Semester Report

During this semester of English I learned a wide variety of topics, including anything from how to write good essays to how to organize my writing. In this report I will cover everything I learned from this semester of English. I will be also covering the major essays I wrote and the novels I read … More Semester Report

The Truth: Somewhat

“What!.. What do you mean.” asked Rachel, not believing her ears. “Your cousin’s wife is my sister.” Rina at this point did not care what anyone thought. “How. That’s impossible?!”  “I know it sounds absolutely insane, so please let me explain. Please, Rachel.” begged Rina. “Alright.”  “Well for two years my sister Hanna was dating … More The Truth: Somewhat

Is It More Courageous to Show Vulnerability Than it is to Show Strength?

Everyone(at least I think so), is vulnerable or scared of something, especially as a child. But over time those “little fears” you have you overcome, which inturn makes you stronger and less vulnerable. But because we are human we are not completely strong both emotionally and physically, so we also have a vulnerable side that … More Is It More Courageous to Show Vulnerability Than it is to Show Strength?

More Secrets

On Monday, like expected there was no letter from Hanna. Mya and Rina concluded that they were either going crazy or that person that they saw looked very similar to their sister. With the worries of seeing her sister off her back, Rina’s life had returned back to, basically normal.  The school paper was busier … More More Secrets