this would be an opportunity, sincerely. She was a newspaper woman and reporter, both of those things you have a passion for. I believe that she would be a good mentor for you in the future. Also she will be paying you decent money, a dollar per hour. Besides you will only be working on Sunday’s after church, I believe that you will be able to do this.” pursued Mrs. Yack.

My Mom should have been a saleswoman instead of a hobby artist, thought Rina. She was selling her, for sure.

“I am considering it, after all I only have church on Sunday. But before I do work for her I would like to meet her, just to make sure that she is someone I can trust.”

 Having a job and making some money would be nice. She could use the money to buy ink and paper for her typewriter, and save up if she decided to go to university.

“Wonderful! I will call Mrs. Lorimer this afternoon to let her know. Also you will be meeting her tomorrow, she is an intelligent woman with experience in business, so she let me know in advance that you or Mya could meet her.” said Mrs Yack as she finished the rest of her coffee and quickly began calling for Mya.

“Mom, before you go and get Mya, does Dad know about this?” asked Rina.

“Yes of course, Mrs. Lorimer asked him before she did me.” 

“Alright, thank you Mom.” she said as she softly kissed her mother on the cheek, and began collecting the ingredients for pancakes.

 The morning had been strange, after all she had been proposed a job offer from her mother, of all people. 

“Rina are you making pancakes? I need something delicious to help me alter a new skirt I bought.” said a very obvious and moody voice, Mya.

“Well yes, but make sure you do not gorge on the syrup, last week you finished half a bottle.” teased Rina.

“Do you think I can spoil my waistline like that especially before I alter a new skirt!?” exclaimed Mya, but secretly everyone knew that she had a soft spot for syrup.

“Do I hear arguing down here?” said a new voice, Mr. Yack’s. 

Mya and Rina immediately stopped their feisty behaviour, and began pretending that they were making pancakes, actually Mya was the one pretending, and Rina was doing all the cooking.

The morning had officially begun in the Yack family, the way it usually began.