The Colonies of Virginia, Rhode Island, and New York

In this week’s essay I will be talking about three of the thirteen early colonies of North America, Virgina, Rhode Island, and New York.

Virginia Colony 

The very first of the thirteen colonies was Virginia. Virginia was named after the Virgin Queen Elizabeth by a man named Sir Walter Raliegh. The colony was established by the Virginia or London Company; Virginia officially started as a colony in 1607 with the colony of Jamestown.

The first year of the settlement was not really great. Only thirty two of the original colonists survived the harsh winter, and probably more would have died if not for the Native Americans you helped them with food. The next winter was also rough, many people died from hunger and unfriendly encounters with the Native Americans;when the harsh winter was over and some ships arrived the colonists were done, they were ready to leave, but when the colonists were just going to leave a man named Lord Thomas de la Warr(Delaware is named after him), who had just arrived from England with some more settlers and supplies, refused to let the surviving colonists leave back to England. After this the colonists slowly began to thrive and prosper, they made agreements with the Native Americans and learned how to grow crops on their own. They even began growing tobacco which they exported back to Europe which improved life greatly.

Rhode Island Colony

The colony of Rhode Island was founded in the year 1636, when a man and woman, Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson, were banished from Massachusetts. The two founded their own separate small colonies, Rhode Island and Providence Plantation; the two colonies were combined in 1663.

Rhode Island was mostly religiously tolerant except for its not so tolerant treatment to jews and quakers, many people moved to this colony for religious freedom.

New York Colony

New York was originally a province of the Dutch, but in 1664 the Dutch surrendered the colony to the English. The colony was named after the Duke of York.

The colony supported itself by the fur trade and farming along the Hudson river. New York’s constitution benefited the colonists since it gave them more rights then most of the other colonies.

Getting Into Shape For Less

Getting exercise is very important for your body, it’s good for you, but it can also be expensive, especially when you get very committed to a sport. In this essay I will talk about how to save money on sports and exercise, and what types are the most expensive, least expensive, and gym memberships are they really worth it?

Saving Money On Sports and Exercise

Saving money on sports and exercise is a good idea, here are some tips. Look for other options; instead of going to a fancy gym class or gym, how about you buy some cheap but decent quality equipment such as a yoga mat, weights, etc from a sports store or amazon, and watch youtube tutorials to help you use the equipment properly. If you don’t want to spend money on equipment or like that kind of exercise, go for daily walks, hike, bike,jog/run, or swim at your local pool. These are cheaper since most of the things you need for these options you probably have right now, such as sneakers, a bathing suit, and a bike. Doing yoga is a great exercise form both for how cheap it is you just need a mat and the fact that it’s pretty good for you. Doing daily push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, etc are also great options for staying fit. Looking for different, cheaper forms of exercise is a great way to save money and become more physically fit.

What Are the Most Expensive and Least Expensive Ways to Get Into Shape

Getting really involved with sports can be very costly especially if you compete. Competing in sports is not only expensive for the cost of the sport’s program you do but also for traveling fees and equipment that does not come with the program, that you must buy. Competing in sports is definitely the most expensive way to get into shape.

The least expensive way to get into shape is probably doing exercise on your own. Going for walks, biking, hiking, running, doing daily home workouts, and doing yoga, are all ways of doing exercise on your own. These options both save you money and are great ways to get into shape.

Are Gym Memberships Really Worth It?

Some gym memberships can be very expensive but others very cheap. The issue with gym memberships is the fact that to use it well, you have to go to the gym often, if you do not the gym membership is not worth it and a waste of money. I personally think that a gym membership is only worth it if you go to the gym often because if you don’t it is not.

How the Divine Rights of Kings Influenced the Monarchy in England Under James 1st, Charles 1st, and Oliver Cromwell

The Divine Rights of Kings, is a philosophy first introduced by Henry the 8th, who was King of England during the 16th century. This philosophy taught that a king is only accountable to God, not any of his subjects or the people he rules. This pretty much means that a king could do pretty much anything he wanted no matter what. And of course with this power the kings abused it, which is a bad thing. In this essay I will be talking about three kings who abused this power, James the 1st, Charles the 1st, and Oliver Cromwell.

James the 1st is actually related to Henry the 8th, he was the great great nephew of Henry the 8th since his great grandmother was Henry’s sister. James was born in June 1566. He was the son of Mary Queen of Scots. He was the crown prince of Scotland.

But this changed, since he was also related to queen Elizabeth who was the daughter of King Henry the 8th. Since Elizabeth did not have any children of her own James automatically became the official heir to the English throne. He was crowned King of England in 1603.

Like past Kings, James enjoyed his new power thanks to the Divine Rights of Kings. He believed he could do anything he pleased no matter what Parliament or the people thought. Parliament on the other hand believed that the governing of England was supposed to be a

partnership between parliament and the king. This caused so much issue that a civil war began during the reign of James son Charles the 1st.

During James’s reign, he wanted the Episcopal religion to move forward; he wanted it so much that he even made it the state religion. This was problematic for England and Scotland. He ruled both of these places. The reason for these problems was because Scotland had a pretty large number of Prestbyterians and England a large group of Catholics. So a conference was held known as the Hampton Court Conference in 1604, to discuss about some of the reform ideas. One of the things that was finalized and decided was that an authorized version of the bible was to be created, for the Episcopal church. This bible is now known as the King James version.

King James passed away in 1625 thanks to a stroke.

King James son Charles the 1st was born in 1600, he was the second oldest son of James. He originally was not crown prince but after his older brother died he became the crown prince. He was crowned King after his father’s death in 1625.

Charles like his father before him strongly believed in the Divine Rights of Kings. He was an Anglican, which is very similar to Episcopal. He appointed William Laud to be the Archbishop of Canterbury. The new Archbishop of Canterbury forced the Anglican faith upon the English, Scottish, and Irish (yes Charles also ruled Ireland). The Scottish people revolted after Charles tried to force the Laudian prayer book upon them.

The revolt began when a milkmaid named Jenny Geddes, who was at church one morning. The preacher was reading some of the Anglican liturgy. Jenny realized that the Laud’s teachings went against what she had been taught growing up; when she looked around to see the other people’s reaction to this, she was shocked, the people seemed very unbothered by the false teachings they were being taught. This annoyed her so much that she stood up, grabbed her stool that she was sitting on and threw at the preacher’s head. After this more Scottish people got inspired to do things similar to what Jenny did, this began the rebellion of the Scottish people against Charles.

Charles went so far with his belief of the Divine Rights of Kings that he even sent Parliament away, and ruled on his own for eleven years! But to only call them back after those eleven years. Those eleven years were named “The Eleven Years of Tyranny.”

The English civil war started because of many uprisings and rebellions that Charles caused with his wrong discussions. During the war, Charles and his allies fought against a man named Oliver Cromwell and his group known as the Parliament Roundheads.

Oliver Cromwell was born in 1599 to a noble but poor family. Even with the lack of wealth to his family name, he still managed to get into politics. He even became a member of Parliament in 1628. He was part of a group who was against Charles’s way of ruling. Eventually Oliver gathered an army against Charles. This army he was gathering he accepted anyone no matter the station of the person, as long as the person was ready to fight. Oliver lacked in military training, but he fixed this by studying old war tactics, becoming a genius when it came to military strategy. Leading his army, the Parliament Roundheads. His army captured Charles, and he signed Charles death sentence. Charles was beheaded.

Cromwell became Lord Protector of England, this basically means he’s like a king but without the fancy title. His reign was successful. After his death his son Rhicard succeeded him. But he was not very capable at being a ruler and was removed off of the throne, the crown was then taken by Charles the 2nd, who was Charles the 1st’s son. This all happened eighteen months after Oliver died.

Oliver was not widely liked though. Few years after his death his body was dug up from the ground, hung , drawn, quartered, and then his body was thrown into a pit and his head put on a pole to de displayed. His head was displayed on a pole till 1685.


This is my essay on how the Divine Rights of Kings affected the reigns of James the 1st, Charles the 1st, and Oliver Cromwell.

What Would I Have to Give Up in Order to Save 10% of My Income

Saving a percentage of your income is very important. You should always give some money to yourself. What I mean by this is, well a lot of your income goes to things like expenses such as food, clothing, housing, charity, and etc, but before paying for all these things pay yourself. In order to pay yourself you have to give up on certain things; these are the things I would have to give up in order to save 10% of my income.

I make an estimated 3,800 dollars a year, most of this money comes from my job, extra chores, and babysitting, if I save 10% of this I will be saving 380 dollars per year. I really don’t have to give up anything to save 10% of my income since I budget myself regularly. I never buy anything 50$ or more, but I still believe that there is room for improvement and that I can still cut some things off.

The thing I would have to give up in order to save 10% of my income is, jewelry. I don’t spend a lot of money on jewelry, I never buy jewelry that is over 30$ at the most, but lately I have been buying a little more jewelry than average since I got my ears pierced. Now I realize that I really didn’t need to buy those extra earrings since one pair of earrings will work for a long time as long as you don’t lose them. So from now on I will be limiting my spending on jewelry.


Spending money on jewelry is something I have to give up in order to save 10% of my income.

How To Turn A SmartPhone Into a Financial/Business Management Tool

Smartphones are very useful tools, they can be used for many things such as calling, texting, and taking photos, but they can also be used as financial/business management tool. This is how you can.

As a Business Tool

 You can use your smartphone as a way to contact your employees, customers, or business partners. You can also use it as a way to keep track of files or important emails by saving them onto your phone, but I recommend that you have a paper copy and a copy on your phone just to be safe, since it’s really stressful to lose some important file by accidentally deleting it.

As a Financial Management Tool

Your phone can be used to keep you updated on your finances, and to make your life even easier, you can download financial management apps on your phone to make sure you are updated on your expenses and income. Which is very helpful.


This has nothing to do with business or financial management, but I felt it should be included also. You can also use your phone to help manage your time. You can do this by downloading calendar and scheduling apps, and most of these apps notify you to make sure you stay on track with your schedule. 


Your smartphone is a very useful tool and can be used in many ways, even to manage your business, finances, and your time. Doing these things on your smartphone is much easier than using a piece of paper, and also more efficient.

Would I Rather Start A Small Business Or Become a Minimum Wage Apprentice to a Mentor?

Many people get jobs which they do not like or one they do enjoy that does not pay enough. Starting a business is a huge advantage, it takes hard work but there are many advantages if you are successful.

Now, would I rather start a small business or become a minimum wage apprentice to a mentor? Well at the moment I have a job at a small local business I make a minimum wage income and I work with the business’s owner and I am going to start working for my Dad’s business too under his watch and guidance, which will benefit me greatly since I will be learning about advertising, marketing, and etc . At the moment I have been working as a minimum wage apprentice and it has benefited me overall, it has made me more alert, have more of an eye to detail, a greater work ethic, and a little cash in my pocket. Now this does not mean I am not considering, starting a business; starting a business will benefit me also, and I am planning to start a geology blog which will support my calling with my Dad.

At the moment a minimum wage apprenticeship is where I am at the moment so I would rather have a minimum wage job then starting a business, but that does not mean I do not consider starting a small business when I am a little older with my Dad’s help, but for now and the next few years I will most likely have a minimum wage job, and that being said for the next few years I will rather have a minimum wage job as an apprentice then starting my own business.


In this essay I answered the question would I rather have a small business or minimum wage apprenticeship to a mentor? I answered this question by saying that for the next few years from now I would rather have a minimum wage job as an apprentice, but that does not mean I will not consider starting my own business.

King Louis 14th of France

King Louis the 14th was King of France for seventy-two years, and he reigned during the classical age of France.

Early Life

Louis was born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, in 1638, September fifth. He was the son of a Hapsberg Spanish queen Anne of Austria and Louis the 13th, who was the King of France. Two years after his birth he had a little brother Philippe.

When Louis was only four years old and a little bit in May fourteenth, 1643 his father passed away, leaving him as the heir of the throne. Louis was crowned King of France, and his mother Anne regent, this was because he was very young.

He got a good and practical education, he was also somewhat of a neglected child since he almost drowned once thanks to not being watched.

His childhood was not exactly an easy one, when he was almost ten in 1648 the Parlement of Paris rebelled against his chief minister, Mazarin, this was an attempt to overthrow him. A civil war started called the Fonde. Louis suffered much during this time, these hardships included poverty and hunger, these suffering did help shape his personality as King though. Thankfully the civil war ended in 1653 thanks to Mazarin victory over the rebels.

Even though he was King and his mother regent, Mazarin the chief minister was the one that had the true power over France during Louis’s early years of his reign, but after Mazarin’s death in 1661 this all changed.

The Middle Years

After Mazarin’s death Louis began governing the government of France. After he began having more control he began reforming France according to what he liked. He had a goal to centralize and rein in control of France. He was able to accomplish with the help of the finance minister Jean Baptiste Colbert to get rid of the deficient financial ways and promoted industrial growth; he also improved France’s disorganized taxation, limiting the problematic borrowing ways. He created a more middle class society, and brought more Arts into France.

Louis is probably most well known for his overbearing foreign policy approach. In 1667 he invaded the Spanish Netherlands, and regarded it as his wife’s rightful inheritance, but this did not last and a conflict began known as The War of Devolution forced France to surrender the land back to Spain, except a few towns in Flanders. Louis was not happy with this so he got France to start a new war called the Franco-Dutch war, this helped France acquire more land in the Flanders region. This new position and the constant campaigns to expand the amount of

territories with the use of military force put France as a threat to other countries in Europe. In 1688 other European countries including Spain and England formed an alliance and a new war against France breaks out, this war is also known as the nine years war.

Later Years

Louis was a Catholic and he persecuted Protestants, he even went far enough to destroy Protestant churches and schools.

 After the nine years war France had managed to keep much of its original land, but financially the country was drained. His reign began to decline, especially after another war, The War of the Spanish Succession, which went on from 1701 to 1714, this war showed to many people that Louis had other interests above his country, since the war was too defend his grandson’s right to the Spanish throne. The war was long and expensive and France was financially devastated after.


On September first, 1715th, right before his seventy seventh birthday Louis passed away from a disease called gangrene. After his death his five year old great-great-grandson, Louis the 15th inherited the throne.

The Solar System’s Origin Beliefs

In this world there are two main beliefs on how the Solar System was created, these two beliefs are known as the Genesis Record and the Nebular Hypothesis.

The Genesis Record says that a creator, God created the universe. The Nebular Hypothesis is the exact opposite, instead it says that the universe was a big mistake, that it was created over trillions of years from a cloud of elements such as helium, hydrogen, and etc, and these elements had condensed enough by rotating around and around into the core of the sun; after another few billion years the sun was created. This theory technically states that out of nothing at all, all was created.

The first belief makes much more sense in my opinion, a creator, God created are universe and within that universe a planet, Earth that could sustain life. Or a whirlwind or a gas cloud in space, which rotated and spun around enough to create the Sun’s core and then over the next trillion years creates the Earth that has humans and other forms of life such as animals and plants. How does that make any sense?

People will say that the Nebular Hypothesis was founded off of scientific facts, proof, and plenty of research; and that the Genesis record was founded off of faith, religion, and the Bible, but this is false, both of these beliefs depend on faith.

The people who created the Nebular Hypothesis Pierre-Simon de Laplace who was a mathematician  and Immanuel Kant a philosopher were both Atheists, so of course they would want to come up with some theory that is different then the Genesis theory that didn’t have to do with some creator because they were Atheists. So they created a theory without proof but instead faith, faith that God does not exist or is real.

Now would you believe that a giant tornado built your house? No of course not someone built it, nothing does not build anything without a creator.


The Universe and Earth is an example of are Creator or God’s greatness. A lot of people these days don’t really understand this or want to, instead they believe the Nebular Hypothesis which was created by Scientists who turn their backs from what is already so very obvious and clear. And even when they say it is a logical theory it is really just based on faith.


I stared at the rain and wondered why did I get into this situation? Why had I been so stupid and not listened to my gut like any decent human? Why did I accept the invitation to this party? And why did I allow my friend to drive me back home when he was clearly not sober? This is all my fault. I buried my face in my hands as I heard the roaring sound of the ambulance, police, and fire trucks. I didn’t lift my head as paramedics picked me up and put me on a stretcher and even when they carried the stretcher into the ambulance. Then everything went black.

I woke up after a very long time, everything ached but the only thing that mattered was if my friend Andrew was okay or even alive. He hadn’t put on a seatbelt even when I had told him to do so, so many times.

 My head hurt after thinking about this for a while and I got tired and went back to sleep but was soon awakened by nightmares; I screamed. A nurse hurriedly entered my room and shot a sleeping medicine into my arm, I quickly drowsed off. My days were like this for a week or so I actually really didn’t count them; but after the first week my family visited me, they were all crying, including my Dad and it just made me feel so disgusted with myself, if I had only been smart this would have not happened. The doctors and nurses soon led them out saying that I was getting overwhelmed; but thankfully they let my older sister Andrea stay she actually had not been crying to obviously.

“Hi, Andrea.” I said meekly; she probably would give me a rant of how foolish I was but surprisingly she didn’t, instead she hugged me, and didn’t say anything; after this went on for about five minutes she let go of me and sat down on my bed.

“Shila, I was so scared. Thank goodness you only broke your leg and had to get ten stitches on your arm.” she said.

“Andrea have you ever felt horrible guilt before?” I asked her.

“No never, actually maybe when I broke Grandma’s heirloom but I got over it the next day. Is that how you are feeling, this entire time after the accident?”

“Yes, this entire miserable week and a half. All I care about is knowing that Andrew is alive or dead.” 

“That’s not healthy at all, Shila. To feel so guilty, it’s not. It’s not really your fault entirely. You went to a party and there was alcohol, and you knew there was going to be but you still went that was a mistake, you got a ride from someone that you knew was not fully sober. But it’s also

Andrew’s fault he actually drank you didn’t, he was the driver, and he didn’t wear a seatbelt. So you both are to blame.”

I knew she was right, she was almost always right, and I did really want to believe her but their was a side of me that still believed that it was my fault.

“Andrea is it normal for someone to feel really guilty after a bad situation?”

“Yes, it is very normal for someone to feel very guilty after a difficult, tragic, or scary situation.”

Then a nurse entered the room, she told my sister to leave since I had to rest or something. This nurse seemed different than the others, the other nurses asked a lot of questions, but this one was pretty quiet and she was also much younger and looked like she was just out of Nursing School. 

She quietly closed the blinds and then stopped and turned around and looked at me.

“Hi, I’m Anise I will be your nurse for your last two days here at the hospital.” she said cheerily.

“Hi Anise, my name is Shila.” I said.

She didn’t seem to hear me but kept talking.

“I have some good news to tell you, you should have been told this days ago but finally you are being told. Andrew is safe, he suffered from some injuries including a concussion but he is doing much better now; I’m not supposed to tell you this but I felt you deserved to know since I noticed that you seemed so worried.” She said.

I stared at her with surprise and then my face broke into a smile. Andrew was alive, injured but alive. Thank goodness! I felt a sense of peace, I felt relaxed for the first time in days.

“Thank you, thank you!” I said over and over again.

Anise gently patted my arm and said.

“I didn’t do it, God did.

The End