My Best Friend And What We Enjoy Doing Together

I have many friends, which makes it difficult to label one of my friend’s as my “best friend” I like all of my friends pretty much equally, and it depends on the day. In this essay I will be talking about one of my closest friends’, Jamie.

Jamie and I met two years ago in the summer of 2018; when we first met we barely talked to each other, but over the next few weeks we soon became inseparable. We both realized that we liked the same things like, fashion, art, anime, and swimming.

And since then we have been having sleepovers and hangouts, even when I moved again to a different town.

There are many things we like doing together, but are favorites are, shopping, sleepovers, talking, and just having fun in general.

Usually when we shop together we go to the local vintage store in her area or some other local boutique, we usually don’t buy much, but we like observing what these stores have for clothing, another place we go to when we shop is the local plant shop in her area, we both have this obsession for cactuses, air plants, and succulents.

When we have sleepovers it’s usually at her house: we get sleeping bags, eat popcorn, and watch good movies.

Jamie and I both love serious and deep conversations like the bible and christianity and other more important topic, we usually avoid gossip, except maybe if somebody is annoying us, and we decide to talk about that, and sometimes we talk about school, usually we talk about school if we are struggling with a topic or get a good grade.

My friendship with Jamie is something that I am very grateful for, and I hope it lasts a lifetime.

The Furthest I Have Been From Home

Throughout my life I have moved, either to a different town or a different province completely; every time I moved it was a life gaining experience, I met new and different people and I got to see many amazing things when I moved.

 The furthest I have been from home was Japan.

I have been to Japan a total of three times. The first time I visited Japan was in 2009, I was only three years old, but I still remember a lot from the trip, which is surprising because I was only four.

 I went to Japan with my Mom and sister, who was only about one at the time. My Dad didn’t come since he was busy with work.

 The reason why we went to Japan was because my Mom wanted my sister and I to meet her relatives, most of which my sister and I had not met.

 The things I remember the most was wearing my very first kimono, which was a very uncomfortable experience, going to hot springs, and eating really good food.

 We visited Japan for a total of two months, which seems like a really long time, but staying in Japan for months at a time is the best way to experience the country.

The second time I visited Japan and was in 2010, this time we went because it was going to be second cousin’s wedding.

 I was four almost five and my sisters were three and one(yes I had another sister after the first trip to Japan).

 At the wedding I was a flower girl which was pretty scary for me, since there were a lot of people, watching me, but I managed to do it!

My favorite thing about the second trip was when one of my cousin’s from my Dad’s side came to visit us in Japan, the reason why I enjoyed it the most was because we took my cousin to a huge japanese castle, which we got to explore.

The third time, I went to Japan in early 2011, this time for my Uncle’s wedding.

My sister and I were ring bearers at the wedding, which was nerve racking but less so then the first time I got involved in a wedding, my sister was much more brave than I was, she walked down the wedding aisle like a queen.

My sisters and I got to wear these beautiful pink and white dresses(I still have that dress), we even got to wear gloves; my Mom wore a beautiful grey and white kimono.

 I enjoyed this wedding more than the first one I had been to, because it was an indoor wedding and I got to wear a custom made dress.

But are trip ended unexpectedly when Fukushima happened(Fukushima was a nuclear disaster caused by an earthquake and tsunami), it was a really scary situation.

 I still remember the ground shaking because of the many minor earthquakes that happened in my area of Japan, also the radiation was really bad! 

I still remember the exact moment the disaster happened; it was a really cold March day and I was watching Television, and all of a sudden the news came on, I didn’t really understand what was going on but I do remember noticing that my Mom’s and grandmother’s faces going pale.

My Mom acted right away and got us out of Japan only a few days after the disaster, which I am very grateful for. 

During the wait for our plane at the airport, another minor earthquake happened, everyone in the airport was super scared, but thankfully it was minor. We finally felt safe when are plane took off.

Since than my family and I have not been back to Japan, hopefully in 2021 we will visit Japan, since the radiation has died down.

Two Small Businesses I Could Run

Running a small business when you are young is a great way to make money. In this essay I will be describing two achievable business ideas, that I could do sometime in the future.

My Two Business Ideas

The first business I could run is a jewelry business. I have had this idea since I was only ten but I never took it seriously.

 My jewelry business will sell crystal bead bracelets; the reason why I chose this type of jewelry is because it is not that hard to make and I can buy the crystal beads online.

The two ways I could start selling these bracelets are at the local farmers market in my area or I could receive requests for my products once they are known.

My second business idea is dog walking. There are a lot of dogs in my area that have pretty busy owners; I have done dog walking before so I have some experience with it. 

The way I will promote my dog walking business is by posting an ad at the local community center in my area. 

The ad will include my email, phone number, how much I charge per hour, my name, and what days I am available; this will make it easier for my customers to get in touch with me and know what my business is all about.


In this essay I described two small businesses I could run, jewelry and dog walking.

My Favorite and Least Favorite School Subjects

My favorite and least favorite school subjects vary throughout the school year; some months I like a subject and the next I do not, so it really varies for me.

At the moment my favorite school subject is science. The reason why I like science over every other subject is because I like learning about new scientific facts, I always learn something new and interesting in science.

 Science isn’t my best subject though, and I could be better when it comes to it, but that hasn’t stopped me from not enjoying it.

The most recent and interesting thing I learned in science was astronomy: it was fascinating to learn about the universe and how it worked.

My least favorite subject at the moment is math. Math has been a school subject that I have disliked for some time now.

 I’m not horrible at it, I actually get a good grade in math, but it’s not very fun, especially geometry. 

The reason or reasons why I dislike math is because it deals with a lot of memorization and it gets harder and harder every year(I’ve accepted that fact). I also get really stressed out before math exams, which is never fun.

I hope I will improve on liking math more, since it is a very important and valuable subject.

What Can I Cut Out of My Weekly Schedule In Order To Increase My Efficiency

Most people have overcrowded and busy schedules. Most of theses things in the schedule is completely unnecessary such as, to much extracurricular activities or social time, and could be cut out from your schedule altogether.

My Schedule

My schedule may sound busy but it actually is not; and I feel that I do not need to cut anything out, to increase my efficiency. The extra things I do during the week other than school are, swimming, which is important for exercise, skiing, also important for exercise, but I only do this in the winter, my job, I only work four hours a week, and it’s my source of income, my christian youth group for socialization, and the occasional meet up with my friends, which is not often since I see most of my friends at the christian youth group I go to.

Because, my schedule is practical and not too busy, I do not want to cut anything out. This is because all the things in my schedule are quite important. Swimming and skiing is my PE,which helps my body remain healthy physically, my job is my form of income, and my weekly christian youth group and occasional meet up with my friends is my social time.

I like the way my schedule is laid out, it’s not too busy, but with that said I could cut out my extra free time, I have when I am not doing school work, I get this free time when my siblings are using the computer, instead of using that time doing nothing, I could read a book or reread my school notes, but this is not exactly in my schedule.


Like most people I cannot spend my time doing school for the entire day, that would probably make me go insane; I need my break, to stay healthy mentally and physically.

Personally, I will not be altering anything in my schedule to become more efficient since all the things in my schedule helps me become more efficient, because physical activity and social time helps me remain healthy mentally and physically.

The History of China and India

In this essay I will be discussing about the history of China and India.


 In 500 AD, China already had quite a few, impressive royal dynasties; these included: Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han. But after the Han dynasty, China was divided in half. China was divided until 618, when the Tang dynasty(618-907), reunited the nation into one.

A new power arose in central asian, during the 1200s, this power was known as the Mongols, led by Gengis Khan. These Mongols tried to conquer all of Asia, and nearly succeeded. The Mongols controlled China for a time.

The Mongols power eventually declined, and the local Chinese rulers rebelled and regained control. A new dynasty arose known as the Ming dynasty in 1450.

In 1750 another empire began in China, the Qing Empire. 


The early civilizations in India were based in a valley called the Indus valley, where the Indus river runs. The Ganges river was close by and soon attracted people to move there.

Throughout India’s history, the government was constantly changing especially during the year 500 to 1750 AD. Some years India was a United country and others it was divided into many separate small kingdoms.

 India had two main religions(these are still the main religions today), Buddhism and Hinduism.

Buddhists believe in reincarnation, nonviolence, caring for all creatures: and they believe in one God, Buddha. Buddhists even have a holy text called the Tipitaka.

Hinduism is somewhat similar to Buddhism because, both religions believe in reincarnation and nonviolence, but Hinduism also had some differences. Instead of believing in one God, Hindu’s worship many Gods, they also promoted the caste system which was a system that separated people by class, which is surprising since the religion also preaches about being caring. The holy text for Hindu’s is called the Vedas.

Most of the Indian rulers focused on religion and other philosophical advancements, but some focused on expanding their territory. Indian culture developed much differently than Western or European cultures did.


 China and India are both countries from Asia, yet they have a much different culture and history, which makes the two countries unique.

The Real Neat Blog Award Part 4

Thank you Nick for nominating me!!! Please check out his blog and give him a follow! his blog


Thank the blogger(s) who nominates you. Answer the ten questions the blogger gave you. Nominate four bloggers who deserve the award. Create 10 original questions for the nominees to answer. Let them know they’ve been nominated.

  1. Have you been to six flags? Nope, never have been. I really don’t know what that is. XD Is it an American thing?
  2.  Have you cooked spaghetti? Yes. I love spaghetti!
  3.  Have you made a fort out side? I have made a snow fort many times, does that count?
  4. Whats your favorite type of storm? Probably snow, because it means great powder skiing the next day.
  5. Do you like the out doors? Yes!!! Especially when I go skiing or hiking.
  6. Whats your favorite season? Fall, its not to hot or to cold.
  7. Do you like cameras and do you have one if so what type? I like camera’s, I don’t have one at the moment, I did though when I was five, but the camera broke.
  8.  Whats your favorite thing to do? Ski, swim, read, and spend time with my family and friends.
  9. Do you like reading? Yes, I love, love, love, reading!
  10. Whats your favorite restaurant? Gosh, this is tough… Hunter Gatherer(it’s barbecue), Mile One, the Pony, Sushi Zen, Barefoot Bistro(fancy food), and Peak’s pie(it serves savory pies).

I nominate:

My questions to these bloggers.

  1. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
  2. What’s the worst movie you have ever watched?
  3. What’s something you used to wear that you are now embarrassed about?
  4. Apple or Samsung.
  5. WordPress or instagram.
  6. The food item that you dislike but everyone else seems to love.
  7. Thanksgiving or Christmas?
  8. If you moved anywhere what would be your desired climate.
  9. Have you ever been through a snow storm?
  10. And finally, who is your least favorite singer.

Have fun!!


Blog Update

Today and yesterday I updated my blog. Yesterday I added new menus to make my blog more organized, and to make it easier for my viewers to find content they want to see.

Today I changed my blog theme, it looks similar to my old one but the color and font is different. I thought of adding a image to my front page but when I looked through my photo gallery no picture was suitable for my blog, so my blog is picture less like before. XD

And I added an icon, for some weird reason, so yeah…. It’s nice though.

Well that’s all for now. I will keep ya’ll updated on any new changes.


My Favorite Hobby

I have many hobbies that I do, but my favorite out of these is baking. I first began baking on my own when I was ten years old, and it soon became something that I really loved and enjoyed.

When I first started baking I made mistakes, I used to over bake cakes, mix things improperly, and just did things wrong in general, but I got better over time, and I soon was baking many things without making mistakes.

 Before I knew it, my family and friends began asking me to bake birthday cakes or desserts for holidays or celebrations!

The worst mistake I made while baking was when I was making cream puffs. I misread the amount of water needed for the recipe, and I added too much water, which made the cream puff dough into a watery mess, which I had to throw out. It was pretty disappointing since I love cream puffs, but it taught me a valuable lesson: read the recipe properly, and reread it if needed.

My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies. The reason why I like baking these cookies the most is because they are not hard to bake or take too long, and they are just delicious! I like my chocolate chip cookies to be chewy but crispy on the edges.

 My least favorite thing to bake is, bread, bread making is a long and tiresome process which I don’t really enjoy.

Unfortunately, I became busy with other things once I got older, and I began baking less often; now I have restricted my baking till birthdays and holidays, since I have become very busy with school and sports.

  Hopefully I will become less busy and bake more often soon.


What I Did During My Summer Vacation

I had a pretty good summer, I wouldn’t really call it a vacation since I still had to do school, but my school work amount was lighter and I could skip a day if I wanted to if I was spending time with my friends.

I swam a lot in the local lakes in my area with my family and friends, it was super hot out so the cool glacier water of the lakes were a lifesaver. When I was at the lake with my friends, we would paddle board, swim, dive down into the water, or just float around like otters. Sometimes my Mom or Dad would drive my sisters and I to a different town to go swimming with our other friends.

Swimming wasn’t the only thing I did during my summer. My family and I would go hiking usually we would hike a local hiking trail or the town ski hill which was opened for hiking and mountain biking. When I went hiking I usually saw wildlife or beautiful bodies of water.

 I went mountain biking a few times with my Dad, but I didn’t really like it since the bike trails were usually in the trees and very narrow.

Going to local farmers markets was another big part of my summer, I would usually go with my friends and buy local treats or jewelry. Sometimes I even went to two farmers markets in just a day!

The last thing I did during the summer was get my ears pierced and went to the city to shop.