Chapter 12

“Shirley and Henry, what you both did last night, leaving the party was incredibly disgraceful. Your grandfather and I now forbid you both to go to any more events if you show yourselves in such a disgraceful manner. I am disappointed.” declared my grandmother, angrily. “I am very sorry grandmother, and this will never happen … More Chapter 12

Chapter 11

The next morning I felt confused and flustered, with the events that had happened the night before. I decided to avoid Henry for the rest of the morning, I was not ready to hear anymore things that had happened in the past. My grandparents were completely oblivious to what was happening, especially my grandmother who … More Chapter 11

World War 2

World War 2( 1939-1945), was a devastating war that affected many countries in the world. Also this war had many countries involved in the fight, very similar to World War 1. In this week’s history essay I will be discussing the history of this war, mainly in the perspective of the United States. The Start … More World War 2

Chapter 10

The noise of the patter of footsteps awoke me, I turned around and opened my eyes. My room was pitch dark, it was still the middle of the night. Slowly I got out of bed and opened my door, and looked about the hall. Henry’s bedroom door opened a crack, and I could see light. … More Chapter 10

Chapter 9

Oh my goodness! I thought with excitement as Rose pinned up the long skirt of my lovely, white, lacy, evening dress. I looked at my appearance in the mirror. I looked elegant, beautiful, and charming. Hopefully my charm would prove itself today at this party. After Rose finished with the dress, I kindly thanked her … More Chapter 9

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 I yawned and stretched, trying to evaluate where I was, everything seemed unfamiliar and vague. But after another minute I remembered the day before, the train trip, and everything else. I was at my grandparents place, I was sleeping in one of their guest bedrooms. I turned on my side and peeked out … More Chapter 8