Happy Valentines!!

Well, Happy Valentines to all my followers!

I’m not doing anything for this holiday since.

1: I am single.

2: what’s the point of celebrating a holiday that’s meant for couples.

3: And I have school today.

But even with all these good reasons not to celebrate this holiday I still woke up really exited and motivated! Well, maybe that’s the special thing about holidays.

But still, I wish ya’ll the best Valentine’s day! XD

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Have you ever caught a fish? Yes! I have caught fish many times,

Have you ever piloted a RC plane? Nope.

What is what is your favorite shake? Probably vanilla milk shakes.

Have you ever gone  paint balling? No but I want to.

And have you ever got lost in a maze? Yes, there is a huge sunflower maze in my area.

3 Facts about me

I love seafood.

I have wavy/curly long hair.

My eyes are hazel.

I don’t know if I should nominate someone since a lot of people have been nominated for this award, but I will nominate one special blog that I believe that has never been nominated for this award.

The blog I nominate https://blowyourmindhomeschool.wordpress.com/

What was the hardest thing you have ever baked?

Cookies or brownies?

Homemade bread or store bough bread?

What was the worst baking or cooking fail that you have ever caused?

And finally, cooking or baking?

Since I have posted links to my favorite posts before I won’t do it this time.


Fourteen year old Rina Yack groaned and rolled over onto her side, she was awfully tired thanks to reading some old Vogue magazines till 12 am,  and did not want to wake up.

After a few minutes of stalling she fumbled with her hands looking for her clock which was buried under a pile of school textbooks, magazines, and papers; it was 7 am drat!

She rolled out of bed, made it roughly, threw the magazines and newspapers which were on the floor into a wooden crate in her closet, she quickly got changed into a yellow skirt and white sweater, and tried to manage her knotty black hair with a brush, after 10 minutes of chaos she was ready.

She ran down the stairs and ran straight into her Dad, Peter Yack, a blond haired, blue eyed,  and tall man in his early forties. He worked as a newspaper writer and author.

“Rina, how many times I’ve told you not to run in the house your Obachan is sleeping you know how moody she can get,” he said steadying her; brushing her messy hair from her eyes .

“Sorry Dad, I’m in a bit of a rush,” Rina said hurriedly, she kissed her father’s cheek and was about to enter the kitchen.

“Remember you have to wake up Mya!” he shouted after her.

Oh dear! Her sixteen year old sister Mya was impossible, she slept in on every school day and was a stubborn mule when it came to her sleep and beauty

She hurried up the stairs and barged into her sister’s bedroom, the drill was barge into the room shake Mya and yell at her to wake up, that was the only way to get her up even though it meant making her furious.

Mya looked like the Asian version of Twiggy, the tallest female in the family standing at 5 foot 7, she was skinny with large open greeny brown eyes and light brown hair which she kept short, a little past her ears, she wasn’t that pretty if you actually thought about it but her charm and sassiness made up for it.

“Mya Matilda Yack! Wake up now or I will tan your hide!” yelled Rina, this phrase always worked on Mya and got her up straight away.

“Shut up Rina, it’s Sunday.” Mya pulled her blanket over her head.

“Well it happens to be Monday if you like it or not!” huffed Rina as she left the room, her sister would wake up now anyways.

She quickly ate breakfast just a slice of bread and butter, it could be worse, her Mom and Obachan always slept in, but she always had the best lunch because her house was near the school; she heard the soft patter of feet, her Mom walking down the stairs.

“Good morning Rina-chan,” said her mother Sara Yack, she was an artist and could do almost anything when it came to house decor and art, she was a woman of many talents but chose to stay home and raise her daughters and create art as a hobby, everything about her was calming and relaxing even her appearance was a comforting sight, she was a small woman just barely above five feet, she had long sleek black hair which she swept into an elegant knot at the back of her head, old fashioned but suited her.

“Morning Mom, where’s Obachan?” said Rina stuffing the rest of her toast, wishing that she could be calm and relaxed like her mother; her mother gazed at her disapprovingly; cramming toast into your mouth while talking isn’t exactly polite, but her mother thankfully didn’t mention it.

“Obachan is still sleeping, she sleeps till noon you know that,” laughed her mother as she led her to the kitchen; Mya was there looking incredibly spruce and charming, in her check pleated skirt which was borderline short and a short sleeve white blouse. She was quietly munching an apple with a fashion book in her hand.

“You’re up, finally.”

“Well, Rina a beauty sleep is key in looking fresh and great every morning Rina, which you should follow, more.” 

“Girls, now don’t start arguing you two are almost late for school now runalong!” said their mother very calmly.

The sisters left their home, and hurried down the road; their school Victoria High was a ten minute walk away but still it was far if you were carrying five huge school books which weighed like 5 pounds a peice. Mya and Rina went separate ways when Mya saw her friends; Rina hoped to see her friends but she didn’t.

At last they arrived at the school, she took a deep breath, she hated it, she hated the classrooms, homework, and annoying teachers, but she still entered the large swinging doors which were crowded with teens and teachers, as she entered the school she was bumped and pushed, but finally she saw her friends Anne and Brinn.

“Oh, hi Rina!” they shouted over the roar of noise.

Rina ran as best as she could to them; Anne was a ginger with reddish long hair which she kept in place with a headband and grey eyes which looked always curious she was also tall for her age and towered over Rina, Brinn on the other hand was blond with blue eyes and average height, she was very pretty but she didn’t care, her carefree nature made people want to know her she also laughed and giggled about almost everything which was sweet and adorable even though a lot of people found it annoying.

“Well ready for the pain of school?” said Brinn with a giggle.

“Yep!” said Rina and Anne, as the three of them walked to their classes.

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Thank you Colton for nominating me! Here is a link to his blog please check it out he’s really close to 200 followers! https://coltonbeckwithrpc.wordpress.com/

Facts about me.

I’m a girl.

I hate bananas and avocados.

I like writing.

I’ve never broken a bone

I’m kinda sarcastic, especially with my friends.

I ski.

Books are my best friends.

I have a sister(actually more than one).

My hair is blackish brown

I’m incredibly short, like really short.

I’m biracial.

Well lets get into Coltons questions.

  1. What day did you start your blog? Gosh, I think it was like September 30th.
  2. What direction were you facing? Forward.
  3. Have you done the Liebster award before? Nope, but I have done many awards before.
  4. What color or colors annoy you? Neon yellow, neon green, and neon orange.
  5. Have you ever visited my group blog? (https://thedfdiplomat.wordpress.com/) Yes, I like almostt every post.
  6. What is your favorite post you’ve posted on your site? Probably one of my Poems that I posted.
  7. What is your favorite post you’ve read on my site? Now this is very tough, probably one of your personal finance essays.
  8. What was the last post on your site about? Time allocation, and how I can use it to increase my productivity.
  9. What is the longest post on your site. Maybe my Term paper, it was about 2,000 words.
  10. Are these questions a waste of your time? Nope! I was doing nothing till than.
  11. Have you spent any money on your blog? Yes I have, I made my own Domain name.

The bloggers I nominate!












Questions for my nominees.

1: What is the worst fashion trend in your opinion.

2: Have you ever tried carrot cake?

3: Do you have straight or curly hair?

4: What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

5: Do you use your blog for school?

6: What day did you get the most views on your blog?

7: What’s a food item you really dislike or hate?

8: Chocolate or gummies.

9: Do you like seafood?

10: If you could stop doing one thing what would it be?

11: Finally what is your least favorite thing about blogging?

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And my questions from Abi!

1. What is your favorite meal for dinner? Probably udon noodles, lasagna, and tempera, this was hard to answer. XD
2. What is your favorite kind of fruit juice? Probably either orange or a combo or orange and mango, both so good!
3. What is your favorite type of music? It really depends but usually pop, or some random tiktok song.
4. What is your favorite room in your house? Why? The kitchen because that’s where the best things happen.
5. If you could become fluent in one language in an instant, what language would you choose? Spanish, I think speaking spanish would be really cool and helpful!

Three things about me.

  1. I love most Asian food, except for maybe something funky and weird(weird food is common in asian food).
  2. I can’t stand most rap music except maybe in tiktoks(tiktoks only use the decent and catchy part of the song).
  3. And I love swimming, it doesn’t matter, lake, pool, ocean, or river.

The blogs I nominate,











My questions for these bloggers.

  1. The worst book you have ever read?
  2. The weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
  3. What’s a food item you really want to try?
  4. If you could go to any country in the world where would it be?
  5. Cookies or Scones?

My best post in my opinion.


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  1. Have you been to six flags? Nope, never have been. I really don’t know what that is. XD Is it an American thing?
  2.  Have you cooked spaghetti? Yes. I love spaghetti!
  3.  Have you made a fort out side? I have made a snow fort many times, does that count?
  4. Whats your favorite type of storm? Probably snow, because it means great powder skiing the next day.
  5. Do you like the out doors? Yes!!! Especially when I go skiing or hiking.
  6. Whats your favorite season? Fall, its not to hot or to cold.
  7. Do you like cameras and do you have one if so what type? I like camera’s, I don’t have one at the moment, I did though when I was five, but the camera broke.
  8.  Whats your favorite thing to do? Ski, swim, read, and spend time with my family and friends.
  9. Do you like reading? Yes, I love, love, love, reading!
  10. Whats your favorite restaurant? Gosh, this is tough… Hunter Gatherer(it’s barbecue), Mile One, the Pony, Sushi Zen, Barefoot Bistro(fancy food), and Peak’s pie(it serves savory pies).

I nominate:





My questions to these bloggers.

  1. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
  2. What’s the worst movie you have ever watched?
  3. What’s something you used to wear that you are now embarrassed about?
  4. Apple or Samsung.
  5. WordPress or instagram.
  6. The food item that you dislike but everyone else seems to love.
  7. Thanksgiving or Christmas?
  8. If you moved anywhere what would be your desired climate.
  9. Have you ever been through a snow storm?
  10. And finally, who is your least favorite singer.

Have fun!!


Blog Update

Today and yesterday I updated my blog. Yesterday I added new menus to make my blog more organized, and to make it easier for my viewers to find content they want to see.

Today I changed my blog theme, it looks similar to my old one but the color and font is different. I thought of adding a image to my front page but when I looked through my photo gallery no picture was suitable for my blog, so my blog is picture less like before. XD

And I added an icon, for some weird reason, so yeah…. It’s nice though.

Well that’s all for now. I will keep ya’ll updated on any new changes.



I can’t believe this just happened!!! Thank you so much to all my followers!!!

I wish I could list all my followers, but it would make this post to long, so I will only list my 1st and 50th followers.

My very first follower was Colton and his brother(sry I forgot his name), thank you both!!! Please check out their blogs!

Their blogs.

My 50th follower is a girl named Hailey! Thank you Hailey for being my 50th follower! Please check out her site.

Hailey’s blog.

Thank you to the rest of my followers for staying with me on this blogging journey!!!!


Colonial Culture

In this essay I will be writing about what I learned about the culture of the early american colonies.

The life in the american colonies was much different than the way we live today, it was actually pretty hard, they had to go through many challenges to survive, but it also had some similarities to life today.

Colonial Cities and Government

A lot of the colonial cities were harbor towns. The biggest cities in colonial america, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York, were harbor towns. Harbors were very important for the colonies since these cities and towns depended on Europe for trading.

Every one of these colonial cities had these seven features.

  1. Church buildings (usually there were many churches)
  2. Government buildings
  3. Open squares, for gatherings
  4. Grid like street patterns 
  5. A market
  6. A section for tradesmen 
  7. Houses 
  8. A Jail(most towns and cities had a jail)

In most of the colonies the government was separated into two different branches, these were: the Governor’s council and the House of Burgesses.

 The governor of the colony was usually appointed by the King of England; the governor was used to represent the king’s decisions and ideas in the colony.

The Governor’s council: was a group of advisors that were appointed by the colony’s governor, to aid him in running the colony.

The House of Burgesses: was made up by representatives that were elected by the citizens of the colony to serve for a set of years.

The colonial government buildings were usually structured this way; usually these buildings were built with an “H” floor plan to house the two different branches. This was helpful since the two branches could meet separately in their own areas of the building, they could also meet together in the connecting wing of the building, for a general assembly.

Colonial Occupations 

In the colonies there were many different types of occupations or jobs; some of these are very similar to some jobs today but others you have never heard of. These jobs included.

Barber(barbers were very common in the cities, they cut hair but also did bloodletting).

Blacksmith(every city had a blacksmith. Blacksmiths made iron nails, tools, horse shoes, etc).

Cabinetmaker(the cabinetmaker made all the fine carpentry in the town).

Clockmaker(time is very important. Clockmakers built new clocks but also repaired old ones).

Cobbler(a cobbler was the colonial shoe maker, they also fixed old shoes).

Cooper(barrels were very important for storing things, including food. The cooper built barrels).

Doctor(much like the doctor’s today, they healed the sick and injured; some even owned a town pharmacy).

Farmer(the colonial farmers were very important, they grew all the food for the colony. Farmers sold some of their crops like tobacco to Europe. Farmers also raised livestock).

Grocer( the grocer was the person that had a store that sold all the food items to the colonists).

Hatter(colonial hatter’s made hats).

Miller(the job of a miller was to grind grains such as corn or wheat into cornmeal and flour).

Sailor(in colonial times a sailor worked on either military or merchant ship).

Silversmith(similar to a blacksmith, a silversmith worked with metal, but instead of working with iron, a silversmith worked with silver. A silversmith made fancy dishes and jewelry).

Tailor(a tailor was the person who made and repaired clothing. But, most colonists could not afford tailored clothing so they made their own).

Tanner(leather was very important to the colonists; the colonists used leather for many things such as horse saddles. A tanner’s job was to turn animal hide into leather).

Wigmaker(wigs were one of the most used accessory in everyday clothing, men and women both wore wigs for fashion. A wigmaker made wigs).

There were more occupations than this.

Colonial Home Life

Colonial home life was much different than ours today, the reason why it was different was because the homes of the colonists did not have any indoor plumbing or electricity. 

Some of the earlier homes in the colonies had only one room(this room was called the keeping room), and was built from wood, sometimes better materials such as stone or brick was used. These houses were very cramped and tight for space since there was only one room to live in; some houses had an attic for storage, an extra bed was sometimes put in the attic, but even then the living conditions were cramped.

Some families were very large and had to build bigger houses; the houses that these large families built were known as saltbox houses, this was because the houses had extension built on the regular house that looked like a salt cellar.

Wealthy colonists lived in stone or brick houses, these houses were built symmetrically and was very square in shape.

 Colonial furniture included, spinning wheels to make yarn for clothing,  barrels for storage, hope chests(a hope chest was for a young lady to collect goods for her own household in the future), rifles for hunting and protection, and beds to sleep on.

The colonists diet consisted of anything that the farmers grew or whatever they could trade with Europe. The colonists mostly ate, corn, squash, fruits, and other vegetables, bean porridge, and fish/meat; they drank water, cider, milk, and beer(even children drank beer).

Colonial Children and How They Grew Up

Colonial children had a similar yet much different life than children today. Colonial children were considered as “infants” or “babies” until they turned six years old, they did not have any responsibilities; when they did turn six they were given “big kid clothes” and started going to the local dame school, they also were given responsibilities and had to do chores.

The colonial children wore a pillow like gown known as a “pudding” to protect them from getting hurt if they fell; they wore this until they were six; after they turned six the children were given “big kid clothes” which were dresses and aprons for the girls and shorts or long pants with a long shirt for the boys. Both girls and boys wore simple clog like shoes.

Children who were six and older had to do chores that were very similar to the ones that children today would do, like, help cleaning the house, doing the dishes, and taking care of pets. But, since they lacked some of the modern conveniences that we have today, they had to do different ones such as fetching water, shaking mattresses, helping their father with his work(usually boys did this), and doing the laundry by hand.

The “Dame School” was the very first school or form of education that colonial children got. This school was taught by the local women of the town or community; these women taught the children how to read by having them sit around them. After successfully passing the “Dame School” the children would usually move on to a more formal school in their town that separated the children by grade levels, these more formal schools taught more advanced subjects such as arithmetic, writing, and rhetoric. Some colonial children, usually boys would go to a college for higher learning. There were some schools for higher learning for girls but this was rare. Some of the prestigious colleges today like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton were around during this time. Boys usually graduated college under eighteen.

Colonial boys usually became apprentices. An apprenticeship was a good way for a boy or young man to learn a trade from an experienced tradesman or mentor. 

Usually the boy’s father would sign a contract for his son to work for the tradesman in exchange for room and board, but sometimes the boy himself did this.

On many occasions the apprentice would eventually take over the business at the end of his apprenticeship or when the tradesman retires.

It probably seems that colonial child’s life was just chores and work with no fun, but actually free time was very important for a child’s upbringing. Colonial children had many different games they played; some of these included, checkers, nine pins(very similar to bowling), jack and ball, hoop and stick, cup and ball, and a game somewhat similar to baseball. So clearly colonial children had time to have fun.

Becoming an adult meant different things for boys and girls. Becoming a woman was when the girl got married and moved out of her parents’ home, this happened as young as fifteen. Becoming a man on the other hand was when the boy was able to support himself, depending on the career choice, it may happen as early as thirteen or as late as twenty.


This is my essay on the colonial culture.