Chapter 7

“Good morning Miss Shirley.” said Bertha as she opened the curtains of my bedroom window. I yawned tiredly. Today I had to wake up extra early than I usually did, to be extra prepared and organized, for the trip to my grandparents’ place in the Hamptons. I was almost done packing but it would not … More Chapter 7

What Marketing Advantages do I Now Have That I Did Not Have When the Week Began?

This week I began reading the book: The Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing by Perry Marshall and Taylor Zamir. This book covered many important topics including “Google Adwords.” In this week’s business essay I will be writing about what marketing advantages I now have that I did not have a week ago. Google Adwords … More What Marketing Advantages do I Now Have That I Did Not Have When the Week Began?

Chapter 6

Christmas was in a matter of a week, and my family and I were far from prepared. My father still buried himself under papers in his study, and my mother was still bedridden, so this year Christmas was most likely not going to be a large or grand affair. But at least it was going … More Chapter 6

The Great Depression and its Effects on America

The Great Depression(1929-1939), was a devastating economic depression that affected many countries around the world, including the United States. This depression caused many people to lose their jobs, and many businesses to close down, this in turn brought a new surge of poverty that the United States had never seen. In this week’s history essay … More The Great Depression and its Effects on America

Chapter 5

“Good Morning, Henry.” I said, as I passed my brother, in the dining room, with a big smile. “Good morning. You seem joyful today. Why so?” he asked curiously as he sipped, his second cup of coffee, that morning. He was still in his night clothes, robe, and slippers even though it was late morning. … More Chapter 5

Happy Canada Day!!!

Today is a pretty special day for Canadians. It’s Canada Day!!! Even though 2020 has been a pretty rough year so far, with all that has been happening in the world, I feel grateful for living in Canada, especially today. So I wish you all an awesome day and July! Happy Canada Day, everyone!!!

Chapter 4

It had been nearly a whole week since Henry’s arrival. Life had been peaceful and pleasant, my father was less harsh on Henry, which was a thank goodness, and our mother was actually acknowledging and speaking to Henry, which was a footstep closer to a normal life though she still ignored me. I began going … More Chapter 4

Chapter 3

“We are here!” announced Bertha, as the streetcar came to a stop. The three of us stepped off the car, and began heading towards our home. It was very cold and even more miserable out, so we gladly hurried home. Thanks to our brisk pace we arrived home in a few minutes. I quietly knocked … More Chapter 3