Fourteen year old Rina Yack groaned and rolled over onto her side, she was awfully tired thanks to reading some old Vogue magazines till 12 am,  and did not want to wake up.

After a few minutes of stalling she fumbled with her hands looking for her clock which was buried under a pile of school textbooks, magazines, and papers; it was 7 am drat!

She rolled out of bed, made it roughly, threw the magazines and newspapers which were on the floor into a wooden crate in her closet, she quickly got changed into a yellow skirt and white sweater, and tried to manage her knotty black hair with a brush, after 10 minutes of chaos she was ready.

She ran down the stairs and ran straight into her Dad, Peter Yack, a blond haired, blue eyed,  and tall man in his early forties. He worked as a newspaper writer and author.

“Rina, how many times I’ve told you not to run in the house your Obachan is sleeping you know how moody she can get,” he said steadying her; brushing her messy hair from her eyes .

“Sorry Dad, I’m in a bit of a rush,” Rina said hurriedly, she kissed her father’s cheek and was about to enter the kitchen.

“Remember you have to wake up Mya!” he shouted after her.

Oh dear! Her sixteen year old sister Mya was impossible, she slept in on every school day and was a stubborn mule when it came to her sleep and beauty

She hurried up the stairs and barged into her sister’s bedroom, the drill was barge into the room shake Mya and yell at her to wake up, that was the only way to get her up even though it meant making her furious.

Mya looked like the Asian version of Twiggy, the tallest female in the family standing at 5 foot 7, she was skinny with large open greeny brown eyes and light brown hair which she kept short, a little past her ears, she wasn’t that pretty if you actually thought about it but her charm and sassiness made up for it.

“Mya Matilda Yack! Wake up now or I will tan your hide!” yelled Rina, this phrase always worked on Mya and got her up straight away.

“Shut up Rina, it’s Sunday.” Mya pulled her blanket over her head.

“Well it happens to be Monday if you like it or not!” huffed Rina as she left the room, her sister would wake up now anyways.

She quickly ate breakfast just a slice of bread and butter, it could be worse, her Mom and Obachan always slept in, but she always had the best lunch because her house was near the school; she heard the soft patter of feet, her Mom walking down the stairs.

“Good morning Rina-chan,” said her mother Sara Yack, she was an artist and could do almost anything when it came to house decor and art, she was a woman of many talents but chose to stay home and raise her daughters and create art as a hobby, everything about her was calming and relaxing even her appearance was a comforting sight, she was a small woman just barely above five feet, she had long sleek black hair which she swept into an elegant knot at the back of her head, old fashioned but suited her.

“Morning Mom, where’s Obachan?” said Rina stuffing the rest of her toast, wishing that she could be calm and relaxed like her mother; her mother gazed at her disapprovingly; cramming toast into your mouth while talking isn’t exactly polite, but her mother thankfully didn’t mention it.

“Obachan is still sleeping, she sleeps till noon you know that,” laughed her mother as she led her to the kitchen; Mya was there looking incredibly spruce and charming, in her check pleated skirt which was borderline short and a short sleeve white blouse. She was quietly munching an apple with a fashion book in her hand.

“You’re up, finally.”

“Well, Rina a beauty sleep is key in looking fresh and great every morning Rina, which you should follow, more.” 

“Girls, now don’t start arguing you two are almost late for school now runalong!” said their mother very calmly.

The sisters left their home, and hurried down the road; their school Victoria High was a ten minute walk away but still it was far if you were carrying five huge school books which weighed like 5 pounds a peice. Mya and Rina went separate ways when Mya saw her friends; Rina hoped to see her friends but she didn’t.

At last they arrived at the school, she took a deep breath, she hated it, she hated the classrooms, homework, and annoying teachers, but she still entered the large swinging doors which were crowded with teens and teachers, as she entered the school she was bumped and pushed, but finally she saw her friends Anne and Brinn.

“Oh, hi Rina!” they shouted over the roar of noise.

Rina ran as best as she could to them; Anne was a ginger with reddish long hair which she kept in place with a headband and grey eyes which looked always curious she was also tall for her age and towered over Rina, Brinn on the other hand was blond with blue eyes and average height, she was very pretty but she didn’t care, her carefree nature made people want to know her she also laughed and giggled about almost everything which was sweet and adorable even though a lot of people found it annoying.

“Well ready for the pain of school?” said Brinn with a giggle.

“Yep!” said Rina and Anne, as the three of them walked to their classes.

My Three Favorite Parts From 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, written by Jules Verne(Jules Verne was one of the first authors to write in the genre of science fiction), and published in 1870.

The novel is about three men, Professor Aronnax, Counsiel, and Ned Land. These three men are on a journey to kill a “sea monster,” that has damaged and destroyed several ships.

 To find this “monster” the three men ride a ship called the Abraham Lincoln; When they do find this “monster” they discover that the monster is not really alive it actually is a type of ship called a submarine, this submarine is called the Nautilus.

The three men get captured by the submarine’s captain, Captain Nemo. The rest of the story is a tale about the adventures that these three men experience during their imprisonment.

In this essay I will be writing about my three favorite parts from this book: my favorite parts from this book are, the intro to the book(the first few chapters), the part when they journey to the South Pole, and the escape.

The Intro

The intro of the book introduced the main themes of the book, and got into the situation with the “monster” and the damage it was causing. Also this part of the book got into why Professor Aronnax received a letter from the Secretary of Maine, and why he decided to go and help them.

Professor Aronnax boarded a ship called the Abraham Lincoln, to hunt the “monster” with his two compainions. But the hunt comes to an end when they get captured.

The reason why I liked this part of the book was because it gave me a grasp on the story(even though I have read the book before).

The Journey to The South Pole

This part of the book was probably the most interesting and exciting part of the book in my opinion.

Captain Nemo decides to journey to the South Pole, which at the time has never been done; the journey is pretty long and dangerous.

 The most exciting part in this part of the book was when the Nautilus gets stuck in ice, to make matters worse, the ship slowly loses oxygen, which makes it nearly impossible to breath, before all was lost the Nautilus bores a hole through the ice so that the ship could collect some oxygen, this saves the characters but does not free them from the ice, they escape the ice by ramming the ship into the ice, breaking the ice into pieces.

The Escape

Ned Land had wanted to escape from the very start, but Professor Aronnax had not always wanted to, this was because he was somewhat a friend of Captain Nemo, but he wanted his freedom back too, so he was back and forth on the matter.

But, finally in the last few chapters of the book Aronnax consents to the idea of escape. Their plan of escape is to steal a small boat on the Nautilus.

Writing about the aftermath of the escape would spoil the story, so I will leave it a mystery that you will discover.


20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, was a pretty decent book in my opinion, even though some parts were pretty dull and boring(this may be because I have read the book more than once); even though I thought some parts were boring I still recommend reading the novel, it’s a classic Jules Verne novel, that’s well written, and has some pretty interesting parts.

This is my essay on my three favorite parts of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

I Will Sell My Business When It Makes a Profit of [$??] a Year, So That I Can [??]

If I start a business it will be one of my main sources of income, but when my business starts making a certain amount and I am at a certain age(probably when I am old), I would like to sell this business to either start a new business or retire if I am old. This plan may change throughout the next coming years.

Like I said I would most likely sell my business when I retire; because I would most likely sell my business when I am older I do not know how much money in profit I have made from the business.

The other reason to sell my business would be if I want to start a new business and the business I am currently running is making a good profit then I will sell. If I do sell in this type of situation I would like my business to be making me two hundred dollars in profit, this does not seem like a lot, but think about all the expenses you must pay before you pay yourself, now that’s decent money, for a small business.

I plan on not having a large business, just a small or medium sized business. I am planning to follow the field of Geology, and I would like to be a writer on mining, since I will have the knowledge on the subject since I will be a geologist, so my business will not be huge.

But, if I change my mind and plan on starting a large business corporation, I would make sure that I am able to sell the business in the future.  When I do sell, I hope to have been making millions in profit when I owned the business.


When I do have a business I do not plan on selling until I am old and ready to retire. Having a business can be a huge opportunity and advantage, so I will probably hold onto the business until I am old, but if I find a new opportunity or career path, I would only sell the business when I make 200,000 thousand dollars in profit. This number is unsure since I am still in my early teens, things may change.

History of Africa

Africa is a very large and diverse continent, probably the most diverse continent on this Earth; it also has the biggest river on Earth the Nile river. The Nile river was a very important part of the early civilizations in Africa.

The Main Ancient African Civilizations 

Egypt was the strongest and most well known of the ancient civilizations in Africa; Egypt was mostly ruled by Pharaohs. Even though Egypt is in a dessert it still was an agricultural nation, thanks to the Nile river.

The ancient civilization of Persia invaded and conquered Egypt, but over time the Egyptians regained their freedom. Egypt was again conquered in 31 BC by the Romans; Egypt was under the control of Rome until Rome collapsed in 476 AD. When Rome was on its decline Egypt adopted a new religion, Islam.

Nubia was located south of Egypt and was on the Nile river; Nubia was known for its trading with Arabia and the Mediterranean civilizations, Nubia also began iron working.

 Nubia was mostly independent from Egypt after the rise of the Roman empire; Nubia declined in power though in 400 AD.

Ethiopia first began as a civilization in 500 BC, as the civilization of Axum; the civilization was built up in a way so it could trade along the Red Sea coast. Ethiopia originally was a very Arab country, but then the civilization eventually incorporated elements of Egyptian and Greek culture.

During the first century the country was very strong and wealthy, they were also ruled by a strong and stable line of kings.

Africa After 500 AD to 1750

After 500 AD, Africa slowly developed more tribal nations, but it still mostly remained as a decentralized continent.

European countries began colonizing the African coast, to harvest the rich African resources and promote the slave trade.


This is my essay on the history of Africa.

Liebster Award!!!


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Thank you Colton for nominating me! Here is a link to his blog please check it out he’s really close to 200 followers!

Facts about me.

I’m a girl.

I hate bananas and avocados.

I like writing.

I’ve never broken a bone

I’m kinda sarcastic, especially with my friends.

I ski.

Books are my best friends.

I have a sister(actually more than one).

My hair is blackish brown

I’m incredibly short, like really short.

I’m biracial.

Well lets get into Coltons questions.

  1. What day did you start your blog? Gosh, I think it was like September 30th.
  2. What direction were you facing? Forward.
  3. Have you done the Liebster award before? Nope, but I have done many awards before.
  4. What color or colors annoy you? Neon yellow, neon green, and neon orange.
  5. Have you ever visited my group blog? ( Yes, I like almostt every post.
  6. What is your favorite post you’ve posted on your site? Probably one of my Poems that I posted.
  7. What is your favorite post you’ve read on my site? Now this is very tough, probably one of your personal finance essays.
  8. What was the last post on your site about? Time allocation, and how I can use it to increase my productivity.
  9. What is the longest post on your site. Maybe my Term paper, it was about 2,000 words.
  10. Are these questions a waste of your time? Nope! I was doing nothing till than.
  11. Have you spent any money on your blog? Yes I have, I made my own Domain name.

The bloggers I nominate!

Questions for my nominees.

1: What is the worst fashion trend in your opinion.

2: Have you ever tried carrot cake?

3: Do you have straight or curly hair?

4: What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

5: Do you use your blog for school?

6: What day did you get the most views on your blog?

7: What’s a food item you really dislike or hate?

8: Chocolate or gummies.

9: Do you like seafood?

10: If you could stop doing one thing what would it be?

11: Finally what is your least favorite thing about blogging?

Which Three Time Allocation Changes Could Increase My Productivity and Why?

Time allocation is an effective time management strategy, yet most people overlook it, this is because they get to busy with other things in life and forget what task is more important than the other.

 In this essay I will be talking about three things that I will be implementing the strategy of time allocation in my life.

Screen Time

My daily screen time is something that I want to limit my time with, but this is difficult since most of my school work requires me to be on a computer. I usually set aside fours hours of computer time to finish my school(I do a total of six courses each day), each day except on weekends and holidays, when my screen time is limited to only two hours at the most.

Limiting my screen time will give me enough time to do better and more important things, and make sure that my brain will not get damaged from the screens, which are very harmful for your health.


Cleaning is pretty important in my family, having a clean house is very beneficial and makes your life less cluttered and disorganized. I would like to set a specific time when I can help my Mom clean the house or clean my room and bathroom.

Cleaning regularly will make each future cleaning job easier since there is not much to clean, instead of procrastinating and letting the mess pile up, I will clean a little each day to keep the mess under control.

Fresh Air

Getting fresh air is pretty important to me, it helps me clear my brain, and get a good dose of clean fresh air in my lungs. Lately I have been too busy to go for regular walks because of school and other things. Cutting down my screen time will help me achieve this goal of going on daily walks.


These are the three things that I will be implementing time allocation to in my life.


Swimming is my favorite sport, I also go to swimming competitions, so I take it pretty seriously. In this essay I will be writing about the competitive sport of swimming.

The Strokes

In swimming there are four strokes, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke. Freestyle is the fastest stroke out of all four, freestyle requires strong arms and a good steady kick. I am a long distance freestyler, I am pretty bad at short distance freestyle.

Backstroke is somewhat similar to freestyle except you swim backstroke on your back; good backstroke requires the same things as freestyle, but it is a slower stroke. I dislike backstroke for the most part, and when I do swim it I usually overthink it.

 Butterfly is probably the most difficult stroke to swim. Butterfly uses a completely different kick then freestyle and backstroke, the kick that is used in butterfly is dolphin kick; butterfly is the second fastest stroke. I am a butterflyer, its painful but I’m good at it.

Breaststroke is a pretty unique stroke, you look like a frog when you swim it, breastroke is probably the hardest stroke to master out of the four strokes, it’s also the slowest stroke. I used to be pretty good at breaststroke and even made it to provincials, but now I have become lazy with it since I focus on other strokes like freestyle and butterfly.

Equipment Used For Swimming

There are many different types of equipment used in swimming; these things are either things that are used in swim practices to improve the swimmer’s stroke or kick or used daily by swimmers.

These types of equipment are, swimsuits, race suits or tech suits, goggles, swim caps, kick boards, pull buoys, snorkels, flippers, and nose plugs.

Swimsuits for girls are like bathing suits except tighter and one piece, bikinis or two piece swimsuits are a big no in competitive swimming. For boys the suits are also tight, not like those baggy swim shorts that boys would wear at the beach.

Race suits or tech suits for girls are similar to swimsuits except for the fact that that they cover more of your body, the bottom half of the suit goes down to your knees, they are usually much more expensive than regular training swimsuits, and are much tighter, because more material is used and they are used for racing. Race suits for boys look the exact same as their training swimsuits, except they are tighter and more expensive.

Goggles are used to protect and cover the swimmers eyes, they look exactly the same as regular swim goggles except more round in shape.

Swim caps are usually provided by the swim team and are used to keep your keep your hair covered and protected.

Kick boards are not used at swim meets but instead at swim practices to help improve the swimmer’s kick, which is important for becoming faster and better at swimming.

Pull buoys are used for pulling. Pulling is a swim drill; you swim freestyle(usually), without using your legs, a pull buoy is what you put between your legs to prevent you from kicking during a pull set.

Snorkels are normally used when you go snorkeling at a beach, but they can be used for swim drills during a swim practice. Snorkels are used for arm strength usually since you can do more swim strokes with a snorkel. I can’t stand snorkels, I always end up choking on water, and I feel like I never get enough air.

Flippers are used to improve your kick like kickboards, flippers make your kick faster and more precise.

Nose plugs are optional for swimmers, some swimmers wear them in backstroke if they get water clogged in their nose, nose plugs are also used during a set that requires a snorkel.

 Competitive Swimming Terms

Competitive swimming has quite a few terms when it comes to racing or swim competitions, these terms are very important to understand if you are a competitive swimmer. These terms are DQ, PQT, IM, Relays, and Personal Bests.

A DQ is the disqualification in a swim race, a DQ is used when a swimmer makes an error such as false starting or a mistake in technique; if you get a DQ in a race it means that your time is automatically deleted off of the results because you made an error in the race. I have gotten three DQs in my life.

A PQT is the provincial qualifying time, getting a PQT in a race means that you can go to provincials for that race. I have made it to provincials once.

IM means individual medley, which is a type of race that requires all four strokes in this order, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. An IM race can be as short as 100 meters to as long as 400 meters. To be good at IM means you have to be decent in all four strokes.

Relays in swimming is like relays in running. In swim relays there are four people in each relay, usually relays are separated by gender, usually there is a boys relay and a girls relay, but sometimes there is a mixed relay where boys and girls can be in the same relay.

 There are two types of relays, medley relays and freestyle relays; in the medley relay each person in the relay swim one stroke that’s part of the medley. The order of the medley in a relay is different than the individual medley, instead of butterfly being the first stroke swam backstroke is, so the order is different.

 Freestyle relays are just like they sound, a relay where everyone just swims freestyle. Usually each person in the relay swims 50 meters, which adds up to 200 meters total after four people swim but sometimes relays can be up to 400 meters long, so each person in the relay swims 100 meters each.

If you get a personal best, that means that you just got a best time.


This is my essay on my favorite sport swimming.

The Entrepreneur That I Admire

The Entrepreneur that I admire is Warren Buffet. Buffet, he is almost ninety years old at the moment.

Buffet is considered one of the most successful investors in the world, and is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway; he is the fourth richest man in the world with a networth of 89.4 billion USD.


Buffet was born on August 30th, 1930, and was the son of a congressman, Howard Buffet. He  was born in Omaha Nebraska. He expressed an interest in investing and business at a very young age after he read a book called One Thousand Ways to Make $1000, at only seven years of age.

He had many small business ventures as a child, these included selling chewing gum, coca cola bottles, and weekly magazines door to door. During highschool he made money by selling newspapers, golf balls, and etc.

Buffet began investing at a young age also, at age eleven he bought his very first shares. He also was a serious saver, at only fourteen years old he had $1,200 saved up, which was a lot of money at the time. After he graduated he had $9,800 in savings(about $105,000 today).

 He was also quite intelligent, he went to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Business School of Columbia University.

The Obstacles He Overcame

Buffet overcame many obstacles, he made mistakes when he came to investments and lost money. But overall he was very successful when it came to his investments.

One of the obstacles he overcame was during the 2007/2008 financial crisis Buffet lost about $25 billion dollars, which left his income at $37 billion dollars, he overcame it though and now by 2020 his net worth is a staggering $89.4 billion, so obviously he overcame that obstacle.


Warren Buffet is a very successful entrepreneur, that I admire.

My Favorite Lessons From This Year of History

In this essay I will be talking about my favorite lessons from this year of history: I have two favorite lessons.

Lesson Number One

My second favorite lesson from this year was the lesson on The Artists of the Renaissance. This lesson was about different talented artists other than Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, from a period of history known as the Renaissance. 

The artists I learned about in this lesson were, Raphael(a contemporary of Da Vinci and Michelangelo, and was a painter), Botticelli(an Italian painter that used minimal contrast of light and shadow in his work), Dontatello(an artist that specialized in sculpting, especially sculptures in the style of reliefs), and Titian(this artist was very versatile in his work,and loved many different colors).

These Renaissance artists were very important to the development of art, and their influence is still seen to this day.

Lesson Number Two

My favorite lesson for this year, was the lesson, The Thirteen Colonies part two; the colonies that I learned in this lesson was Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

The colony of Maryland was founded in the year 1632, by Lord Baltimore(Baltimore city in Maryland is named after Lord Baltimore); Maryland originally was used as a haven for Catholics, but eventually the Protestants overthrew the Catholics and gained control of the colony.

Connecticut was founded four years after Maryland. Connecticut was founded by a Puritan minister.

Rhode Island was founded in the year 1636, when Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were banished from Massachusetts colony. Roger and Anne both founded their own colonies, Rhode Island and Providence colony. Both colonies were combined into one in 1663.

In 1664, Delaware colony was founded, before it was founded Delaware used to be part of Pennsylvania.


These were my two favorite lessons from this year of history. The reason why I liked these two lessons the most out of all one-hundred eighty lessons in my history course is because these lessons weren’t about one specific person but instead a group of people, which I found pretty interesting and educational.

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And my questions from Abi!

1. What is your favorite meal for dinner? Probably udon noodles, lasagna, and tempera, this was hard to answer. XD
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3. What is your favorite type of music? It really depends but usually pop, or some random tiktok song.
4. What is your favorite room in your house? Why? The kitchen because that’s where the best things happen.
5. If you could become fluent in one language in an instant, what language would you choose? Spanish, I think speaking spanish would be really cool and helpful!

Three things about me.

  1. I love most Asian food, except for maybe something funky and weird(weird food is common in asian food).
  2. I can’t stand most rap music except maybe in tiktoks(tiktoks only use the decent and catchy part of the song).
  3. And I love swimming, it doesn’t matter, lake, pool, ocean, or river.

The blogs I nominate,

My questions for these bloggers.

  1. The worst book you have ever read?
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  4. If you could go to any country in the world where would it be?
  5. Cookies or Scones?

My best post in my opinion.