The Lifestyle I Want Twenty Years From Now

In this week’s essay I will be writing about what lifestyle I want twenty years from now. This is just a guess on where I will be in the future, I cannot fully determine exactly where I will be in twenty years because I am human and cannot see the future but I do have faith that my future will be good if I work hard, not waste time, and put faith upon God.

In twenty years I will be thirty four years old, by then I have long finished my education, and most likely have a career. I would like to live a very similar lifestyle as my parents which is, having a spouse, children, and being financially stable. I believe that the things I have been learning from the Personal Finance and Business courses will make it easier for me to be financially stable.

When I was younger I wanted to live a life that just had to do with a career or business but now I believe, even though a career and business is great, it really would not be practical to be constantly working and focusing on a career when I do get married and have children, because that would just be too much for me to handle, and when I do have children my main goal is to raise them well and give them a good homeschool education. So my main goal in twenty years is not so much building my career which I have already built, but instead building a strong family.


My lifestyle in twenty years is somewhat unknown, but I do have my guesses and what I would like for my adult lifestyle. What I would like for a lifestyle twenty years from now is very similar to the lifestyle that my parents have at the moment, financial stability, a spouse, and children. If I do have children in twenty years, which I would like, my main priority is to raise my children well and give them a good homeschool education. This is my essay on what lifestyle I want twenty years from now.

Two Cultural Updates of The 1790s and 1800s

In this history essay I will be writing about two cultural updates that have happened after the American Revolution. The cultural updates I will be writing about are: the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who was a very talented composer, and the founding of the Library of Congress. 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791

Mozart was born to Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart, in Salzburg, Austria in 1756. He and his sister Maria Anna were the only children to survive to adulthood out of their five siblings who all died very young. Mozart from a very young age was interested in music, at just three years old he began learning to play the clavier which is a keyboard, after copying his sister during her music lessons with their father. After Mozart learned the clavier he taught himself how to play the violin and some simple composition. 

Mozart and his sister Maria Anna(who was also a very talented musician), were taken on tours with their father across Europe to perform at many Royal courts. The two children became instantly famous. At thirteen years old Mozart and his father traveled on a longer tour to the country of Italy, and this is where one of Mozart’s most amazing compositional achievements occurred.

 Mozart after hearing a famous piece that was played by the Vatican choir, he then copied down the entire musical piece by memory with almost no errors, quite amazing. But after the Pope found this out Mozart almost landed in trouble because this musical piece was restricted just for the choir. The Pope let Mozart go since Mozart had copied the piece by memory.

After returning back home to Salzburg in 1773, Mozart began working as an assistant concertmaster at seventeen years old. After four years of working in Salzburg, he moved to find better employment in a bigger city, but he was not successful and had to return home. His luck changed though in 1781, when he accepted a job from the Archbishop of Vienna, but he soon discovered that the pay was lower than his first job, and he quickly resigned. But he continued living in Vienna as a freelance composer and performer.

In 1782 Mozart got married to a woman named Constanze Weber, they had six children together, but just like his parents only two of the six children survived to adulthood. Unfortunately by the mid 1780s Mozart’s finances were not good, thanks to the over the top lifestyle he and his wife were living. He got more money though when working with another composer to create two operas, that received high praise. He even got invited to become the court composer in 1787, but the next few years were very dark and depressing time for him but he managed to create more musical pieces the year before and the year of his death.

 Before his death Mozart’s mental and physical state was quickly falling apart. Before his death he was writing a requiem, a type of funeral music, but he died too soon to complete it, but his wife hired a different composer, who finished the piece for Mozart. Mozart died at just thirty five years of age, but he still accomplished a lot when it came to music, and he is still regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time.

The Founding of The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress was founded in the year 1800. Originally the idea of this library was that it was only going to be used and available for congress, and the library would contain books that are important for congress, so technically this library was a place where the books used for congress were held and kept. So this library was placed in the new capital building, which was built in Washington DC. This library was kept in this location till 1814, during the war of 1812, when British troops burned down the building.

The Library of Congress did not have its own building until a man named Ainsworth Rand Spofford, who was the Librarian of Congress at the time, made the Library of Congress into a national institution. Spofford persuaded Congress that a new building was needed thanks to the shortage of shelf space. And finally in 1873 Congress authorized a competition to design plans for the new Library. 

In 1886 after many proposals, Congress authorized the construction of a new Library building that was going to be built in the style of the Italian Renaissance. The Decoration of this library was created by more than fifty american artists! So as you may tell this was quite a project. And finally in November 1st, 1897 the Library was opened to the public. The Library was hailed as a glorious national monument, and “the largest, the coolest, and the safest” library building in the world.


This is my essay on two Cultural updates of the 1790s and 1800s, which were the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Founding of the Library of Congress.

Is It Better To Care Deeply For Something Or Remain Emotionally Detached?

In this essay I will be giving my personal opinion on the topic: is it better to care deeply for something or remain emotionally detached?

Humans can get very emotionally attached to certain things such as their family, spouse, pet, and etc, but sometimes humans can become emotionally attached to an object or something that is not flesh and blood. I personally believe that becoming emotionally attached to an object or something that is not flesh and blood is wrong because the thing you care for the most is an object and you should not put your emotions on an object.

But caring for someone so deeply can also be a bad thing since you will not put anytime to anything else, a good balance of caring and emotional detachment is a good combo in my opinion. A personal example of this is my sister and I.

 I am very close to my sister, she is my best friend and we care for eachother, even though I care for her a lot I still do not put all my time spending time with her, that would be bothersome for both her and myself, since we both want time to do other things and spend time with other people.

Another example of this is a married couple, a married couple though they love and care for one another they do not become obsessive with one another, and they give each other space, for good reason. Constant attachment can be quite restricting in a marriage and probably will end in a divorce if not fixed, no one likes someone that is too attached. 

But being completely emotionally detached is a bad thing also because humans are meant to be caring not cold and unloving, without emotion(too much emotion is not good but some is). Balance is important. 

So personally I believe that you should care for something but not so deeply that you won’t be able to do anything else in your life other than doing things with the person or thing that you care deeply for. But you should not be so emotionally detached that you won’t be able to care for anyone.


Caring for something and someone is something that humans do, but too much attachment or caring deeply for someone or complete emotional detachment, can be a harmful and a bad thing. A good balance of caring and emotional detachment is the way to go.

This is my essay on the topic: is it better to care deeply for something or remain emotionally detached?

The Car Make and Model That Is Practical For Me

In this week’s essay I will be writing about a car make and model that is practical for me. Because I am under driving age and pretty uneducated when it comes to cars this opinion may change in the future. What I will be getting into in particular in this essay is: the monthly car loan payment I would pay if I paid a 25% down payment, gas costs, repair costs, and other costs.

The car make and model that I chose was the 2012 Nissan Rogue( an SUV),  that costs about 13,000 dollars and has about 80,000 kilometers on it. The reason why I chose this type of vehicle is because I live in the mountains and small cars are not that safe to drive on the roads of my area.

After choosing the vehicle that was suitable for me I calculated the monthly car loan payment if I paid a 25% down payment and got a four year loan, and a three percent interest rate(that interest rate is probably wrong). The sum I got from that calculation was a 175 dollar monthly payment if I do get a car loan.

My yearly gas cost will probably be much different when I do buy a car, this is just the amount I will be spending on gas if I do buy a car now which I am too young to do. In my area the gas price per liter is about 1.39 dollars, so approximately I will be spending if I drive about 12,000 miles per year my gas cost will be about 1,450 dollars, and if I get good insurance my cost will be about 3282. Combining these costs with the average repair costs(the average repair cost is about $528 dollars for the car I chose), my total cost will be approximately 3,810 dollars.


This is my essay on the car make and model that is practical for me, which is the 2012 Nissan Rogue.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Character Comparison of Professor Aronnax and Ned Land

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne, published in 1870, was one of the first novels ever written in the science fiction genre. The story is about three men, Professor Aronnax, Ned Land, and Conseil who become imprisoned on a large submarine named the Nautilus.

 Their captor is a very mysterious and estranged fellow named Nemo, who is also the captain of the Nautilus. The characters have many adventures during their imprisonment, and the book describes all of these adventures in very good detail. In this essay I will be comparing two of the main characters from this book: Professor Aronnax and Ned Land, and I will be describing the two characters similarities and differences.

Professor Aronnax 

Professor Aronnax is a very intelligent, middle aged man. He is very calm and logical in nature, and has a large interest and understanding of the sea. Before his capture on the Nautilus he was actually trying to find and destroy a “sea monster” that was wrecking many ships(this “monster” happened to be the Nautilus), while trying to find this “monster” he gets captured along with his two friends, who are helping him on the mission.The story is narrated by his perspective.

Ned Land

Ned Land is a rather short tempered and impatient character. He is a master harpooner who was helping Aronnax find the “monster” before he got captured by Nemo. Even though he is not as intelligent as Aronnax he has a pretty good understanding of the sea, he is also physically fit and strong thanks to all physical work he has done.

Their Similarities

Professor Aronnax and Ned Land though they seem quite different in character they do have some things in common, these things they have in common are.

  1. They both have an interest and understanding of the sea.
  2. They are both prisoners on the Nautilus.
  3. And finally they both want to escape and return back to land.

Their Differences

Even though these two characters have their similarities they do have their differences. Either these differences have to do with personality traits, physical status, and opinions, these two characters are quite different and unique in their own ways.These differences are.

  1. Aronnax is very calm but Land is short tempered.
  2. Land, even though he is knowledgeable, his intelligence is less so than Aronnax’s.
  3. Even with his intellectual strengths Aronnax is not that physically fit unlike Land who is.
  4. Aronnax does not get easily angered and frustrated and is very cool in manner but Land on the other hand is quite impatient and can be frustrated easily.
  5. Land despises Nemo their captor in a lot of ways but Aronnax gets along with Nemo quite well.


Aronnax and Land have a few things in common but quite a few differences also, their similarities are: they both have an interest and understanding of the sea, they are both prisoners on the Nautilus, and they want to escape and return back to land. 

Their differences are: Aronnax is calm but Land is not, Land is less intelligent than Aronnax, Land is more physically fit than Aronnax, Land gets easily angered and frustrated but Aronnax on the other hand is cool in manner, and finally, Aronnax gets along pretty well with his captor, Nemo, but Land despises Nemo.

This is my essay on the differences and similarities of the characters, Professor Aronnax and Ned Land from the novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne.

The Ideal Apprenticeship Job, and Why?

I already have an apprenticeship job, but if my circumstances do change and I do have to get a new apprenticeship job, these are the things I will be looking for. Since I am still young there are many options for me, but I do have my preferences when it comes to career options and what I want in an apprenticeship. In this essay I will be going over these things.


Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to have a career that had to do with minerals. Since I have gotten older and have studied about this field of science that has inspired this wishful dream into a goal. Even though this may not happen I still want to have a career that has to do with this field.


I used to be very bad at writing, yet that did not discourage me from enjoying it, over the years I have improved my writing, and have learned to love it further. A writing career has always interested me especially so when I started blogging and posting my writing online. Even though I usually write essays I have also written some short stories and poems. So I believe that if my Geology career does not go as planned I will always have writing as an option for a career.

Health Nutrition 

I have always been interested in health and nutrition, most likely I won’t follow this option as a career path but I will still study it since health and nutrition is very important to know about, to stay healthy. I actually work at a health store for a health nutritionist, so I have some knowledge on the topic. I believe this is a rather underrated career option and I think it’s very valuable and important.

My Ideal Apprenticeship

When choosing an apprenticeship I would like to get to know the person that will be hiring me as an apprentice, I would like to see their business, how they work, how their other employees work(if they have them); basically just getting to know this person. This is important to ensure that you are safe and you are working in a place where you will actually learn something.

And the final specific thing I will do when looking for an apprenticeship is that the business is successful. Working for a successful business is much better than working for a failing business, because working for a successful business is a better way to ensure that you will learn good business habits, unlike working for a failing business which will most likely teach you bad habits when running a business, which is why the business is failing. 


When searching for an apprenticeship or job I have two specific things I will be looking for in the apprenticeship or job, getting to know the place of work and the owner and making sure that the business is successful. Being an apprentice or having a job is a great way to decide what you want to be when you get older and what career path(s) are you interested in or have an understanding for. At the moment I do have a job, but that does not mean I will not be searching for options.

The Amendments Of The United States Constitution

The United States has a total of twenty seven Amendments in their constitution since it was ratified in 1788. In this essay I will be writing about the Bill of Rights and the other Amendments.

The Bill Of Rights

 The first ten Amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was passed on September 25th, 1789, but was ratified on December 15th, 1791. The Bill of Rights sounds exactly like it is. They reaffirmed the basic rights of the citizens of the United States to prevent the abuses that the British Parliament had befallen on the colonists before the Revolution. 

Some of the most well known Amendments in the Bill of Rights are:

The First Amendment: Freedoms, Petitions, Assembly, in other words the right of freedom of speech and religion. 

The Second Amendment: the right to bear arms, this Amendment states that an individual can have an arm(or gun), and use it lawfully such as for self defense in the home.

The Other Amendments

There are more but probably these are the most well known and famous out of the ten. After the Bill of Rights another seventeen Amendments were passed overtime, the most recent passed, was passed in 1992! So not all were passed right after the United States became a nation. The other seventeen Amendments covered a variety of topics such as slavery, electons, civil rights, taxes, and etc. 

The most well known of these other Amendments that are not included in the Bill of Rights are:

The 13th Amendment: the abolition of slavery, this Amendment stated that slavery is no longer allowed.

The 15th Amendment: the Black or African American suffrage, which gave the vote to any citizen of the United States no matter race or color. 

The 19th Amendment: the women’s suffrage, which was the Amendment that stated that women could have the right to vote. 

Some examples of Amendments that have to do with Presidents and elections are the 22nd, and the 25th Amendments. The 22nd Amendment is the Amendment that states the term limits for the presidency, which is two four year terms. The 25th Amendment states the laws of Presidential succession, which includes the rules on vice presidents, etc.


The Amendments are the later changes that were made of the American Constitution, that add new and important laws. This is a very basic overview of this topic, and there are way more facts about these Amendments but that would make a very long essay.

Does Working With Others Lead To Better Results Than Acting As An Individual

In this essay I will be giving my personal opinion on the question: does working with others lead to better results than acting as an individual.

I have been involved in quite a few group challenges and personal challenges for swimming. When I was working with a group I noticed that things got disorganized quickly since you have to deal with more people and make sure that you and other people in the group do not make any mistakes, which will let down the entire team, so more pressure and stress is involved in groups I noticed, and the results were not so great when I worked in those group swim challenges.

But when I was doing a challenge individually I noticed that I was able to complete the challenge more quickly and effectively. This was because I was able to focus on myself instead of other people, which kept me focused throughout the challenge, and I had great results!

Some other examples of this was when I did some science projects, the first science project I did with my sister, and it went super well, we finished the project earlier than we thought we were going too, and we got first in the science project challenge, so we had good results

The second time I did a project like this I did it alone, and it didn’t go so well, I lacked motivation and I really didn’t feel like doing research on my own, and I didn’t do as well as the first time. So groups can be great also, especially when it comes to motivation since you cannot let the other person or people down.

Personally I believe that it goes both ways, individual projects are better than groups when it comes to focusing on yourself, since you have to focus on other people in a group, but groups can be great when it comes to motivation and learning to work as a team. 

So I think that both have their pros and cons. But personally I like working alone more than in a group, just because I find that really unleashes my potential in the project and I can get the best results, but that doesn’t mean I cannot work in a group, it’s just a personal preference.


Getting good results either in a group or individual is very possible, but it can be more difficult in a group because everyone in the group has their weaknesses and strengths. I personally like working as an individual more than working in a group but like I wrote above I can still work well in a group. This is my opinion on the question: does working with others lead to better results than acting as an individual.

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Should We Complain To Get What We Want?

Nobody likes a complainer, yet almost everyone complains, usually to get what they want. In this essay I will be writing about: should we complain to get what we want?

Complaining is a way to get what you want. If you irritate someone enough by complaining they most likely will give in and give what you want. Usually when you think of complaining you think of young children trying to get what they want such as some treat or pet from their parents, but actually a lot of adults do it too, because adults want what they want too, right?

 Most parents discipline their children to help them control their complaining, but even with discipline the habit still lasts for a lifetime, but it’s a more controlled habit.

Even though you get what you want by complaining, the person you were complaining too probably dislikes you now because they think you are this irritating and rude person(even though they most likely complain too).

 Complaining can ruin relationships with other people, so if you want to have good relationships with people I recommend avoiding complaining, but if you do not care about having good relationships do it, even though you will have a hard time becoming friends with people or having a good relationship with your family. 

Personally I believe that complaining is not a great thing, I dislike complainers as much as probably everyone else even though I still do it sometimes. There are better methods on getting what you want that do not damage your relationships with people.

 So I believe that you should control your complaining as best as you can, it is very difficult to fully get rid of the habit, so it’s better to control it and rarely do it.

Controlling your complaining will save your relationships and the way people see you as a person. So just avoid it as much as possible.


Complaining is a damaging and irritating habit that probably everyone has done. People use it to get what they want, but in reality even though they do get what they want they still have made a person have a negative impression of you.

I believe that controlling the complaining habit is the best way to go, there are better ways to get what you want. But if you do not care what others think, complain away, even though people will probably dislike you more. This is my essay on complaining.

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