Things For the Better

Though the awkwardness was still there, Rina and Hanna began speaking to each other. Maybe that was a start thought, Rina, after a pleasant conversation with her sister. Maybe things would just go back to normal? She thought, hoping. But at last Hanna spoke up, which might have been Rina’s wish or biggest nightmare. “Rina.. … More Things For the Better

The 16th-19th Constitutional Amendments

During the early 19th century in the US, the 16th-19th constitutional amendments were passed. These amendments, unlike the ones past before(which supported the rights of the US citizens), instead gave the US government more power. In this week’s essay I will be writing about the 16th-19th constitutional amendments. The 16th Amendment “The Congress shall have … More The 16th-19th Constitutional Amendments

Paragraph summary

Shirley’s brother is dead, her parents and herself are ghosts of their former selves before the great war, her recently arrived and beloved brother Henry is still far from recovering from the traumatic flashbacks of war, and Bertha is still in love, and praying. Shirley dreams of the world before the war, and tries to … More Paragraph summary

RPC Landing Page

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an online homeschool curriculum. The grade range of the RPC is kindergarten to grade twelve. The RPC is a mostly self taught course, above third grade, actually 98% self taught, also the RPC is a course free of textbooks, because it is almost one hundred percent video lecture based, with … More RPC Landing Page

Sentence summary

For English I will begin writing a new story. I have already finished the story I was writing for the last couple of months(I will post those last chapters soon). This is my one sentence summary of my World war 1 inspired story. The Sentence “Shirley’s brother is dead, her parents and herself are ghosts … More Sentence summary

Saving the Paper

“Alright, girls. What are we going to do?” began Anne, as she took a large gulp of milk. “Save the paper.” announced Rina and Brinn in unison. “Good! Now we have to figure, out.” added Rina, as she wiped cake crumbs off her yellow skirt. “Exactly. Horn is not easily pressured to change his mind. … More Saving the Paper